"Why are we both going?" Craig asked, now confused.

"Well, of course you're going for rape." He said in a no-shit voice. "And I'm going for possession of this little guy." He held up his paintball gun.

Eric stepped in. "Shouldn't I be going too?" He held up the pistol, signaling that he still had it.

Nick quickly snatched the gun. "Not if you weren't a part of it."

Kiara, trembling from what just happened, still had a question on her mind. . "Wait, why would you go for me? And Eric?" She added. It was a good question. He'd only known Eric for five days, and had only had an actual conversation with Kiara once.

He had his reasons though. "It's simple, we all know jail is a living hell. It's a place you never wanna go."

"Obviously," Eric added.

"Whatever, anyway, three-quarters of my family has been to jail and I used to visit them every other day. It used to suck, really, really bad. But being there so frequently has gotten me used to the scene. It'll be like always, just from the other side of the bars."

At about that time, they all heard a siren. The campus police quickly came and handcuffed Nick and Craig. Eric and Kiara watched two of the police cars drive away while answering questions about the scene. When everything was all set, they both walked back to Kiara and Dani's room.

At that time, Kiara had nothing left to do but break down in tears. Luckily, she had Eric there to console her. She cried for about 30 minutes until she gathered up enough breath to ask a question.

"Why'd he do it?" Eric looked at her as she continued. "I mean, I know he explained it and everything, but why for me?"

"Because you're my friend." He said, making sure to put extra emphasis on the "my". "He knows if something bad happens to you, it'll effect me in a horrible way, and then he feels bad, and it just keeps spreading. So, really, he did it for everybody."

"Makes sense, so how long is he supposed to stay?

"I don't remember, I think the cop said 30 days or something. I just wish we knew somebody rich to bail him out."

"Wait!" Kiara shouted, for reasons unknown. "I think we do."

"We do? Who?"

"Wait, I never told you Rebecca went here?"

"Never got the memo," Sarcasm oozing from his voice,

"Well, yeah, she goes here. Maybe she could help us out."

"You think."

"Well duh, I wouldn't have brought her up I didn't think she could."

"Touché." They just stared at each other. "Well, what are you waiting for? Call her!"

Kiara made the call, where Rebecca happily agreed, after Kiara explained the reasoning for his jail time. They climbed in Eric's car, drove to Rebecca's dorm and drove straight to the Sheriff's office.

As soon as they spotted Nick, they went to go talk to him while Rebecca filled out the bail form.

"How long are they making you stay?" Kiara asked, too anxiously.

"As of now, 30 days, with bail, overnight minimum."

"Well, see her over there?" Eric asked, pointing at Rebecca. "She's filling out bail papers right now, so find a nice comfy spot to sleep. We'll be back at ten 'o clock tomorrow."

They started to leave, but Kiara stayed back. "Come on Ki." Rebecca called out.

"No, I'm gonna stay and get to know him better."

"Alright, I'll be back near closing hours."

So Kiara and Nick talked. And that's when they got on the subject of Kiara's life. "So, what's your life like?"

"You wanna know my story?" She started. "Well, it goes like this. I started off with a happy family, nothing major. Loving mom, dad, and older sister. But then my dad died when I was nine. He was only 34 at the time, and my mom never told me what killed him. We were all devastated. We finally died down about the death when my sister, Kelly, was accepted into LSU.

"We were actually happy, yet sad that we were losing yet another member of our house. But, as they say, life goes on. So me and my sister talked almost everyday, playing video games, her giving me tips on college, listening to each other vent. That continued on for about a year.

"That's when my mom started dating Richard. He is the biggest jackass I ever laid eyes on. But for some reason, my mom loved the hell out of him. They got married when I was 12. I'll never understand because all he did was sit around, eat all our food, and fuck my mom silly every night. And I'm not exaggerating. I mean everynight. I can hear it in my room at night.

"But then, my mom stopped sleeping with him. I was about 13 at this time. And after a while, he got hungry for sex. Veryhungry. He wanted sex so much, he started hitting on my sister every time she came home from break. He stopped her from coming home anymore, and our Skype chats came to a stop because at one time he pulled down his pants and started shaking.

"Two months after my sister called, he raped me. He caught me in an alley near my school and took my virginity by force. I couldn't do anything because he had a gun to my head and told me, 'You tell anyone about this, I will pull this trigger, and will not hesitate.' So, out of fear, I said nothing until the day I left for college.

"It probably wasn't my best idea, knowing that he was coming home the next day, but my mom pissed me off so bad, I had to find someway to get back at her. This is probably gonna bite me in the ass, because she's drinking out of sadness and pity, but until something happens, it's not my problem.

"That's how my life goes. Any questions?"