Karin sat, eating a breakfast of bacon and eggs. Next to her were her sisters, Madoka and Ayumu. Ayumu was happily engaged in drinking her milk. "Mmm… Milk is good."

Karin sighed. She had enough on her plate dealing with Madoka, and now 16-year-old Ayumu was acting like a little kid. "Yeah, sure. Whatever you say." She tried to coax another bite of eggs into 7-year-old Madoka.

Ayumu perked up. "Give the gal a prize! Whatever I say! Isn't that wonderful! Now, listen to your Ayu-sensei as she demonstrates the wonders of milk!" she grabbed a glass from the table.

Karin was not amused. "That's my milk," she grumbled. Ayu paid her no heed. She poured the remainder of Karin's milk into her own glass and drank it.

Karin was even less amused. You could practically see pulsing anger marks pop out on her forehead. "That was MY milk!" she shouted. Ayu just waved her hand, and after Karin was finished with her little tirade, she explained.

"Now you don't have to worry about nasty things like strong bones and teeth that would make beating the crap out of you at MarioKart very difficult." This didn't satisfy Karin, so she had a good sulk.

"MarioKart?" inquired Madoka. "What's that?"

"MarioKart is a video game, Madoka-chan. Hey, you have milk too!" She slid Madoka's cup off the table and attempted to pour it into her own cup. A single drop of milk came out.

Ayu looked inside. The cup was completely empty. "You have NO MILK!" she accused.

"Why? Is that a problem?" asked Madoka.