She sits there, thoughts racing through her head like locusts headed for a field.
She wonders to herself, "Why am I being treated like this?" Ever since her birth the enemy has been on her tail.
Hiding...Seeking and ripping his way into her life.

At the fragile age of 2 she had her innocence stripped away from her.
The dove floating across her bright sky was soon devoured by the blood-waked man that proceeded to haunt her soul.
Day after day, night after night, she writhed in torment.
Wondering if the man who fathered her was stilll her Dad, she cried nights away holding her precious pooh bear plushy.

A few years passed and the enemy took a detour to her social area of her life and stared severing ties with others.
The only she had were two little boys and one girl who she can't remember her name.
Her isolation from friend made her believe a sinful lie that she was made to be lonely forever.
But, that didn't stop her from changing.

The days and nights she kept things bottled up inside her ended as she bursted with anger and disgust towards the people who ridiculed her.
She brought on a very outgoing personality and soon her popularity grew.
She gained many friends, some not exactly good, and she had new relationships with guys and also girls.

Everything seemed fine until the dreaded day happened.
The day she was forced to conceive...
That was the day her sun was swallowed whole into the blackened sky.
The sound of a dying baby could be heard in her dreams...

Since then, her face bore the expression of a shredded portrait.
Her smile was never seen, she saw out love in all the wrong places.
Even as far to give herself away for money was how bad the pain stained her.
God had no place in her life anymore, she casted him put when she was violated.

Lost and trying to find a way home, she came to her crossroads and hid under a desk at school.
A lonely boy whom she met before saw her at the corner of his eye and came to her.
The first thought she had was "Get away from me. I want to be alone."
But, he started to tell her how much God loved her and didn't want her hurting herself anymore.

Her thick walls of stone that she made unpenetrable were destroyed in an instant.
She no longer saw herself as the lonely girl who shouldn't live, she found true love that came from a person who was also lonely.
They ended up together and fell more and more in love.

But, suddenly, the enemy found a new target and unleashed fury on them.
With fights, attempted suicides, and thoughts of abandonment, those two endured hell on earth. Through all the pain and madness, there was a light that shined through the both of them. The enemy's task to destroy her heart only made her grow stronger and since then, she has been held in light and love.

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