Summary: When you truly love someone, even death can't make you stay away from you loved one.


Beyond life and death

Have you ever felt like someone is looking at you with love in his/hers eyes? Well, I do, really whenever I look around I don't find anyone looking at me with such emotion in their eyes.

But sometimes, I see a ghost-like figure of him, the only man I ever loved. Even now, his death greatly pains me. It's about 3 months since he died. How was he killed? Murder, he was murdered while protecting me…

His name was Matsu Blaze, he had a caring, yet fiery personality, he never backed down from a challenge, but he always put his friends and family before himself, just as he did when that incident happened… I still remember it to this day…


I was waiting in a bench in the park for my boyfriend to show up, he wasn't late, and I just arrived 10 minutes earlier than our designated time. I arrived 5 minutes ago, so I guessed I will would to wait a little more…

I was dressed I'm a black dress that go to the length of my things; it showed a bit of cleavage but not much. My purple hair was short with two bangs in each side of my face and was reaching the length of my neck. If you see really close, you could see a small thump in my stomach.

Matsu made me pregnant 1 month ago, it was unexpected, but I was happy then, he also was happy, if the kiss he gave me was any indication…

I saw movement, and I looked to my left and I saw him walking towards me with a smile.

I couldn't help but admire his looks.

His back long red hair was flowing freely, two bangs on each side of his face and a small part of his hair covering his forehead. He had green eyes that showed kindness. He was dressed in a dark-purple jacket with a yellow shirt underneath; he was with normal blue-jeans.

Even if we are together for 2 years, I still couldn't control my blush, I smiled at him as he appeared.

"Matsu! You came!" I exclaimed happily. He grinned at me.

"How could I not come Akina? You are my girlfriend after all! So, how is our kid doing?" He asked as he sits besides me and wrapped his arm around me, massaging my growing belly.

"Hey, stop it! It tickles! And well, he is just one month old, but the doctor said he was healthy." I answered him, still smiling.

"Well, let's hope he continues that away! So? Should we get going?" Matsu asked me, sitting up and offering his hand.

I smiled at him again and I took his hand, we were going out to see a movie, one that Matsu said that I would like for sure.

3 hours later…

We were walking out of the cinema, hand in hand, the movie really was amazing.

"So Akina? Did you like the movie?" He asked me.

"Yes! It was amazing, I've never tough I'd like a movie like that! Thanks for bringing me here…" I said with a smile.

Instead of answering, he just hugged me and kissed me, that was a little unexpected, but I enjoyed it nonetheless.

"You're welcome…" Matsu said with a grin.

10 minutes later…

We were walking home, it was night already. I couldn't help but have a very bad feeling, we are walking in a place that was crowed, and then in minutes, the place got deserted.

The frown on Matsu's face showed that he tough the same.

"We are being fallowed…" Matsu said with a frown on his face, his hands tightened around mine.

"What?" I tried to turn but he squeezed my hand.

"Don't, they will notice you…" He said with a warning voice.

We were walking in an open area, then all of a sudden…

"Stop right here!" We heard someone say in a commanding voice.

We stopped, and about 10 people got out of the shadows, surrounding us, I was frightened.

"Who are you people?" Matsu demanded, clenching my hands a little tighter.

"Well, well, well… Look at what we have here…" Said one of the guys, I got a better look at him and I froze.

It was my ex-boyfriend, Yami, I didn't like him at all, and our relationship just lasted one month… He was very abusive and wanted to control my life.

He was black spiked hair, black eyes, was wearing a black jacket with a black shirt under it and black pants.

The other menacing guys whore about the same thing…

"Akina… How nice to see you again…" He said with a malicious voice.

"Y-Yami… What do you want with me?" I asked a little fearfully.

"Hahaha! I want you back Akina… I miss you! Now come back here and leave that son of a bitch alone!" He practically demanded.

Matsu clenched his free first and glared at Yami.

"I don't care who the fuck you are or where the hell you came from, just leave Akina alone!" He yelled at Yami.

"So you are the one that took MY Akina away? You have got guts asshole. But now I WILL make her go back to be with me, either you like it or not!" He said in a crazed tone.

"I'm not going to go back with you, you psychopath! I already have Matsu! Now leave us alone, we don't want anything to do with you!" I practically yelled at him.

He didn't look happy at all, and then all of a sudden he grinned.

"Very well then… If you two really love each other so much… I WILL ALLOW YOU TWO TO DIE TOGETHER!" He yelled and took out a gun, fallowed by the other nine thugs.

Before they could shot, Matsu kicked the thug closest to him, making his gun fly, Matsu caught it and tossed me in the opening he made.

"Akina run! Tell the police about this, I will hold then here!" He shouted with emergency.

"But Mat…" I was stopped by a gunshot.

"Ghaa!" Matsu was shot in the shoulder, I yelled his name.

"Just GO!" He yelled with authority, I didn't have an option, but I just turned around and run away with all my speed.

I looked back only to hear several gunshots 7 of the thugs had fallen to the ground and I could only see Matsu in his knees facing 2 thugs and Yami. I turned my head and continued running.

I heard 10 more shots…

Flashback end…

I had arrived a police office, I told then the story and they rushed to the area we are ambushed.

The crime scene was a mess, the bodies of the nine thugs plus Yami was there. But we didn't know where Matsu was headed to…

The investigator found a trail of blood and fallowed it, I came too with then… What I saw there made me almost kill myself…

Matsu was sitting against a wall with his head down and a smile on his face, when the police confirmed to me that he was dead I broke down right then and there…

I cried more when I saw that Matsu was holding a black box, I opened it and I had found a wedding ring there… Along with a letter that said "Even in death, I shall be with you… Forever…" .

That day was one of the saddest days of my life…

No… It was the saddest day of all my life… I was walking in park close home, my baby now was about 4 months old inside my belly… I began to think about what ifs… if Matsu was with me today… I began to sob silently…

That is… Until I felt a warm embrace from someone.

I gasped and looked behind me, I think my heart just skipped a beat.

"Matsu…" I whispered…

There he was… He was in the same outfit he whore in that day, but he was transparent…

"A…A…Aki…na…" His voice was a little static.

"Akina…" His voice as a little clear now, he was smiling at me.

"Matsu… Have you… Come back to haunt me?" I asked, I had tears of joy beginning to form in my eyes, even if only for the chance of seeing him once again…

"Yes…" He said as he disappeared and reappeared in front of me… I felt his warm embrace, although I could not touch him… He could touch me… I began to cry silent tears of joy.

"I have made a promise… Even in death… I shall always be with you…" He said as I felt his hands on my face. He kissed me on my lips, I could feel it…

"Never tough… Of having… A ghost as a lover?" He asked, I could detect the humor in his voice.

"No… But if it's you… I don't mind…" I said to him.

"Home… Let's go home Akina…" He said to me in a soft voice and a smile.

Since then, Matsu had invaded my dreams, and whenever I sleep, I could talk to him again, touch him, kiss him… He lived at my home… Some of my friends said that my house was haunted, but I replied saying it was a good ghost. The look on their faces when they saw the control of the TV floating in mid-air was really amusing.

When my soon was born, my mother took a picture of me holding him… She was very surprised to see Matsu there, hugging me with his hand on the baby's hand and looking at the camera, smiling.

The End

I don't know if you're allowed to put author's notes, but I'm gonna put anyway… This is the first original fiction that I made in English, because I will also post others in Portuguese… Anyway, this fiction is dedicated to a very dear friend of mine, since her birthday was Monday, anyone who reads it I hope you like it, since I personally like romance fictions…