I would like to warn everyone this is fem/fem. You have been warned.

Being Smart

"OMG!" The entire group exploded with laughter. In the middle, Alice Pilot sat laughing the hardest.

"So anyway, I told him, 'Just because you act sweet there's no WAY that's happening!' and he denied all knowledge of it of course. So I left. He was SUCH a loser." Everyone kept laughing, and people all around were saying things like 'Wow Alice,' or 'You're so right' but one girl simply looked around, and then piped up

"What did he even say?" Everyone turned and looked at the girl. She wore no make up, (Unlike the rest of the group) and simply wore jeans a t-shirt and converse (While the rest of the group wore mini skirts, high heels, and rather, revealing tops) She did not fit in, she was like a sheep in a pack of wolves, and they were hungry. Alice hadn't looked at the girl yet, she was to busy laughing at the question.

"'What did he say' you ask?" The girl waited for a response, and Alice delivered. "'Can I drive you home?'" and everyone gasped and giggled. Alice looked up, and was shocked to see the girl sitting there, her eyebrow raised. Alice stood up "But why would you care, bottom feeder?" The girl leaned back, unimpressed

"I truly don't care what you call me; I just came here to talk with Miss Miller."

"Well Miss isn't here right now"

"Obviously. I'm waiting for her to come back." The girl felt unsure but she never let it show, that would be worse than cutting herself next to a pack of sharks. "I'll come back later." She stood up and made to leave, easily stepping over the feeble attempts to trip her. If Alice had known what would happen later that week, she might have backed off. But Alice was not physic, or indeed, open minded.

"Ooh, look at the little lesbo all upset!"* The girl turned beetroot red. Alice laughed at her crony, though she definately hated the word choice..

"WHAT!?" Alice smirked. The smirk fell off when she got punched. "Leave me alone you... you..." She was breathless, and angry and completely prepared to murder someone. "Don't speak to me again. Ever." The girl left the room. Everyone stared at Alice. A bruise had already started forming.

Alice jumped up angrily.

"That never happened. Got it?" Everyone nodded. There was an unspoken law at the school. No matter how much someone hurt you, you do not snitch on them. Ever. And the clique had its unspoken law too. If something embarassing happened to Alice, it was never spoken of. Not with teachers. Not with parents. Not with eachother. No one.

"ALICE!" Alice's Mum was possibly yelling because Alice was wearing too much make-up. Possibly because Alice's clothes were too skimpy. Most likely because of the big fat F sitting there on her report-card.

"You got an F. AN F!" Yep, it was the last one. There was no point denying it. Saying it was a mistake was useless. The time of a meeting between her parents and the principal was already printed on the bottom.

"Alice, are you even listening to me?"

"Of course Mum. And I am so dreadfully sorry that I failed. I was not on my A-game that day. I will make it up to you. I swear. I-" Alice was about to go on in a toneless, droning voice. But was cut off.

"Spare me the mantra. Your headteacher and I will discuss this tomorrow. For now, I don't want to look at you." Trailing up the stairs, Alice passed by a smirking Cathy.

"Got an F did we?" Alice glared. Cathy grinned "Well, love to stay and chat. But I've got my two month anniversary to prepare for."

In her room Alice huffed. Dakota and Kelly came in and sat on her bed.

"Alice, we think-"

"-that we should make Cathy a cake because-"

"It's her two month anniversary with Jason." Alice was hurt.

"You never made a cake for me!" The twins looked at each other

"You never had a two month anniversary" Alice looked up, gave them an oh so sweet smile, doubled with a clear look of 'Get the hell out of my room.'

"Thank you for your time" Alice's Mother said graciously on her way out.

"my PLEASURE." Said the principal, closing the door behind her.

In the car Alice wasted no time in asking what happened.

"Well, first, I had too convince him not to hold you back a year," A pointed look at Alice, "but I got him too see sense. He assigned his daughter, who skipped a year due to her grades, to be your tutor." Alice made a face. A tutor? Seriously? Her Mom noticed. "No buts, missy. First, your grades go up, then we discuss a new arrangement." Sighing, Alice replied shortly.


"If you listened to me, maybe you wouldn't be in this mess!"

"Don't pin this on me, it's your fault!"

"Oh that's rich!"

Earlier that month, things had looked much better. Alice had conveniently forgotten about her tutor and was spending some time with the clique, seeing how much they could wind up a new girl. It could have gone on alot longer if that annoying girl hadn't stepped in, saved the girl, and gave Alice a kicker that would give her a sinking feeling as big as the Titanic.

"Sadly, I'll see you for our tuturing session." No. Just NO. She watched the girl walking away. This would not end well.

Sighing unhappily, Alice entered the classroom she had been sent to. Sure enough, the girl sat there, looking through her work and writing occasional things in. She looked up;

"Alice. Right, let's begin." She sat down and looked though the work Alice brought. Then to Alice's shock, without any bitterness or anger, gently coaxed Alice through the work, giving her more understanding then any teacher ever had.

Afterwards, Alice smiled shyly and thanked the girl, who smiled warmly and responded in kind "My pleasure. And please call me Meg." Alice looked at Meg. Suddenly, Alice had a brilliant way to repay Meg for her help.

"I got you a date." Meg looked up, a state of panic on her face.

"WHAT!" Alice sighed at the girl. Had she really never had a date?

"His name's Richard. He's going to be here in ten minutes. Good thing I told you to dress nice!"

"Alice No. No no no no nonononono!" Something clicked in Alice's mind.

"Ohhh! You've already got a boyfriend right?"

"No. I'm single. Alice I'm-"

"HELLLOOOOOOOO!" Alice smiled.

"That's Richie! Tell me later." But after tugging at her sleeve, Meg whispered,

"Alice, I'm... Not interested in men." Alice's eyes widened, but she calmed down and replied

"Fine then. Just go on the date and say you're not interested!" Meg glared,

"No way, just tell him I left a few minutes ago and you couldn't stop me!" But before any of that could occur, Richard walked in, wiggled his eyebrows at the two.

"Now then, I assume you are the lovely lady I'm to take out?" He asked Meg. She nodded, and tried to look happy, but the smile didn't reach her eyes.

"Yep. That's me."

"Now, that was torture." Alice was on the phone to her friend while painting her nails.

"The fact is, he was rude, obnoxious, gross, disgusting, horny... Oh the list goes on!" Alice could imagine Meg flopping down on her bed.

"Pretty much like all other teenage boys on the planet?"

"Pretty much." Alice sighed

"I can see the appeal in sticking to women."

"Yeah. Night."

"Night. He was cute though!"

"Do you ever learn Alice?"


"Thought not."

Two days later, Alice was stuck in a bathroom, well not so much stuck as well, hiding. No matter what Meg had said, Alice had gone right ahead and asked Richie to dinner. And not only was he everything Meg had said, but he was worse. So now she was sitting in the bathroom and cursing the fact that there were no windows in there. Only one course of action left.


"Meg, it's me!"

"Alice, why are you calling?"

"'Okay I kinda went on a date with Richie"

"And I suppose you want me to pick you up?"

"Yes please."

"No way, I had to deal with him, now, it's payback time."


"If you listened to me, maybe you wouldn't be in this mess!"

"Don't pin this on me, it's your fault!"

"Oh that's rich!"

"Suck it up and come to the restaraunt already!"

"Screw this." The line went dead. Damn it.

Alice glared at Meg, who was now coaching her through History.

"Are we going to talk about the elephant in the room?" Without missing a beat, Meg flipped the page, brushed her hair back and started reading.

"Nope. Now here we've got-" But she was cut off by an even more aggravated Alice.

"You think that abandoning me to that, thing, is okay?"

"You did it with me." Stil looking through the book. Alice took the book away and stared into the girls eyes.

"Would actaully show me what you're thinking?" Meg narrowed her eyes at her for a second, then leaned forward and kissed Alice.

It wasn't deep, it wasn't long, but, in Alice's opinion, it was amazing. After a second or two Meg pulled away blushing heavily. "Wha-... Why?" She shook her head slowly

"You asked me to show you what I was thinking."

"Oh." And Alice did the only thing she could think of. She kissed Meg again.

"So what are we gonna tell people?"

"What do you wanna tell them?"

"Nothing yet, our secret."

"I quite like that."

"You know, I wonder what those boys faces will look like when they find out we're dating."

"Oh yeah, priceless."


Thank you kindly. It only took a year! In any case, I quite like MegxAlice and if I ever put more chapters up I'll use them again.

*I really hate how people use that as an insult.