The pleasant sounds of nature nurture my deeply wounded soul.

In this blissful moment of peace, I learn to quiet my mind and

embrace life. I refuse to be left behind, held back by my old past

regrets, grudges or mistakes. I refuse to allow myself to be the

victim of verbal or physical abuse. Caught up, I am swept away

by the wind into the depths of solitude where my spirit is no longer

blind and continues to be kind. Life doesn't have a rewind button so

I can't redo the past, but I can still change the future. From time to

time, I will stop in my tracks to smell the roses and follow Moses into

the promise land. Solitary confinement, my imaginary dreamworld has

made changes to my thought pattern that will last forever. Trying to

stay alive, I know that I will be able to survive in the world for as long

as I continue to think positive thoughts and remain hopeful.