A.N. - This was a dual-prompt poem. The first prompt was the title, and the second prompt was a bottle of water. So, I did this from the POV of the bottle of water.

A Sorta Fairytale

Uncapped and left
evaporating in the sun
screaming at those deaf
that'd rather leave me shunned.

I've been tipped over, spilled,
seeping into the dust.
I have not been killed
just become part of the crust.

Here I will rise again,
spring forth, a life anew.
I'll forget what I had been
for what you say is not true.

You weave me webs of words
to distract me while you drink.
I pretend I have not heard,
don't let you see what I think.

True, I might no longer
be what I had been before.
But the changes make me stronger
than all that I abhor.

I am no longer confined
to my little plastic shell.
Now, this world is mine -
This is my own story to tell.