Although so close to each other

We were not daughter and mother

We never saw eye to eye

Never let the other see us cry

You were so busy with them

I was so busy with myself

I was very independent

Decided I didn't need your help

But sometimes I'd cry and weep

Because I was so weak

I wanted you to hold me in your arms

I wanted you to keep me out of harm

I wanted you to look my way

I wanted you to ask how was my day

But I never told you

I remember how little we cared

I think of the times we never shared

I wish it hadn't been that way

There's so much we didn't say

I wish you'd talked to me more

I wish I'd been angry less

Maybe then we wouldn't be

In this giant mess

And now that we arn't together

I think I see you better

Maybe one day you'll see me

And save me from this misery

And maybe I could save you

Because you are my mom

And thats what daughter's do