A.N-I'm not totally sure of the plot here, but the first two chapters I have are good, I think. Poetic. But basically, this story's themes are self-disgust, self-discovery, self-acceptance, scorn, danger, adventure, murder, mystery, and maybe a splash of romance, all wrapped up in the supernatural world of Wolves. I hope you guys like all that stuff, because I plan to insert it everywhere.
*All content material is of my own imagination; nothing was stolen from anybody.


Camille is beautiful.

She has smooth, long blond hair the color of corn. Long eyelashes guard her stunning, observant sapphire eyes. Her face is soft and round, going hand-in-hand with her rounded hips and smooth, flat stomach. Her legs are long and lean and tan and perfect. Her hands are works of art, finely crafted, small and thin but strong, capable, and gentle. Yes, her beauty is enviable, her looks arousing. Her clothes and make-up, enhance what she has, flaunting her figure, advertising her gift, hoping someone will claim her.

But nobody wants anything to do with Camille Tala, because of one tiny flaw, one blotch in her perfection:

A long scar that she cannot cover up no matter how hard she tries, starting from the side of her forehead and moving down to her cheek, curving and then ending at her chin. It seems as if a gentle caress, the journey of a lover's finger down her face. But this trip did not begin or end with love.

Instead, it is a mark of possession, transformation, isolation. It is a sign that she is not like them, a declaration in claws that she has changed. She is scarred, and therefore tainted. This taintment has changed her, reformed her into a Wolf.

And Wolves are to be shunned.

A sorrowful, lonely howl fills the moon with pity, and the night reverbates with pain.