Xehil remained frozen in place. Aaron's fist smashed straight across his cheek all at once. The strike only made him stumble towards the ground as his spirit weakened. Fighting Aaron at this time was way too much. Trying to stack up his powers against an opponent who could transform was a brutal miscalculation. Aaron delivered one final kick into his opponent's chest to send him falling to his back.

"I should've waited." Xehil muttered as he found himself diving towards the ground. The impact did a toll to him metally and physically. A few feet away, he could see his opponent's dreaded transformed-self starting to creep towards him.

"You just had to nag it on. I was actually thinking about forgetting about you at one point. But," Aaron said aloud as he stepped over him. "I think I'm just going to pound your face into a bloody pulp. That'll be the end of this!"

Aaron quickly dropped on top of Xehil with all of his weight. As he struck, Xehil coughed up a combination of blood and mucus as he could feel his ribs starting to buckle. His struggle for air was cut short as soon as Aaron grabbed a hold of his neck. Feeling his fingers closing his wind pipe opened a new level of fear. This was worse than last time. It was impossible to even focus any of his energy. Everything started going in and out through his head. What should I have done here? Aaron's fist came down against his face once. He froze again. I should've just waited. Another strike. Any more and he was going to pass out.

"No, stop it Aaron!" Oki screamed. Aaron felt a stick crack over his head. Sure, it was small compared to what he'd taken before, but it was enough to piss him off. In one swift motion he turned to her and grabbed a hold of her neck. "Aaron!" He's completely lost it.

Episode 7

"The Destroyer"

Oki was dangling in his grip. At this point she didn't know what to do. As much as she cared about him, she didn't want to strike him and piss him off anymore. Aaron was in another world as he continued to clench down on her wind pipe.

"Just kill your friend," Xehil muttered. "Just like Subject 7 killed your mother."

"Mother." Aaron whispered. He snapped back into reality. Before he knew it, he could see her face turning blue from his own power. "Oki, no!"

He dropped her to the ground after finally reverting back to his normal form again. She quickly gasped for air as he went to embrace her.

"Aaron!" Oki gasped. Aaron quickly helped her back up while Xehil started to crawl his way to safety.

"I didn't mean to do this to you. I can't control myself when I'm angry! You shouldn't have stepped in like that!" Aaron cried to her as he tried to help her breathe.

"You've got a lot to explain to me." Oki muttered as she hugged him. Xehil looked back at the two in shock. He'd never seen Aaron like this before. With Oki around, he seemed to let his blood thirsty self go to rest.

"I should've told you a lot more."

Aaron hadn't been hugged in so long. With Xehil's battle power diminished, he didn't really worry anymore. Oki looked up at him with a smile on her face. She'd forgotten about the horro before almost instantly.

"Just let him go, he's no match for you Aaron." Oki said to him. Aaron stopped to think. All of this time he spent chasing this young child really was pointless. It took him this long to realize Xehil was a young and scared child just like he once was.

"I don't know what I was thinking," Aaron said as he turned back to his opponent. It seemed weird, but he started to worry about him. "Hey Xehil, you ok?"

"You're a monster!" Xehil shouted back to him.

"Yeah, he's fine. Just run away, I'll make a deal with you then." Aaron said. He could feel it again. Just overhead there was another energy signal like his own-but this one was beyond Xehil's. Both of the warriors glared up towards the sky to see it tear open. Just overhead was a large blue streak that had formed out of the air.

"What is that?" Oki asked.

"Run!" Aaron replied. A pair of fiery hands tore straight through the streak, grabbing a hold of the edges of reality. Aaron braced himself. That power was massive. Slowly a head began to stick it's way out from the opening in the rift, revealing a pig-like figure. Xehil shrieked. If he could move, he'd try to help him, but all he could do right now was just focus on building up some strength to fight back. The creature ripped out of the hole all at once. As it's body sailed to the ground, Aaron quickly shoved Oki away from him to keep her out of the cross fire. The monster hit the ground, causing a small tremor. It's body seemed to resemble that of the minataur from legends. On it head it bear a mane of pure fire. The wild inferno burned straight through the air, sending shockwaves out.

"Is this Earth?" the creature asked.

"Yeah, you're right about that one. I think you might be lost, but I can help you get out of here." Aaron said as he tried to keep his composure. This monster was definitelly a lot different than anything he'd ever laid eyes on before, but it didn't really bother him. He'd been frightened too much to be scared of this.

"I've already destroyed you all before, I can do it again!" the monster shouted.

"That's where you're about to make a big mistake. I just thought you'd know that I'm the baddest there is mr," Aaron muttered as he rubbed his nose. He was at a pause. "What's your name ugly?"

"Everybody knows me! The humans from the other world feared me. I know who you are, I believe we've met!" the monster continued. "You're Aaron, and I'm the great Taurus! Millions tremble at me."

"You know me? I don't get it. Hey Xehil, you know what's goign on?" Xehil was silent. He remembered his encounter with Karn well. Karn had plunged from another world somehow, so Taurus had done the same.

"Karn appeared out of the air," Xehil said as he tried to get to his feet. "But this guy is different. I would be careful."

Those words brought fear to Taurus' face as they passed through him. He turned to face Xehil before liften his arms up.

"Where is Karn? He dissapeared when we were in our last battle. He's an ally," Taurus said as he started to walk towards Xehil. "bring me to him now!"

"Can't really do that," Xehil said as he began to limp away. "I killed him already. I'm really sorry, but the bastard had it coming."

"Karn? Dead?" Taurus began to shake. Fire began to rise from around his body as the rage began to build in his heart. "I'll make sure you burn for it!"

"So I guess there are other like you? Big deal, I'm not scared." Aaron said to him as he grinned. "I guess you're stronger than this 'Karn' guy or whatever he was."

Xehil laughed.

"No Aaron, this guy's power is not as high. You can take him, I know it." Xehil muttered. For once he found himself wanting to cheer on his mortal enemy.

"Good to go, why not we just quit the childs play and get down to it then?" Aaron asked as he began to hop around. Taurus watched his oppoenent throw random punches in the air without a care in the world.

"You've greatly underestimated our league!" Taurus shouted as he lifted his arms. A streak of fire shot between his palms. It began to twist through the air and take shape into a solid object. Aaron took a jump back to see a halberd begin to form. He smiled before taking a look to his right. Oki was still standing by the tree shocked.

"Oki, I'm not even joking. Get out of here or you'll get killed!" Aaron shouted to her. Oki nodded. Tears began to pour down her face as she started to run away. The crowd inside the school started to clear out as the battle was starting to begin. None of the students or anybody on Earth had seen anything like this.

"I promise you that this wont be pretty." Taurus declared as he swiped his weapon through the air.

"Yeah-yeah, I got you. My fists are gonna tear right through you. It wont be pretty at all." Aaron replied. Fire shot from Taurus' snout as he rushed in. A roar quickly tore through the air around him as he closed in. Aaron could see his every move. This wasn't going to be hard at all. Just as he came in to strike, Aaron slipped through his offense to deliver a quick strike to the face. Once his foot struck, Taurus felt his body start to push away. First his head went, then his body. A wave of fire shot through the air as he spiralled towards the ground. Aaron spun back towards his feet while his enemy went straight through the courtyard behind them. His weapon sailed off into the distance, far away from reach. "Rule one, don't rush!"

"I don't need your help!" Taurus screamed as he tried to get back to his feet. "Me and my friends defeated you once, we can do it again!"

"Really? I didn't really think there was another one of me out there." Aaron said to him. He couldn't make much of what was going on.

"I come from an alternate reality. In my world, I've destroyed you and every lifeform on this horrid planet. You wont have any chance of defeating me!"

"It doesn't look that way." Aaron said again as he rubbed his nose. "I'm gonna have some fun with you."

Taurus lifted his palm to him. Aaron turned his head to the side before realizing what was happening. All at once, a ball of fire launched straight at him. Not the school! As it closed in, he held up his hands to try and stop the blast. All of the aura in his body quickly made a small force field to stop the blast in place. Taurus made it to his feet just in time to watch his blast stop.

"Fool!" He screamed before throwing his other hand forwards. The ball of fire quickly ruptured. All at once it exploded, consuming Aaron and a piece of the school. Oki was a good length away from the blast before turning around. All she could see was a wall of flame consuming the area where the battle was taking place.

"Aaron!" Oki cried as she started to run back towards the fires. Xehil braced himself with what little power he had managed to gather in the little break. The sound of the other-worldly creature's laughter filled his ears. It began to anger him.

"That is why I am the best!" Taurus shouted. He turned to face Xehil with an open hand. "Now to finish you!"

Xehil braced himself again. The fires had started to cinge his clothes, but with what little strength was left, he'd have to hope that they wouldn't burn his spirit. Before Taurus could open fire, a blast of wind tore straight between them.

"Not yet!" Aaron shouted as the flames began to clear. His aura was already surging as if he was ready to transform again.

"How did you survive that one? That same move killed you last time!" Taurus gasped as he locked in on him.

"Tell me, how did you manage to beat me anyways?" Aaron's aura surged again. "I don't see it."

"Your power, it just tripled. How?" Taurus asked.

"You think that's something? I can raise it way higher. Watch this."

Just like before, Aaron's hair raised up and went into flames while his transformation began to take effect. Taurus could feel the aura starting to push him back.

"How?" he asked.

"It's easy. I just learned that there was a piece of me that was waiting to get out. It took a while, but I found it." Aaron said as he clenched his fists.

"It's truly amazing, but this new transformation or whatever it is wont be enough. The other version of you was much younger, but not this powerful."

"You've made a big mistake coming here."

Aaron darted forwards at break-neck speed. The gap between the two went shut as Aaron brought his fist up. Taurus felt it enter his stomach and tear straight into his inner organs. The aura around the two began to react with one another, causing a whirlwind of power to release. A glob of blood began to drip from his mouth as the bare fist started to tear deeper into him. Aaron yanked it out, taking a ball of flesh with it.

"I'll kill you!" Taurus exclaimed as he tried to keep himself together. Aaron smiled. His darker side was starting to take over again.

"You wont be able to do that if you're in pieces." Aaron muttered. Taurus flinched just as his opponent delivered a kick straight to his chin. Oki was in shock seeing the massive beast lifted off the ground by a single strike. As Taurus began to float upwards, Aaron quickly lifted his palm to him. The monster couldn't even so much as gasp by the time Aaron unleashed his next move. Oki's eyes felt like they were about to be burnt away once the massive surge of power ripped from Aaron's palms. A beam of pure light quickly disintegrated Taurus' body. The rest of his remains flew apart like leave before finally disappearing into nothing.

Aaron started to let his power capsize as he began to lower his defenses. The energy attack faded away almost instantaneously, leaving only a pillow of smoke in it's wake. His hair continued to spiral upwards as his power started to lower towards his base state. Oki tried to keep on her feet, but the whole situation was a lot to bare.

"Hey Oki, you ok?" Aaron asked her. She was speechless after seeing his transformed state. This wasn't him. He began to make his way over to her, but she wanted to turn and run. "There's a lot I haven't explained to you yet."

"Just get away from me!" Oki cried. Everything she felt suddenly meant nothing. Aaron was a monster, not a man.

Next Episode!

"There's something wrong with the fabric of reality. I don't know what's going on around here, but something is slipping into our world and I've gotta stop it."