golden child, she had
everything she could have asked for.
flowers in her hair, friends to
play with, a loving mother.

and yet, she was listless; not
quite as happy as her sunny smile suggested.

so that day, when hell opened before her
and he rode out (with his flaming eyes and
dancing tongue) she was instantly captivated.

much later, she swore she'd screamed for help,
that she'd never wavered from the world of
joy and life. but honestly, there was a reason
no one heard her cry. (because she never did.)

she climbed onto his midnight steed and
let him take her away, away, away. and
she never really escaped, did she? she was always
halfway his.

(but persephone, sweetie, don't be so sad;
you may be part of his lonely world of deceit and bruises,
but so am i, so am i.)