Forbidden Fruits

Dedicated to my good friend Nettie Necrophilia... chicken

Chapter 1

She was ten years old. She was a happy-go-lucky girl. She had two parents who loved her very much. She was by no means rich, but rather quite poor. Still, she was happy all the same. She had everything she ever wanted in her simple life. Until a bullet went through her mother's head.

It was a chilly, November morning, two days after the little girl's birthday. Her mother, a beautiful, young woman of twenty-six, and the girl were walking through the back alley of a local general store.

"Excuse me, Mrs." a redcoat appeared out of nowhere. He was tall and lanky, with blonde hair tied into a ponytail. He had green eyes with an unpleasant glint in them.

Her mother smiled and said ,"Mrs. Elizabeth di Cordero, sir." She kept smiling. She looked at her frightened daughter. Mrs. di Corder patted her shoulder, comforting the short ten year old.

The redcoat stared at Mrs. di Cordero with the same, unpleasant glint in his eyes. "Mrs. di Cordero," he began, "did you have any ties whatsoever to last night's act of arson?"

"No sir, I did not," Mrs. di Cordero said, calmy. Her hazel eyes stared at the redcoat with no sign of emotion. The redcoat reached for his gun and held it up to Mrs. di Cordero's head. Mrs. di Cordero's daughter was frightened. Her face flushed,her hazel eyes became wide with fear. But Mrs. di Cordero remained calm. The rise and fall of her chest did not change and the serene expression on her face remained.

"Answer me truthfully," the red coat said, his teeth clenched. "Or you will die. I will repeat, did you have any ties whatsoever with last night's house arson crime? Answer me!"

"No sir, I did not," Mrs. di Cordero answered truthfully and calmly.

The red coat the trigger.

Blood and brains splattered over the little girl. The red stained her raven locks. The crimson color was all over her face and body. Her pupils became larger by the second. For a moment, she was lost for words. She stared at the redcoats, grinning over her mother's body.

Elizabeth di Cordero was dead. And her ten year daughter was the only one who knew who the killer was.