Chapter 1 "Understatements"

My name is Addison Johnson, yeah I know it rhymes. Today I will be attending my fourth funerals in a month, only difference is this time it's my mothers. To make it any worse I know about twenty-five percent of the people here, the other seventy-five percent people from the military. Oh yeah forgot to mention my mother was in the military as a lieutenant and stationed in, well I can't really say. My whole family is military protocol which means that's all they did after college, and judging by the way they've raised me that's my future job too. Only problem is I want to be a fashion designer but even the thought of me telling my family scares me. My grandfather was a general, grandmother was a stationed nurse and my uncle was in the air force. I'm an only child, an only grandchild and now I'm the only thing my grandparents have on their mind.

"Addison go and get your grandmother we're leaving", Grandpa Al instructed me to do. "

"Um grandpa she's already making her way over here, I don't see the point of going up there and bringing her here", I yet again reminded him.

"Al, Nick said he would meet us at Addison's house to discuss the will and her residential issues", Grandma Vicky discussed.

I personally think it's funny how they call it my house and yet I'm only sixteen. I'd actually be surprised if they remember my age; but I'm used to these heartless moments in our conversations. Since we have them a lot.

"Grandma why can't I just stay with you guys instead of you having to find me a new place to stay?" I already knew the answer but I wanted to see what she would say.

"Addison hush your mouth and put your belt on, mind your business. This is a serious conversation for grownups and that doesn't include you. Now sit back this doesn't involve you."

These are the moments where you take all of those shooting lessons and put them to good use. My mother was adopted but I see that she gets her traits from my grandmother. Who wasn't the very best person to get traits from!

"Addison when you get inside makes me a Goldenraisen sandwich without the bacon."

"Of course grandpa and thank you by the way for saying thank you", I silently reminded him.

"Addy", Nick said running to hug me," How are you doing?"

"I'm fine. I'm handling like it like a Johnson, and believe me so are your parents. Which are my grandparents or so you guys say".

"You mean you're handling it by not showing any emotion at all and being a compulsive little bi…

"Nickolas hurry up inside we need to discuss the will and figure out where we're putting her."

Thank God my grandmother was there to stop him from finishing his sentence, but that's my uncle Nick. He's the one person in this entire family who sees me as a family member and not just another recruit for the military.

"Nickolas in this will it says that Madison is appointing you the guardian of Addison. Did Madison ever discuss this with you?" My grandmother said with amazement in her tone.

"If you don't want her we could pay for a boarding school in London. I know that's where Karen Cardigan put her daughter." My grandpa quickly stated as if he didn't want to hear what Nick was going to say.

"Seriously dad, we're not sending her to a boarding school in a different country when her family is right here. What kind of people would we look like?"

My grandma of course had a quick comeback to that, "Ok then I know some school in California. That isn't too far right?"

I'm pretty sure Nick couldn't take since he stood up and irritatingly said, "Mom, I'm taking her in and I decide where she goes to school. And I said she goes to school in New York where I live. She's going to come live with me at my place and I'll decide what she does and stuff, if you don't agree speak now."

Apparently my grandmother didn't care since all she said was. "Whatever you decided to do with her is up to you, she's your business not mine. Just don't call me when she does off her pills."

"It is your business mom, that's your granddaughter in there who just lost her mother. Don't you think she needs you at the moment?"

"She's not the only one who lost her; I was her mother you know! Addison I'm leaving now, I shall talk to you soon. Nickolas good luck and Al let's go home please."

"Goodbye mother, goodbye dad."

"Addison be good to your uncle and to yourself. Nick take care of my granddaughter; I don't want to lose another child in our family."

I didn't really know how Nick would reply to that so I just said "Goodbye" for the both of us.

That was the first time I'd ever see my uncle yell at my grandma and also the first I've ever seen my grandpa really care. What could possibly possess a twenty-eight year old man to take the responsibility of a sixteen year old teenage girl? Was it really the will or was it guilt that took over him. Whatever it was I didn't care because by tomorrow I was going to live in New York, a new town and a new life. Or so I thought.