Don't Joke

Italics are Cat's thoughts

Catherine Bella Pilot couldn't do anything right, she'd tried baking with Sierra and Kelly, the oldest set of twins and had blackened the cookies so horribly Kelly almost fainted, not to mention that she also started a fire which burned down the kitchen and part of the living room. She'd tried inventing with her brother, Joe, similar results, and she was no where near pretty enough to be included in her sisters little clique, like I'd want to join anyway, no the only thing Cath could do even reasonably, was biking, and no hot shot moves either, just plain biking.

When she first got to middle school Cathy was practically a celebrity just for being 'Like OMG Alice Pilots little sister!' they all lost interest in her, once they realized Cat had NOTHING in common with her sister. Though she did have one or two friends, all in the same predicament as her, plain looking, no talents and in the shadow of someone in there family.

Catherine's entire lifestyle was shattered when HE came to school, gorgeous, clumsy, and all together bigheaded. The guy all the girls fawned over, Jason Marios, who Cathy had the honor of showing around the school

'Hi!' Cathy chirped brightly, or tried to 'I'm Cathy, I'll be showing you around the school and helping you get settled in today.'

'What ever.' Well, rude much?

'Jason, right?'

'Sure' Jason walked upright, hands in pockets with an I'm-bored-but-trying-hard-not-to-show-it kind of look. This is gonna be a barrel of laughs.

At lunch all anyone could talk about was 'that hot new boy!' Cathy sat with her friends at a table, Zoe, Abby and Posy, and when discussion of Jason was at last reached Cathy burst out

'He's a complete and utter prat, totally ignorant and uncaring about anything other than his mobile!' a chorus of oohs and Posy snickering

'Someone's got a little thing for Jason' and then wiggled her eyebrow's suggestively, at that point everyone on the table burst out laughing while Cathy's cheeks were turning hot, but Cat laughed along anyway. After all the more I deny it the more they'll believe it's true.

A month later it was the new-years party some parents set up, a nice idea in theory, not so much in practice almost a hundred kids in the school hall, no adult supervision with a huge buffet what could go wrong? It was probably the best of Cat's life, in fact in hindsight that song Last Friday Night might fit… loosely. It all started well enough food was okay, probably for the first time in her life Cathy felt, pretty, she was surrounded by her friends and all of them talking about who they were going to kiss at midnight.

'Excuse me?' a nervous looking boy came up to them, he was alright looking, and unlike some boys the glasses he wore suited him, after idle chitchat with all of them he turned to Zoe and nervously asked her to dance. She winked at us whispered,

'Well, that's me covered.' Got up grinning and headed to the dance floor pulling the boy behind her.

Soon each of them were drawn to the dance floor, either by a guy, or on their own, until Cat was on her own, she sighed got over and walked over to karaoke, not to sing, never to sing just to watch, she saw a space near the front and got there just as a girl finished a shaky rendition of Speak Now by Taylor Swift, she stepped down as the applause started, Cat soon realized that what happened was, you were chosen by the popular kids, usually the nerds and scared looking kids were chosen, goodie. A girl went up, and then a boy, she felt mildly sorry for them, but was more worried for herself, she tried to sneak away when the spotlight was placed on her. Figures.

'Catherine Pilot, sister of Alice Pilot, perfect!' a simpering voice came from the stage. Cath didn't have a choice she came up, took out iPod randomized it looked at what she'd chosen, and started singing.

'You're on the phone with your girlfriend, she's upset…' Cathy soon started enjoying herself and even though she was sure that she was making a fool of herself, she didn't care anymore. 'You belong with me.' Wow, I feel good! That was fun I can't believe it!

Cathy walked down the stage smiling and was faced with Jason, 'Hey Jason'

'Cathy,' he said man of few words ah, who cares? 'I just wanted to tell you were great up there, really.' she stared he's kidding right?

'Don't joke.' Cat looked at him seriously

'I wasn't.' not a trace of a smile

'20! 19! 18! 17!-'

'Almost New-years!' Cat shouted

'Yeah!' Jason shouted back, then swallowed.

'10! 9! 8!-'

'You really were good!' Cathy blushed

'Thanks.' they started counting together

'3! 2! 1! Happy new years!' she turned to Jason, and he kissed her and she, for a moment at a loss started kissing him back. I don't know if all first kisses feel like this but this is probably the best experience of my life. The kiss only lasted a couple of seconds, Jason smiled at her and Cath smiled

'Does this mean we're together?' she smiled, gave him a kiss on the cheek and a hug.

'We'll see about that next Saturday when you take me out to dinner.' Jason stood there stunned as Cathy ran over to her friends, grinning all over.

The End

Nick names for Catherine: (Pretty obvious, but if you're dumb here you go) Cath, Cat, Cathy

I'll make more of these for her siblings, this is to get to get know my characters before I start the series they star in.