I am just the person who lays the bricks,

for this house in the tropics.

I didn't design the fireplace,

in this house at the tropics.

When the last brick is set, I leave without a trace.

I'm replaced with a family,

one with a soon to be, daddy.

And a wife who writes her own lyrics.

The years pass,

and the house becomes a home to a trouble-making lass,

who makes her own rules,

and gives the teacher sass.

She wears fine jewels,

has sun bleached skin,

and a body beautifully thin.

Then one day, she met a boy in class.

They started talking everyday.

Now he comes over to her house everyday.

Her parents didn't approve, they give him a speech,

And turned him away.

But he and the lass found each other on the beach

Each and every night,

until they got into a fight.

Then he stopped coming day by day.

As the years went by,

she found someone new.

And they settled in the very same house I laid the bricks

to start the cycle anew.

In a house, down in the tropics.