The Illusion: Part 2

We accept, then, that reality may very well not be what we place it as. Rather, reality is what each of us beleives from what we have blocked about about the world and what we have accepted. What then of us who attempt to analyze reality such as I am doing now. We are, in a way, the most disconnected, are we not? For it is no longer as it we exist as a part of reality, but, rather, that we watch it as people watch a movie on the silverscreen. Even our own actions are carefully monitered as we observe ourselves as a child observes the lions and tigers at the zoo.

Thus we, really, are the least human of them all.

We are almost always aware of this, and yet, we view our lack of humanity as a fact meaning that we are above all of those who are human-it is our strength. It is that pride that allows us to survive. Yet that, itself, is nothing mroe than another form of illusion is it not? Are we not merely denying our own pitiful nature by detaching ourselves. We beleive ourselves to be above the normal human for we are willing to face more than them and to look further into every peice of information when in truth we have ran further from reality than they could ever have dreamed-we have given so far into apathy that apathy no longer exists-that we no longer exists! We have murdered our own being for the purpose of research; we have destroyed ourselves.

Thus we beleive ourselves to have acheived something, some sort of knowledge, when in fact we have sacrificed-when in fact we have given much up.

'Tis ironic, no?

Yet my mind grows weary with this epiphany, and though I am aware now of my greatest fault, my greatest weakness, I want not change. For just as the average human has grown comfortable in their lie I have grown comfortable in my selflessness, and wish not to regain my soul and my identity. I wish only to keep running, and to keep analyzing, and will continue to do so, always wondering-

Is it really that wrong to be this way, or was humanity actually just meant to have such an existance?

Either way, enough for now. Thank you for reading. Distraught, and down of heart I tell you all now, good bye, until next time.