Critical notes:

[One-shot original fiction, male-male scenario, strong mature content warning for language, sexual situations and some violence.]

This was originally written, in part, for /y/ and was lost to time, drifting somewhere on my hard drive. I found it recently and finished it. The characters here have since gone on to lead better-drafted, plot and character-development-heavy lives in another writing project, but the shells of their pre-alpha draft selves live on here.

I am an amateur smut writer and this was entirely for fun and to appease a few friends on Tumblr. I do not have a beta or any form of "second eyes" helping me look this over, so I did my best editing it for upload here.

Comments, critiques, questions and the like are very much welcome in the review tab.

This work is a stand-alone piece. It's basically just passive-aggressive dribble with wanton sex thrown in.

If you can stand that, then enjoy!


Maybe he'd just read the signs wrong. Terribly wrong.

It didn't seem like Kade had, though. He'd made a move on Cal long before Jae re-appeared in Kade's life. Hooking up with Jae had never even been intentional. Sure, the guy was an old crush of Kade's, but it hadn't ever been much more than that. The three months with him had felt constructed and stale, like a bland conversation—never engaging, never fun, never memorable. But if the conversation ended, who'd be left to talk to?

Jae had been a distraction, something for Kade to use to get his mind off Cal's rejection, and ignore him as well. So, after three months of alienation and a two week disappearance, to have Cal re-appear looking better than ever and speaking with Kade again as though no Cold War has ever waged between them was surely a sign. Cal was jealous, ready to finally accept Kade's original offer. Openly voicing his contempt of Jae and the guy's obvious promiscuity—he wanted them apart. Things were sour with Jae anyway. The break-up was bitter, but brief, and in a few days Kade was ready to jump on Cal's newer, warmer demeanour.

Then rejection again. Why? Why the inviting nature, only to give a cold shoulder? Why the effort to detach him from Jae, only to storm off and leave Kade ultimately alone?

Kade supposed that was why he was pounding his fist against Cal's dorm door now. The two had arranged for some sort of get-together, maybe with some beer and Xbox. Just as friends. So tonight, Kade was determined to find out exactly whythis "friends" block clung so stubbornly to Cal.

Cal's smaller frame appeared as the door unlocked and opened. They exchanged general greetings. They would have sounded friendly to anyone else listening.

Kade followed Cal inside, stopping at his fridge to inspect the contents.

Cal didn't drink beer, but he usually kept a few cans for Kade. At least he used to. The fridge was void of any alcohol now, however.

Great. Kade was going to have to get through this sober.

"I haven't really had time to hook the Xbox back up since I came back," Cal explained in his dull tone of voice, nodding to the console sitting uselessly on the floor, wires dragged out of storage and simply strewn across the carpet.

Kade sucked back on his teeth as Cal simply flopped onto his bed and reached for the nearest object of distraction—a book—to amuse himself, ignoring Kade's reaction.

"Did you want to…hook it up…?" Kade offered, entering the room.

Cal shrugged.

"If you want to, go ahead."

"Will you even play?"

Another shrug.

Kade stormed over to a wound set of wires and cracked them like a whip over Cal's out-stretched leg.

"So you're going to sit there like an ass all night and ignore me instead?" Kade snarled as Cal flinched from the strike and sat up. "Why are you being such a prick to me? I broke up with Jae—I thought that's what you wanted."

"I wanted you to break up with Jae because he was no good for you," Cal replied calmly. "He was cheating on you, and never treated you half as good as you treated hi—"

"—Yea I know that now, obviously," Kade sighed, rolling his shoulders. "Sort of why I came after you when that was all over."

He'd try to say that gently. A sort of pleading, "Don't you see that I want YOU?" tone of voice. It only made Cal's poisonous frown worsen, however, prompting the hairs on the back of Kade's neck to stand on-end.

"Well that was the case," Kade continued, harshly now, "until you started pulling this act again. Yea, I have feelings for you. Yea, you don't want anything to do with them. But I think you owe me a damn reason why so we can at least be fuckingfriends again."

"Look, I can hook up the Xbox, it's fine," Cal said, tone evasive, standing up from the bed.

"The Xbox has nothing to do with it!" Kade roared, voice almost shrill.

He watched Cal stifle a cruel laugh. Kade knew he sounded like a raging chihuahua when he was angry. Normally he didn't mind the oft chuckle from a friend in a non-hostile situation. The barely-snicker from Cal now, however, was about as much as he could stand.

He wasn't taking this seriously. At all.

Kade snapped the wires at Cal again. He'd done it blindly, and without better thought—just a stupid movement in a fit of rage. The cords struck Cal across the cheek, leaving the skin burnt-red from the speed and the impact. The spine of Cal's book clocked Kade on the bridge of his nose soon after. Kade stumbled, heat and moisture welling up in his eyes as his nose throbbed. Before he could even focus through the clouds in his vision something blurred it again, sharp pain breaking across his already aching nose. He back-pedalled against a wall, hand clutching his face, fresh blood dripping through his fingers and onto the carpet. Cal stood a few feet away, a clenched fist at his side, stained with the red liquid.

"GET OUT!" he commanded, teeth clenched and bared.

"You piece of shit—!"

Kade shot forward, throwing a punch anywhere he thought Cal might have been standing, finding it difficult to see at the moment. The size of the larger male was enough to make Cal back up in fear and sway away from the dangerous fist. It hit the wall dead-on, causing Kade to recoil and yelp, but not before knocking into Cal. They both teetered and stumbled after the collision, a side table wobbling in the process. The lamp seated on its surface tumbled and hit the floor, bulb breaking, snuffing out all light in the room, leaving the males to bumble around in the darkness for a moment.

"Fuck!" Cal hollered. "You broke my lamp!"

"You broke my nose!" Kade half-laughed, momentarily delirious from the pain in his shattered knuckles.

"There's glass all over the floor you fuck!" Cal snapped. "Go get a broom or something!"


Kade inched closer to Cal in the darkness, only to be met with the bottom of the broken lamp jabbing him in the shin, hard.




Kade hopped around, listening to Cal gripe about the broken lamp. He heard a quiet crunch and a yelp, and watched Cal sit himself on his bed, picking shards of glass out of his sock.

Eyes adjusting to the light now, or lack thereof, and still high on rage, Kade hobbled over and dived on the male on the bed, driving his elbow into his stomach.


Cal had no response but to wheeze an agonizing breath, choking on any possible comeback. Kade fumbled, trying to place himself on top of the smaller male. Cal recovered quickly though and clocked Kade in the jaw. Kade reeled, Cal pushed up with his knees. Kade struck Cal across the face and fell back on top of him. They struggled like this for the better portion of a minute, just grunting obscenities, bruising and breaking the skin of the other. It wasn't until Cal laid back, exhausted and panting, lip bleeding and puffy, that the brawl finally settled down. Kade's body ached, but he was in better shape than Cal. Wires still in his hand, and exercising his anger-fuelled right not to use his brain, Kade forced Cal's arms up and bound them at the wrists with the cords, just to keep them out of his worry.

They were talking. This was them talking. Kade was getting answers whether Cal liked it or not.

"The fu—what the hell are you doing?" Cal grunted, hands squirming in their bindings.

"I don't want to do this anymore, I just want to talk," Kade said breathlessly, Cal's struggles turning into violent flails.

The sharp of Cal's knee thudded into Kade's chest, hot air wheezing out of the larger male.


Kade gritted his teeth and moved Cal's leg aside, still determined to see this mission through.

He looked down into Cal's face, where his long bangs clung to his brow, matted from the sweat of the tussle. His glasses were off-angle, and surprisingly not broken, leaving plenty of room for his eyes to glare holes into Kades'.

Kade simply stared at Cal's features, just for a moment, finding something curious in the other's angry expression. Cal's swollen lips twitched slightly. His cheeks were flushed, but not just from the exertion.

A tiny jolt of excitement leaped through Kade's chest.

"Are you blushing?" he asked.

"The fuck are you talking about? GET OFF!" Cal snarled, baring his teeth at Kade, blood staining their corners at the gums.

Get off? Kade wouldn't mind doing that, though not in the way Cal meant. As much as Kade had entered Cal's room that night with good, honest intentions, simply to find out what drove the other male away from him, it was dawning on him that he would never catch Cal in such a compromising position ever again. In a dark room, beaten and too tired to fight back, bound at the wrists, Kade hovering over him.

A malicious grin twisted the edges of Kade's mouth, and Cal's eyes widened, lips pursing.


"Fuck off Kade!"

Kade dipped his face close to Cal's, trying to force their lips to meet, exhaling deeply, attempting to make the scene more romantic than it ever possibly could be. He kissed Cal's cheek instead, though, as the male looked away, screeching into Kade's ear every protest and profanity he knew.

Kade rolled his eyes.

"This doesn't have to be non-consensual, you know," he sighed into Cal's ear.


Kade's hand trailed south, cupping the base of Cal's jeans. No heat or growth lay under the denim to greet his fingers—how disappointing. Kade had been hoping that there was some sort of excitement in Cal's nethers. Could have pulled a "Then why are you so hard?" line—anything to break Cal's defense.

The skin of Cal's neck glowed with warmth at Kade's useless touch, however, and that would have to do. Kade brushed the male's hair away with his broken nose, which stung slightly doing so, and dragged his tongue up the exposed flesh. Cal grunted, but not in pleasure, his leg kicking, but to no avail. The tip of Kade's tongue found the shell of Cal's ear and traced it to its top, then back down, teeth sinking into the earlobe gently. Kade massaged the appendage beneath Cal's jeans while doing so, trying to coax the organ to show some enthusiasm. It did, but it was barely a nod of movement before Cal suddenly shrieked.


"Oh for fuck's sake," Kade growled, sitting up.

He grabbed Cal by the waist and forced the boy up higher onto the bed, lifting and pressing his back into the wall, arms bound above his head, hands dangling uselessly.

Kade would have liked to have had more fun before rushing into anything, but Cal was inconsolable. He was obviously aroused, but too damn good at fighting it. His struggling and screeching was putting Kade's mood off too. No amount of sweet-talking or neck-kissing was going to fix that. Kade was simply going to have to go for the throat—or the cock, so to speak.

Cal's legs kicked and flailed, body bucking and huffing against Kade's efforts. In the end, though, Kade overpowered the smaller male and forced down his jeans, black brief shorts underneath.

"I'm more of a plaid guy myself," Kade chuckled, grinning childishly at the sight.

"I'm going to kick you in the dick!" Cal snarled in response.

Kade's closed his eyes, forcing back a sad smile.

Well, at least he sounded a bit more like Cal now. Albeit a very threatening Cal that was going to kick him in the dick, supposedly, but it was very likely that Kade might deserve it after the terrible acts he was about to commit came to fruition.

Excitement shivered through Kade as the heat stored beneath the denim of Cal's jeans engulfed his senses for a moment. He pursed his lips against the barely-there erection, licking the fabric, forcing moist heat onto the organ beneath. Cal gave no pleasurable feedback to this, even as his appendage rose to the feeling—just more kicking and hissing and all the prude bullshit that Kade was growing quite sick of.

Kade hitched his fingers in the elastic of the boxers and yanked them down, Cal's cock popping out in greeting, much to the Cal's verbal displeasure. Kade did his best to drown out Cal's whining, paying attention only to the wanting twitches of the male's dick as it lengthened more against Kade's lips.

Kade's own pants tightened as his tongue lolled, drawing wet lines up Cal's cock, slowly and with great care. Every groove in Cal's member felt Kade's tongue as it traced and studied the male's anatomy, Kade's finger pushing and rubbing against its tip. Cal's profanity lessened and he grew quiet, the only movement of his body the occasional kick of a leg or a buck of his hips. He muffled a whimper. Kade glanced up, mid-lick, to study the male's face.

No tears, nor any sign of some to come. His hair was askew, glasses straying off his nose. Lips parted, a glint of blood trickling down his chin from them. His eyes were glazing over, anger still burning in them, but ebbing away the more Kade worked him.

"Good?" Kade asked, rolling his tongue over Cal's tip, a salty flavour tickling his taste buds.

"Fuck you," was all Cal had to say in response, voice raspy, looking away defiantly.

Kade's lips puckered over Cal's head and devoured the shaft, Kade's bruised cheeks from the brawl before aching at first as the suction he applied pinched them. He forced the cock deep into his mouth, allowing it to feel the ridges of his throat for a moment before pulling back, torturously slow, until the member slipped out of the warm cavern of his mouth, dripping. It twitched with disapproval. So did Cal, eyes wrenched shut, refusing to watch the show that was so clearly setting him on fire.

Kade licked his lips, wetting them, then let the saliva build in his mouth. He took in Cal once more, sliding the cock into the curve of his tongue as smooth as silk, stroking with his hand the flesh his lips did not reach. His tongue teased and rolled along the member pulsing in his mouth as his lips squeezed and sucked the shaft, pulling back harder with each bob of his head, speed increasing slowly. The skin on the innards of his cheeks swelled with the suction and his jaw began to lock, but Kade did not tire, nor slow down. He couldn't feel the irate pains, he could only taste Cal's cock, feeling it grow more slick and rigid in his tightening fellatio.

Cal's hips lifted suddenly, pushing his cock further into Kade's mouth than Kade had wanted. Surprised, Kade, choking for a moment, glanced up.

Cal was hard-pressed against the wall, torso twisted, face contorted with pleasure. He was watching Kade now, eyes smouldering, enamoured with the physical desires he could no longer ignore.

Kade understood the wordless command and allowed, carefully at first, the member deeper entry, free hand fondling Cal's package instead. The head of Cal's cock ground against the ridges of Kade's tight throat, moisture and heat swallowing it whole as Kade hummed and worked faster, nostrils flaring as his breathing sped. Cal's hips found Kade's rhythm and moved with his motions, trying to force his appendage deeper than Kade could take, biting his sore lip to keep his moans muffled and out of Kade's earshot. He failed, though, at both quieting himself and keeping Kade from knowing just how horribly he was enjoying the blowjob, as the restrained moaned reverberated in his throat, lusty purrs and deep breathing filling the room instead.

Kade's hand snuck under Cal, spreading his rear slightly. His middle finger massaged the hole between the cheeks, prodding it gently as Kade continued to deep-throat the smaller male.

"D-Don't," Cal hissed, body stiffening at the intruding touch.

Kade freed Cal's cock from his mouth's embrace, tongue tickling its underside ravenously as he looked up at the male.


"I'll cum."


Cal's eyes widened, blushing furiously.

"What do you mean 'already'? You've been down there for fucking ever!" Cal whined, gritting his teeth. "You would too!"

"Really?" Kade asked coolly, brow arched.

"Don't get any ideas!"

Kade rolled his eyes, licking and sucking on his fingers. Cal protested again, but cut himself off with a sharp intake of breath as Kade gobbled him up again. His wet digits found Cal's entrance, middle finger pushing its way inside.

"I said don't!" Cal wailed.

Cal's muscles clamped down on Kade's finger, trying to push it out for a moment. Kade allowed Cal's insides to relax before probing deeper, eager to find his pearl and throw the male into a haze of ecstasy.

Cal's cock throbbed in Kade's mouth. He might cum before Kade even located his spot. He really was close.

Kade wedged another finger into Cal, who sighed happily, though his lips still frowned stubbornly. His cock throbbed again, so Kade began to pull away.



Cal thrust into Kade's mouth, teeth gritted, a bead of saliva trickling from the corner of his bruised lips.

"Can I cum inside?"

Kade huffed, brow arched and mouth full, and jammed his intruding fingers roughly into Cal. Cal just yelped with pleasure instead of pulling out at Kade's rough answer to the request, and Kade rolled his eyes for what felt like the millionth time that night.

Might as well…

He sucked Cal deeply, fingers strumming and stirring the smaller male's insides. They pressed against their desired target and Cal let forth a long, low moan. A chorus of long-restrained "Ooooh"s and "Aaaah"s filled the air, echoing in Kade's ears, turning his mind to mush. Kade shut his eyes, heat rushing to his loins to the point where he was afraid his jeans would burst. He wanted to stop and push Cal onto his back, drive into him and make those wonderful throes all his. He couldn't though, not right now. Cal was too close, and moving to the next stage of their encounter while the smaller male was like this would only result in a short and unsatisfactory end—for Kade, anyway. So instead, he worked faster with Cal'sfantastic encouragement.

"Fuck, I'm cumming," the smaller male breathed, voice a hot whisper, eyes rolling back for a moment as he rocked into Kade. "I'm gonna cum…!"

Kade's sound of surprise turned into a gurgle as it was drowned with Cal's cum, hot seed rushing down Kade's throat. Kade held firm as Cal's climaxing moan and jerking came to an end. Kade swallowed what he could—the rest dribbled out of his mouth and onto the roused bedspread, and moved away, giving both of them some breathing room.

Kade pushed his fingers into his cheeks and massaged them. Then his jaw. Then his throat, waiting for the strains in his mouth and neck to sober.

He'd be damned if that wasn't the best blowjob he'd ever given.

Cal's flexed his right leg, basking in his afterglow, looking quite comfortable against the wall. He arched his back once and sighed quietly, as if trying to recreate what had just surpassed only moments ago.

"See? Was that so bad?" Kade mused, pronunciation dulled by the stiffness of his jaw.

"I'm still angry," Cal retorted with a shake of his head, bangs splaying around his face.

Cal babbled something, tone passive-aggressive, about natural reactions, morals—something to lob the blame of his enjoyment of the encounter on with general ease.

As he prattled, Kade's eyes poured over the smaller male's features in the dark. A strange rush of feelings washed over him—guilt for damaging Cal's soft, pouting lips and fair skin, for tying him so tightly at the wrists and forcing him into a sexual encounter, compliant as Cal was later on about the whole ordeal aside.

But conflicting these thoughts was watching Cal's gentle little squirms in his bindings. The skin around the developing bruises glowed with the ebbing remnants of his orgasm, his eyes glanced involuntary "come hither" gazes behind his crooked lenses around the room, replays of the excitement below Cal's waistline flickering behind his irises. His hair was messy, falling in feathery tufts here and there, framing his face with wild sentiments. His lower body remained bare, areas glistening wet, still trembling with the singing praises of Kade's work.

Kade's nethers gave his jeans another protest. It was beginning to hurt now, so Kade undid his button and fly to try to relieve himself, if just of the annoying pain.

"You better not take those off," Cal warned, watching Kade unfasten his pants.

"It's annoying, I have the most raging boner right now," Kade huffed. "Like if its rage levels increase any it's going to start trolling the WoW PvP forums."

A ringing laugh cut through the darkness. Cal laid his head back on the wall, wheezing out a few more dry chuckles before he shut his eyes.

"I miss that…this," he hummed. "Just talking about Warcraft and stupid stuff."

"It was never something you had to be rid of," Kade replied quietly, gazing at Cal's form. "But you shut me down, took off on everyone…came back and basically did it again too."

Kade arched a brow, grinning.

"You were bubble-hearthing, man."

"Fuck that," Cal snapped, voice low. "That's harsh to say."

"Well what you did was harsh."

Cal rolled his shoulders and slumped down further against the wall. He raised himself up slightly, only to wince and shrink back again, hanging his head.

"Feeling bad about it, finally?" Kade asked.

"No, my dick's cold," Cal sighed.

Kade rolled his eyes and approached the bed, crawling on top of Cal again.

"I'll war—"

"—don't say it," Cal interjected, glaring at Kade. "Just…don't."

Kade cringed. It did sound pretty stupid. He'd said a lot of cheesy lines so far though, so he guessed he hadn't even noticed when one crossed too far over the line.

Cal seemed more comfortable now with Kade so close to him, at least. Kade supposed that was a symptom of the ice breaking between them again. Or shattering between them, he wasn't sure of exactly what the magnitude of that last advance had been. It was generally hard to think about when a haze still lingered in his head and an erection still stood in his boxers.

But it was clear now, or as clear as it could be, cloudy mentality aside, that Cal at least had some warm feelings for Kade. Cal wasn't the kind of person to sleep around, and if he was still cool and collect after all that, he might not have regretted it as much as he claimed in his little blame-speech. Maybe he'd always wanted it?

But that was a question better directed at Cal.

"You okay?" Kade asked, knees and hands on the bedspread, Cal's body trapped between the limbs.

"Yea, I'm fine," Cal replied with surprising reassurance.

"You're not really freaking out now."

"No, I'm not. I'm not saying I wanted it, but I guess my body didn't mind it half-way through."

Cal waved his feet.

"Which isn't my fault—natural reactions, instincts and all that," he added quickly.

"Cal, I know what you're like," Kade sighed, frowning. "If you really didn't want to do that, you wouldn't have enjoyed it at all."

Cal averted his eyes, narrowing them so he could glare off into the shadows in the corner of the room, rather than up at Kade, who he'd obviously rather not be looking at now.

"…fine," Cal finally grunted, defeated, cheeks flushing more out of frustration than submission. "Yea I…was sort of hoping this could eventually happen, between us. Just, I didn't think tonight, or like this. Maybe not like this, that's all."

Cal sneered at Kade's beaming smile.

"But I'm still angry about it all, in general, and don't forget that, please," Cal added curtly, wriggling somewhat.

"But you don't…hate me or think I'm a rapist or anything, right?" Kade asked, eyes wide. "I swear I'm sorry, I really am. I didn't intend this to happen at all either, really, you know."

"I know, I guess," Cal sighed, quirking his brow. "And you were pretty aggressive, but you're not a 'rapist', even if what you did wasn't really right, and even if I consented it half-way."

It was Kade's turn to avert his eyes, shame weighing on his shoulders.

Cal nudged the larger male in the chest with his knee.

"I'm willing to put it behind us," Cal said.

"Really?" Kade snapped, surprised.

"Yea," Cal replied with a shrug.


"Eh…it was all just really stupid. We can just say it happened, we're adults, we can handle the responsibility. We didn't even fuck anyway, you just went down on me."

"Yea but…can we?" Kade asked carefully, rocking his hips.

"Can we what?"


Kade flashed a hopeful, toothy smile. This provoked Cal to knee his chest again, but with much more force than a comforting nudge than before.

"I'm kind of done, for now," Cal added as Kade wheezed, air hissing out of his lungs with the impact. "And I don't have any condoms."

"I have some," Kade offered, but Cal simply jabbed his knee into the larger male again, albeit with a bit less aggression this time.

"Fap it off and go to sleep," Cal commanded. "And untie me too."

Kade hung his head, erection dipping with disappointment as well, rejected eagerness making his loins rather sore, suddenly. But he obediently sat up and began to unwind the wires that bound Cal at the wrist, Cal leaning forward, trying to peak over the bed, squinting to see where his pants had gotten to.

"…so…if you like me, assuming you actually do…," Kade then began, unlooping a wire out of another. "Why did you reject me? …twice?"

"I was embarrassed the first time," Cal admitted, surprisingly quickly too. "And I wasn't sure. I had a thing for you, I knew that was true, but it'd been a while and, well, yea—we were friends too and—"

"—are friends," Kade corrected, smiling slightly, though there was bitterness nipping at the corner of his lips.

"Right," Cal sighed. "But that was the thing. I was afraid we'd get together, something would happen, we'd break up, and things would get weird or sour. It was all future-sight, I was worried and didn't want to risk it."

"I guess that's…fair, but you could have just told me," Kade mumbled.

"I probably should have, yea, but I was nervous and…my head was all weird, it was just crap, the whole situation," Cal said, shaking his head somewhat. "Then I had to go for that retreat anyway. It bothered me for a good while when I was away, all the stuff that happened before I left, but I tried to put it out of my mind. When I got back, I heard you were dating someone, so I figured things had passed."

"Then you found out it was Jae," Kade finished, eyes narrowed.

"Then I found out it was Jae," Cal repeated, hissing the name. "That damn whore."

"He wasn't—ugh."

Kade shook his head, loosening the last wire.

"Well, I didn't know he was like that," Kade corrected. "I'd never not liked him in some way, he always seemed nice and, well, he's good-looking but, like, I dunno."

Kade slipped off the last wire, and after Cal wringed the stiffness out of his wrists he quickly slid his underwear back up to a decent position.

"Didn't realize he was going to turn out to be an asshole, or that he was sleeping with other people," Kade sighed, sucking back on his teeth with regret, flipping his gaze to the ceiling.

"Well I did try to tell you," Cal offered. "So did Jude. And Ivee. And AJ. And—"

"—yea yea I'm an idiot, I get it," Kade groaned, giving Cal a shove before bringing his knees to his chest. "Don't even know why Jae decided to bother with me anyway…"

"Simple answer: you got ripped over the summer and when you got back here Jae wanted a piece," Cal shrugged, trying to locate his strewn pants somewhere on the darkened floor. "You got a bit more confident with yourself and…yea. I wish I could tell you it was for any other reason but something purely physical, but I don't recall Jae caring much for you until you had to change your shirt size and grew out your hair."

Kade nodded solemnly, internally scolding himself for his past stupidity.

He'd thought, at one point, he'd matured along with his body. Obviously he hadn't, and Cal was suddenly kind enough to point it out.

"You're still such a boy in a man's body," Cal snickered, but not cruelly, studying Kade's naïve posture. "Well, now a man's body, I guess, depending on your definition. You weren't much for brawn last year or the year before."

"I'm just glad that's over, and hopefully whatever tiff was between us is…oveeeeerrrr…?" Kade asked, hopefully, peaking over his folded arms.

"I guess, we'll see," was all Cal said in response, locating his jeans at long last.

"Also, why'd you reject me a second time?" Kade continued, brow arched. "Same reason as before?"

"Eh…somewhat," Cal sniffed. "I wanted you and Jae to break up, yea, but I wanted it to be of your own doing and decision, I didn't wan to be the main reason. And then right after you two split you came chasing after me again and it was, like, you had just dropped Jae to try to pick me up. I felt like the rebound's-rebound."

"I liked you from the start, you're not a rebound," Kade whined. "And I broke up with Jae for the right reasons, and maybe to make you a bit happy."

Cal, hopping to get his foot through his jeans' pant-leg, swiveled to face Kade., frowning.

"Well you were really miserable sometimes, when me and Jae would walk around and when I mentioned him, and it wasn't just you, it was Jude and the rest of the gang too," Kade admitted. "I wasn't happy, you guys weren't happy, it was the right thing to do to break things off with him, for everyone, especially when I found out all the shit he was up to."

"I hope I didn't come across as 'jealous' to you," Cal said sternly. "And that you saw the jealousy as a sign that I was totally willing to hook up with you if you dropped Jae. Because I was hardly jealous, just really pissed off that you'd do something stupid like that."

Cal began carefully navigating the glass-laden carpet, picking up and resetting his side-table and broken-bulbed lamp.

"I'm really not that surprised though—boy in a man's body, you're prone to doing stupid shit," Cal repeated, chuckling weakly.

Kade lowered his head onto his arms and scowled.

It was really a wonder that the smaller, less lethal-looking of the two could be socutting with his words. It was always so easy for Cal to take Kade down from a newly-earned peg and set him back on one Cal thought was better-suited for him. But at the same time, Cal never really sat Kade on a peg he didn't deserve, and if he deserved to be on a high one at whatever point in time he'd gotten himself to one, Cal wouldn't budge him.

Since returning to the school in the fall with a new look and physique, it had finally been Kade's time to play the coveted role of "single hot guy on campus"—a gay one, yes, but it wasn't like people not associated with the orientation hadn't taken notice. Even Jude had been up in arms, impressed, even. And Jude was a very difficult woman to impress, because she was still, even now, probably more stereotypically "manly" than Kade could ever be in every way possible.

But Cal has never seemed to notice or care. Or, at least never showed that he did.

"Your bedroom identity is really weird, though," Cal said suddenly, flopping lazily back down onto his mattress.

"'Bedroom identity'?" Kade repeated. "What the hell does that mean?"

"Like…how you act with a partner, in intimate situations," Cal explained, waving his hand in the air lazily, orchestrating his answer. "I thought you'd kind of be like, quieter, gentler, less-forward and less-aggressive. I mean between the two of us I guess I lose 'top' status to you, if you want that status, because I probably couldn't fight you off but, still. Thought you'd be a lot different is all."

Kade rolled forward onto his knees, then onto his stomach, nose close to Cal's cheek.

"Is it bad that I surprised you?" Kade asked quietly.

Cal blinked and shook his head, pushing his glasses up higher on his nose.

"No, it's a pretty interesting surprise," he said.

Kade's body gave a joyful twitch at the almost-compliment. He nudged Cal's ribcage with his elbow.

"Do you like it?"


"Being with a dominant partner?"

"Well my lip is bleeding and I haven't been able to use my hands for the last while and there's glass on the floor so…no, not really."

"The fight was not supposed to be a part of the 'bedroom identity', Cal."


Cal wrung his wrists again, staring at the ceiling in thought, eyes glazed with intense pondering, probably replaying their encounter over in his mind.

"I guess the kind-of-bondage thing was pretty kinky, but then again I thought that was part of the fight," Cal said.

"N-No, no it wasn't part of the fight," Kade replied quickly, giddy.

"Implying that you were intending to have your way with me from the get-go, then?" Cal snapped, killing off Kade's good mood and possibly a returning boner.

Kade sighed and dismissed Cal's comment with a "nevermind", and Cal went back to drowsily gazing at the ceiling, a victorious smirk playing on his now-healing lips.



"Can I stay here the night?"


Kade placed his head into the bed spread.

"Well really," Cal groaned, rolling his eyes. "You're not sleeping with me, you can't sleep on the floor because of the glass that I'm too tired to clean up and can't see anyway since it was the light that broke, and I gave my couch to someone else when I moved out for the retreat."

"Could sleep on the kitchen floor."

"Don't be stupid. It's dirty and uncomfortable there. I'd feel better if you went back to your dorm."

Kade sat up and ruffled his hair, then slumped his hands between his legs, unwilling to leave. He was pretty exhausted now, and he'd love more than anything just to cuddle with Cal for the evening, reassure himself that everything was fine between them now, and that they were "moving forward".

But if Cal didn't want to, well, he didn't want to. There was no more need for sour grapes. Kade would suck it up, drag himself back to his dorm, have a fap and sleep the night off until morning came, and he could resume his worries and need for resolutions with Cal then.

"Alright," Kade finally croaked, voice fatigued.

Cal rested a hand on his forehead and nodded a quiet and unceremonious "good-bye" with the gesture.

He glanced up at Kade, eyes meeting and holding their beholder in trance for the longest time that evening. Instinctively drawn to his gaze, Kade slowly, and with some hesitation, leaned down, putting his face towards Cal's. Cal didn't move away this time.

Their lips sealed into one another's. They held it, eyes shutting only after they had both registered that the kiss was not a figment of their tired minds or an involuntary action neither had really wanted to make.

Their lips unlocked and parted, silence and a slight trail of breath the only presence in the room now.

After a pause, Kade tried for another. Accepted, but briefly, before Cal's hand found Kade's shoulder, not to push him away, but just snap him out of his haze.

"Be safe going back to your room," Cal whispered.

"I really can't spend the night here?"

"No," Cal groaned, shutting his eyes. "There's no where for you to sleep but with me. And I don't know if I really want to do that, or if I can trust that we're going tojust sleep."

"I think I'm too tired now to bother," Kade said. "Just want to jerk off and nod off, that's it. Too exhausted for much other activity, pretty sore everywhere too."

Cal swung his leg back and forth, hand still lying on his forehead, contemplating with a frown on his face. Kade waited a minute, and when no answer came he leaned back down for another kiss. Again it was accepted, but only partially now—Cal broke it away by opening his mouth to speak, steamy breath fogging Kade's lips.

"Fine, fine, you can stay, but I have every right to kick you out if I feel like it," Cal grunted, rolling over, away from Kade.

"Of course, s'your room," Kade agreed, sitting up, rubbing his palm into his nose to itch it.

Cal hobbled across the room and opened his closet, finding and swapping his jeans for some track pants. Kade simply kicked off his jeans and cocooned himself under the bed sheets, facing the wall.

He wondered, if he pressed his hand against the spot Cal had been pinned to, it would still be warm. But that seemed sort of desperate, probably even creepy. The thought, though, of when Cal had been writhing there, was enough to make Kade shut his eyes and play caretaker for his patient appendage. Sometime during his quiet, subtle bulge-mending, Cal had snuck into bed, his back to Kade, giving him whatever privacy he could in the non-private situation.

Some few minutes later, when Kade was changing his pacing, a murmur sounded behind him.



"You say something Cal?"

Cal rolled his shoulders, sinking further under the sheets.

"What are you thinking about?" he asked.

"Take a guess," Kade snorted. "And why do you want to know or care?"

"Thought just crossed my mind, just sort of bugged me to know if I was right," Cal replied lazily.

Kade resisted the urge to press on and, after a moment, continued with his work. He was interrupted once again though—this time by Cal's elbow accidentally knocking against his.

This happened a few times, and the dorm bed was rather small, so no matter how far the two managed to distance themselves, their arms kept touching. Weird, since Kade hadn't hit it at all beforehand. Curious, Kade slowed and put himself on hold, and heard the slightest tell-tale shuffle of the bed sheets behind him.

"You too?"


"I thought you said you were 'done'."

"Shut up, please."

Cal grunted and attempted to move farther away, then flinched when he nearly rolled himself off the bed.

A giddy shiver ran up Kade's spine, unable to restrain himself from cracking a smile. It was exciting knowing Cal was, obviously, lying and performing the same act right behind him. The thought that perhaps Kade tending to himself had even turned Cal back on (as it was pretty likely) made him all the happier.

"Well…you know, if you're horny—"

"—it's fine, finish and sleep," Cal snapped, voice muffled, as he was digging himself under the covers.

"I'm just saying," Kade sighed.

"I don't think it's a good idea to do it, so let's not," Cal grumbled, arm still moving under the sheets.

"I guess maybe, yea, it's not really the best idea to right away or right now," Kade agreed, knocking his head back and forth. "But, well, whether it's right or not to do it, and if we could, would you want to?"

An awkward silence filled the small gap between them.

"…just asking."

Unfortunately, this did not produce an answer from Cal. He'd become quite still, and Kade slowly sat up, gritting his teeth.

The next words out of Cal's mouth would be asking him to leave, he was sure. He'd finish in the bathroom and head back to his dorm, then.

Instead, though, Cal's response, long-awaited and practically inaudible, was a murmured, defeated "Yes".

Kade remained upright and seated, casting a sideways glance at the bundle that was Cal under the sheets. He wasn't sure what to say, really. It was nice to know Cal was interested, but whether he wanted to or not didn't mean they actually weregoing to. And Kade was long-done pressuring Cal through force, since that had bred an earned amount of self-hate within him.

Cal's hand grabbed Kade's thigh under the covers and gave it an urging shake.

"Oh…sorry," Kade grunted, pushing back the covers, revealing Cal, and slipping out of bed, minding where his feet landed so he didn't step on any glass shards.

Guess it was time to go, then. But as Kade fumbled to put on his pants, Cal growled at him from the mattress.

"What are you doing?"

"Going back to my…dorm? Thought that was the signal."

"No, just…no."

Cal rolled over, onto the grooved spot on the bed where Kade had once been lying.

"Go get a condom. You said you had some on you, right?"

Kade nearly tore his wallet out of his pants' pocket. Any more haste and the fabric would have surely ripped at the seams. His fingers dug until they felt the crinkle of plastic wrapping and a groove of latex squish against their pads. Then the pants, and wallet, were flung against a wall carelessly again, lost to the darkness of the room. Kade didn't care. They were unneeded now. Completely unneeded.

"Calm down," Cal groaned, sitting up as Kade nearly jumped onto the bed. "I don't want this to be a big de—mgh!"

Kade couldn't calm down. The whole point was not to "calm" down, after all. There was nothing that could bring him "down" right now anyway. Their first encounter that night and the pause put on his session with his hand left his entire body needy, craving something spectacular for all its patience.

Kade had lunged for Cal mid-sentence and forced his lips onto the smaller male's. It was a clumsy approach, the collision making them bonk noses, Cal falling back against the headboard, but it was passionate in attempt, or so Kade meant it to be.

He had never really imagined Cal's lips to taste as they did, with that faintly metallic hint of blood lingering from their previous fight, something miniscule and sharp occasionally pinching Kade—broken skin, scabbed-over, maybe. They were plump and warm, though, and so soft where they weren't damaged. Their shape glided as smoothly as silk when they connected into Kade's and grew hot and moist as the initial kiss and its successors came and went. Tongues were administered, but not excessively. Enough to achieve the depth of the kiss they wanted and dance a moment in their locked mouths before the small level of penetration was no longer enough.

Cal's lips puckered and pursed down onto Kade's bottom lip, the grooves of the smaller male's teeth tickling him. Kade shivered involuntarily, and they broke the session, mixing their sighs and breath as their faces remained close.

Cal's eyes moved away from Kade's gaze, coyly, as he ran his tongue over his top teeth, somewhat flushed. Kade didn't exactly know why he'd done that, or what it was supposed to imply or signal. Cal could have been picking his nose right now and Kade would have found unearthly sex appeal in it, though.

"I don't want anything crazy," Cal breathed.

"Uh huh," Kade droned, nodding his head absently.

"Just something quick, right?" Cal added, more sternly this time, eyes narrowed at Kade's noticeable lack of recognition.

"…uh huh," Kade bumbled again, moving his face into the crook of Cal's neck, which Cal allowed, though he huffed somewhat.

It was too dark to tell if there were marks there from before, territorial rings of bruised skin stamped along Cal's clavicle and shoulders. It didn't matter, though, as Kade's mouth would reclaim the flesh from its earlier triumph. His hands snaked under Cal's shirt, seeking more of the male's body to discover and dominate. Cal's hand latched onto one of Kade's wrists and gripped hard to prevent further investigation, though, but he didn't ask for Kade to stop, and rasped out an escaping coo as Kade imprinted his desires on a corner of his collarbone.

"Just…you know, if we could just…get it over with, that would be great," Cal hissed, blowing Kade's hair out of his face as the larger male worked on him, the intruding hair dipping down. "…are you even listening?"

"What?" Kade murmured, lifting Cal's shirt high enough to expose his nipples, pressing his lips into the valley of his chest.

Kade's thumbs massaged the nubs, trying not to smile as they perked. Cal arched his back and grabbed Kade's wrists again, but forced the prying hands away this time.

"Knock it off!" Cal whined, teeth clenched, face completely and noticeably flushed, even in the darkness.

"Why?" Kade grinned. "You sensitive there?"

"No!—Just don't, I don't like it," Cal insisted. "I'm seriously going to change my mind."

Kade's eyes narrowed, and he stole a hand from Cal's grasp and let it investigate south. Cal was lying, of course, as something stiff met Kade's fingers, pressing against the constraints of the smaller male's underwear.

"Uh huh," was all Kade said as Cal flinched at the touch.

He moved to Cal's chest again and rolled his tongue over the male and his obviously-sensitive areas, and Cal stifled a pleasant whine.

"Seriously, not there, okay?" Cal simpered, the groove of Kade's palm massaging his shaft.

Kade leaned up and kissed the male apologetically.

"Why not?"

"Embarrassing. It's just…yea."

"Fine, fine."

Kade kissed his cheek and just let his hand and fingers pleasure Cal below the waist, where he was more content to have Kade touch him. Cal slipped off his glasses and set them on the bedside table, then fumbled for its drawer handle, rolling his hips into Kade's motions.

"What?" Kade asked, noting Cal's minor struggle with the drawer handle.

"Lube," Cal replied simply.

Kade trembled giddily.

"Good call…why do you have some?" Kade asked, leaning his body into Kade's.

"Not your business."


"Kade holy fuck."

Cal jabbed his elbow into Kade's shoulder, bottle of lube in-hand. Kade simply caught Cal by the wrist and forced the limb back as he kissed the smaller male again, squeezing the joint until Cal's fingers released the bottle so Kade's could lace into them instead.

"You're so lucky right now," Cal sighed as the kiss broke. "So lucky, I swear to God."

"Why, because you're horny?" Kade laughed dryly. "You asked, remember? So just, like, stop whining, I'm doing my best here."

"I just wanted something quick, you're being all…invasive and shit," Cal snarled, trying to find the lube, wherever it had rolled onto the bed.

"Well you're making it sound like I'll never get a chance to do this again so I want to it count," Kade sniffed. "What did you expect me to do? Just turn you over, fuck you and call it a night, just like that?"

"No, I wanted you to fuck me, immediately," Cal growled, eyes wide. "No stupid shit."

Kade blinked, and sat back a bit, slowly, having difficulty registering Cal's words. But Cal followed, a hand finding Kade's tented boxers, fondling him. He sat up, kissed Kade gently, then bit down gingerly on his bottom lip, the corner of his chin, his collar…

A minute later Kade was on his back, legs bent at the knees and spread to give Cal room, an arm resting over his beading forehead, eyes shut, mouth ajar.

Maybe he hadn't seen the signs before, but it was obvious now, what Cal's "bedroom identity" was. No games, no touchy-feely, no whispers or giggles or too many kisses. He just wanted the good stuff when he was really in the mood. He didn't like the tease of waiting.

His tongue swirled along Kade's tip, then his lips puckered over the head and consumed it in warmth, wetness, suction pulling and pleasing Kade's cock. Kade couldn't help but buck his hips up, carefully, just enough to allow deeper entry each time. Tight ridges of the throat captured and enthralled him for a few moments before they slipped away, all of it leaving, too, and entered a far less pleasing world of cool night air, and a velvet tongue tantalizing his underside as a reminder of what he'd just left.

"I'm edging…fuck," Kade moaned, voice light and raspy. "I'm seriously not gonna last when we do it."

"You weren't going to last regardless, you're dying down here," Cal murmured, warm breath and voice vibrating against Kade's erection.

"O-Okay then, just…ah…"

Cal took him again, deeply, Kade's body writhing happily. He pushed a hand into Cal's hair, finding comfort in the silky strands, and stole a peek at the male's uncovered face in the darkness. His eyes were shut, concentrated, on his knees and lower legs for support, rear arched up. His other hand was tucked into his briefs behind him, jerking rhythmically as his head bobbed faster.

He sucked hard and moaned, making all of Kade tremble, a spark igniting in his loins before he could warn Cal of it.

Instead he gasped and grunted, tightening his grip of Cal's locks. The orgasm ignited every nerve in his body, made him arch and grimace with pure pleasure and extend it to Cal, into Cal, before it subsided, and the fanfare began to ebb away.

Cal had pulled back, mouth held shut, almost pouting. He pressed his hand to his lips and, to Kade's complete and utter surprise, swallowed, then began fumbling in the darkness again for whatever necessary items had been lost on the bed.

"Two minutes," he said.

"Two mi…whah?" Kade wheezed, still reeling slightly.

"Two minutes to get it back up or I'm kicking you out," Cal snapped.

Needless to say, it was the first time Kade had ever been commanded to get it up in a specific amount of time. It shouldn't have been difficult, given the situation, but his loins were exhausted from Cal's excellent oral work, and with a clock ticking down, he was a bit nervous. His body didn't like him when he was nervous.

He gave himself a few "wake up" jerks, but the term "numb nuts" seemed to be in literal effect.

"How about five?" Kade winced as Cal buried himself under the bed covers. "Just…I need a quick break."

"I didn't mean exactly two minutes," Cal grumbled, voice muffled. "I just meant to hurry up. Don't want to wait."

"Well…can I get some help?" Kade asked slyly, crawling forward to the lump of covers that was Cal.

Cal rolled his body over, catching Kade's side and knocking him off the bed as a wordless "No".

"Okay seriously what the fuck is wrong with you?" Kade cringed, standing up quick from his tumble, just in case there was still broken glass around where he had fallen. "Is this you playing hard to get or something? Because this is not how to play hard to get. If you want it I'd figure you'd be a bit more willing to give me a hand."

Kade placed his hands on the shielded form and gave it a nagging shake.

"Literally?" he added, hopefully, with a cheeky, half-pathetic smile.

"What makes my hands any different than yours? And no," Cal snarled under the covers.

"Because they're yours," Kade said softly.

Slowly, the covers crept down. Cal's face appeared, partially masked by the sheets, eyes narrowed, though this time the cold stare could have just been him squinting—the darkness and his lack of glasses surely wasn't a good mix.

He rolled towards the wall, moving the covers back, making a place for Kade, which Kade invited himself into happily.

Kade pulled the sheets back over them, wrapping an arm under and around Cal's torso. Cal twisted and turned to speak, but met lips instead.

The smaller male rolled back to face Kade so their embrace was more formal. Without meaning to, the two began to slide down during their liplock, covers swallowing them as they pulled each other closer, arms wrapped around the other.

Heat began burning down Kade's body, to where it needed to be, but his nethers didn't truly wake until Cal rocked his hips into the other male's. The friction of the bulging member beneath Cal's underwear was more than enough to get Kade to perk up.

Cal moved his lips from Kade's, drawing a line from the larger male's apple to his ear with his tongue, as his hand slipped down to welcome the newcomer to the party. It was dizzying, but just for a moment, for Kade to feel Cal caress him with fingers and mouth, in two very different areas at once. He let slip a hot gasp of air as Cal shimmied down his own drawers and pressed himself to Kade's erection, both members sharing one hand now. Feeling a bit useless, Kade offered another hand to the task and in moments the two were pleasuring their partner, feverish sighs mixing their clumsy kisses, covers boxing them into a lustful little cavern.

Kade rolled over, pulling Cal with him, onto him. The smaller male was weightless, but maybe that was just the heat stirring Kade's senses into indistinguishable, unreal feelings. His hand left Cal's lowers and met its pair in his hair, pushing and tousling around the dark locks before getting a full feel for what Kade was about to conquer.

Lean, firm…his skin was smooth, but strong. Kade couldn't resist arching an intrigued brow, Cal sighing in his ear, as he memorized his partner's anatomy. Slightly muscular, athletic build—his rear fit perfectly in his hands. Cal cooed when Kade tightened his feel and squeezed.

Kade could specifically recall Cal being a lot…skinnier than this before he left. Not that his former, slimmer frame was an issue, but the new, toned body was a pleasant surprise. He hadn't been paying much attention during their previous romps that night, obviously.

"What did you do at this retreat-thing anyway?" Kade asked, pulling Cal harder into his hips.

"Exercise. Self-discovery and crap like that," Cal replied quickly, sounding almost detached from the question, too consumed with Kade's physical form.

"Was it an all-guy thing?" Kade asked.

"No, mostly chicks and the boyfriends they roped into it. They kept fucking after-hours in the camp showers."

Cal swung the hair out of his face, kissing and biting, gently, Kade's lower lip.

"Must have been…annoying," Kade mumbled, brows raised.

"That's not really the word for it, but okay," Cal sniffed, reaching down.

He did his best to lift Kade up, who rose, covers tumbling off them. They both shivered instantly and tightened their hold on each other.

"Now please," Cal said.

They passed around the bottle of lube, applying it where need be. Cal opted to handle himself as Kade tore open the condom package and shimmied it on. He was doing his best not to watch Cal grope and prod himself, the smaller male's face turned down onto the covers. Kade spotted an eye peeking at him, though.

"What?" Kade half-laughed.

"Nothing," Cal murmured, form stiffening somewhat.

"Sizing me up?"

"Sorta…I guess it's bigger than…what I'm used to."

Cal sat up and crawled over to the headboard, snatching and grappling one of the pillows, hugging it to his chest, face-down again.

"What do you mean 'used to'? Have you been seeing somebody recently?" Kade asked, snapping out of his haze for a moment.

Cal shook his head.

"No, no I…nevermind," Cal murmured.

Kade crept over, smirking, and spread Cal carefully, drumming his tip against his entrance teasingly.

"No no, tell me, really," Kade said.

"It's nothing, alright? Lay off," Cal snapped back.

Kade pushed himself inside, slowly, barely an inch at a time. Cal's body seized and arched immediately, raised on his arms, which were locked straight and ground into the pillow.

"You could have let me know that you were starting—fuck!" Cal growled, Kade placing a hand hastily on his shoulder to keep him still.

"Sorry! Just relax a second, just relax you're…"

Kade smiled goofily, eyes fluttering with the wonderful sensation.

"…really tight."

"Don't talk, no talking," Cal whined, gritting his teeth, trying to let himself go limper, looser.

"…it's like breaking into Fort Knox down here—"


Cal's walls gave and Kade slid in with an excited gasp, Cal choking on his.

Not all of him was in, but there was more than enough penetration for Kade to work with and stir. Cal had clamped onto him so tightly from the shock, every inch of the insertion held hostage to a wonderful warmth.

It was amazing, Cal was amazing. Every switch in Kade's brain flicked off, the only system still functioning the one that told him to claim this incredible creature.

But…Cal needed a minute,and he was right. It had been rude of him not to announce that he was starting, so he'd wait and let Cal get used to him before any movement began.

"…okay," Cal finally hissed, nodding, lowering himself back down, arms wrapped around the pillow again.

Kade set his hands appropriately, both to get his placing, but to feel Cal from the outside as well. His hips moved slowly, just testing the waters, learning how his partner's body worked first, lest over-excitement ruin the moment. When he grew comfortable, and the initial, unbearably amazing entry feeling ebbed down to a constant, but lessened, wonder of heat and friction, Kade rocked himself into Cal at a rhythm.

Cal didn't move much, just twitching occasionally, breathing gradually growing heavier as he huffed and puffed into his pillow. Kade pushed in as far as Cal's body would allow for that moment and leaned down, brushing his partner's hair out of the way, kissing the back of his neck. One of Kade's hands wrapped under Cal, feeling the male's exposed chest, where his shirt had slipped up and left him vulnerable. It started from his collar and moved south, until the reach-around was complete, and Cal's cock was firmly in his grasp.

Kade matched his hip and hand movements, warm breath fogging Cal's neck as he took him, over and over, rolling his fingers over Cal's slick shaft while his own thrust inside the smaller male.

Cal moaned, just a quiet, restless moan, body confused as to which way it was supposed to move. He rocked into Kade's hand, then back into his thrusts, until he finally found the right rhythm to match.

"Good?" Kade asked, voice raspy, tongue tracing the shell of Cal's ear.

"Sloppy," Cal grunted, looking back at Kade, grimacing somewhat.

"How?" Kade whined, genuinely concerned.

"I can't explain it," Cal winced.

"Does it hurt?"


"Is it…bad?"

"No…but it's not good either."

Kade scowled, offended, and withdrew, much to Cal's alarm.

"N-No, you didn't have to stop," Cal stuttered, sitting up.

In one swift motion, Kade flipped the smaller male over and pounced, pushing himself back in—all in, this time.

"Sorry I'm not as good as your dildo," Kade huffed, looming over Cal, catching and pinning down one of his wrists.

"Aaaahh!—No!—Fuck you!" was the best Cal could muster as a retort, his secret and physical self quite exposed now, thanks to Kade's surprisingly-good guessing.

Kade knew he was being rough, but he tried to stay conscious of Cal's limits. The smaller male wasn't asking him to stop, but Kade kept as close an eye as he could to make sure this really wasn't as uncomfortable as Cal was making it out to be. It was a tricky task, though—Cal's expressions seemed purposefully unreadable, and he was doing everything possible so as not to look at Kade.

Kade cupped Cal's cheek and faced him up, to him, and silenced his disgruntled murmurs with a wet kiss.

Kade moaned into the liplock, and Cal was prompted to follow suit. Another hand touched the one Kade was using to please Cal's member, so Kade left that task to it.

"What?" Kade asked, their breath mixing as their kiss ended.

"I'll do that," Cal panted. "Just fuck me."

"Change your mind?" Kade snorted, hands holding Cal's sides instead, pumping into him as requested.

"N-No I…you just…haaa…"

Cal winced, brows knitted, face wholly red, his free hand forcing itself into his hair tediously.

"Better…from this position," he wheezed.

Kade's smile could have lit up the darkest corners of the shadowed room. Pride and, of course, physical ecstasy shivered up his spine as he stooped down, sucking and drawing wet circles on Cal's exposed neck.

"Mmmmmm, Cal…," Kade moaned.

"No…no, no talking," Cal choked.

"You're so tiiiiight…"

"Kade I swear to god."

"Where is it good?"


Kade threw his motions in circles, prodding around, searching keenly as Cal writhed and wriggled beneath him, jerking off shamelessly.


"God damnit why are you doing this it's so fucking embarrassing man."

Kade changed his angle and thrust again.

Cal seized a moment, gasping loud, wrenched expression melting with the rest of his form, discovered.

"Here," Kade smirked.

Cal made to protest, but Kade simply moved once more. And more. And more. And more.

In moments Cal's stiff and chilly attitude and body language had thawed, turning him back into the lusty little mink he had proved to be earlier, and hinted at again and again in their foreplay.

An arm was splayed above him, gripping the edge of the pillow he laid on, head cocked to one side. His mouth never closed, constantly open, moans and coos and smoldering, heavy pants spilling out, lips trembling, glistening and wet.

Kade pulled out again, but just to re-lube, and a bit too excessively too. The bed spread and their lower bodies were a hot, wet mess seconds later, constantly moving, gaining speed.

"Good now?" Kade tried again, words quaking somewhat, his entire being completely enthralled.

"Good," Cal croaked.

"Say it again," Kade commanded, biting down on Cal's earlobe.

"N-No, come on!"

Kade thrust harder. Mercilessly.

"Say it again."

Cal's entire body tightened and twisted.

"It's good! It's good! Oh god it's so good, aaaaahhh!" Cal wailed, voice growling, quivering with pleasure.

He continued to voice his enjoyment, unable to control himself any more, wrapping an arm around Kade before scraping his fingers down his back hungrily.

"Don't stop," Cal begged, eyes closed tight, completely immersed in the feeling. "Don't stop don't stop, oh god…!"

Kade bit his lip, a crease forming between his brows, where sweat beaded.

Unfortunately, he might have to stop. It was too good to last forever, too good to bear for much longer. Kade just wasn't a limitless man, and not now, especially, fucking what had been his fantasy for the first time.

The corners of his lips twitched, pace suddenly slowing, abruptly.

"Whah…what? What?" Cal urged, hips on auto-pilot, coaxing Kade to get back to work.

"I need to slow down…sorry…sorry," Kade winced sheepishly. "Gonna cum…I don't think…"

"Same, same," Cal nodded, eyes fluttering back into his head for a moment. "Just do it. Do me. Hurry up."

Cal washed Kade with a steamy gaze, and their lips melded again, desperate to combine themselves further, deepening their physical pact.

Kade moved quickly, his heart in every wild thrust, and the two's voices sung together.

"Cumming…I'm cumming…!" Cal moaned, tone raw and ravenous, liked melted chocolate to Kade's ears.

It sent Kade over, every nerve sparking inside him, entire body quaking with the power of the orgasm. No sooner had he released, Cal's insides seeming to melt around him, that Cal gave a lustful cry and splashed warm relief over his chest.

They heaved together a moment, rocking and swaying, prolonging their joy until it eventually simmered.

Their eyes met in the midst of the haze and were drawn together, closer, lips touching, opening, tongues sliding along the others'.

It was perhaps the whimsy of the afterglow, but there was something in the way Cal's eyes glinted, teeth gliding along his lower lip after mouthing a cryptic and whispered message, that told Kade that this would not be a one-night stand.