go on. fit us inside your fucking diagnoses -

chronic depression. eating disorder not otherwise specified. anorexia. bulimia. bipolar disorder. schizophrenia. mental retardation. suicidal impulses. crazy, fucking crazy.

that's what you're saying, isn't it? we're
just the newest generation of insanity,
the latest trend. "crazy is the new normal,
baby girl." you drag us kicking and screaming to
those padded white walls. poke yourself
in the eye so you look like you've been crying.

what's wrong with her? what's wrong with her? please,
save her, doc.

but everybody knows you're secretly smiling,
satisfied with your ugly kids. now you can
convince the doctor to shove some pills down
their throats, turn them into tragedies.

just so you can brag to your wide-eyed friends.

p.s. "diagnoses" really is the plural of "diagnosis," i promise.