Here I am,
standing at the end of your gun.
A gun formed of your lies,
your actions, your words and reactions.

I am on the edge of a cliff
where you pushed me and left,
leaving me dangling and unsteady.

The gun cocks as more pieces
begin to fall into play.
More and more hands join yours
pressing down on the trigger.

It's about to go off but all I can do is smile.
Because I won't let you take me.
I won't let you destroy me.

You may be about to pull that goddamn trigger
yet I know that once it goes off
I can win.

Choosing to step aside,
I will not let you,
all of you,
obliterate me.

I am strong,
not weak like you think,
and I. Will. Not. Submit.

This is dedicated to someone I have come to know and respect who is going through a tough time. My thoughts are with you.