Chapter 15:" Going Home"

Justin's facial expression changed from teasing to actually understanding the significance of his situation. I glanced over at Tim, who was now laughing in silence, and sat down. To break the awkward silence; Justin chuckled and said, "Finally she admits her feelings for me; I was getting tired of pretending to not notice. It's not your fault Addison, what girl whom have spent so much time with me not be into me?"

"I hope that was a rhetorical question, because the answers I would give to that question you probably wouldn't like."

"Don't worry Addy, I like any answer that relates to you and I and relationships in the same sentence."

I looked over at Wally and continued going along with this dreadful plan of his, "Justin, don't ever use your name and my name in the same sentence, it makes me hate my name." Justin chuckled, opened the small fridge, grabbed a drink and walked over to the other side of the room. Tim looked at Wally and quickly glanced at me before walking outside.

I was silent, so quiet that we could hear the cars outside. It got to the point where we didn't know where to go or who to call or what we were waiting for? Yet we just sat around this old, abandoned building and waited.

"Ok, what the hell do we do now?" Tim angrily shouted.

"Timmy calm down, I'm pretty sure when the time comes we'll know what to do. I know that we weren't just sent here to protect these guys from nothing, right Addison?"

Wally wasn't asking a rhetorical question, he was waiting for an answer; and one that would put Tim at ease. Yet I didn't have an answer well enough to put Tim at ease or to just answer Wally. Justin looked at me and motioned for me to follow him. Without hesitation I got up and for once listened to him. "What am I supposed to answer him? I have no clue what to do and they're depending on me."

"Johnson calm down, you're a sixteen year old girl; they know not to put all this pressure on you. You're not God for Pete's sake calm yourself, for once act like a normal sixteen year old girl. I say that we just go to your house. See what stuff we can gather that maybe can help us. Then after that, we could email your dad or whoever and tell them that we're there and wait for further instructions."

For once Justin was serious, no games and no tricks, just seriousness. I nodded and watched him grab all of our stuff and explain to Tim and Wally what we were doing. About ten minutes later the place was dusted and empty just as we found it. We walked outside and stood there for a while before realizing that we don't have a car. "Justin, how are we supposed to go to my house with no car?"

"Addy don't worry, I'll figure something out?"

By the uncertainty tone he had given me I knew that I had to find a way to get a car myself. I walked out to the edge of the street and whistled for a cab. Two minutes later I got one. "Excuse me, but do you know anywhere to rent a car near here?"

"Oh of course ma'am, there is an Enterprise fifteen minutes away from here. Would you like a ride?"

"Yes, we would, thanks." I walked over to Tim and Wally and attempted to tell my plan. "Guys there is an Enterprise about fifteen minutes away from here; I say we go rent a car to go to Alamo." Tim looked at Wally and back at me; he nodded and walked to the front of the cab. I turned back to look at Wally, who was just shaking his head in confusion. "Wally, is something wrong?"

He looked at me, smirked a bit and then replied, "No, nothing's wrong. I just tried to imagine something and it didn't play out right in my head. Lead the way Miss. Johnson."

"Yeah, I'm coming I just have to get Justin." I walked inside the building and searched around for Justin, oddly enough who couldn't be found. I looked in the restroom and all the known places in this building and finally I found him at a big window facing the back of the first floor. "Justin, we have to go."

"I sat attempting to find a way out of here and realized that our parents put us in this situation. I mean if you really think about it, if my mom was…. What I mean is that have you ever wondered why we're in this situation? I mean have you really ever sat down and thought about why a parent would put its child through all of this crap?"

I didn't know what to answer; because there wasn't anything I could say that could help make this better. He obviously realized that since he just reached for my hand and smiled, and said, "Come on I'm pretty sure while I was daydreaming you came up with a plan." I started to walk but stopped and told him to go on ahead and turned around at this place, this aged building and had to say goodbye.

"We'll be back, but for now, we're going to Alamo. We're finally going, we're finally going home."