Attempt 9. (Suffocation)

Devin was curled up on the couch, reading a book he had borrowed from Keegan.

Keegan's mom had gone to the store and wouldn't be back for a few hours.

And Keegan…

…was in his room, on his bed. With a plastic bag around his head and a pillow over his head.

He took a deep breath, the plastic being suctioned to the inside of his mouth. He'd almost run out of oxygen by now. He was feeling faint, and lightheaded, as he tried not to think about Devin in the other room.

He was becoming attached to the younger homosexual.

He'd even let Devin paint his nails for him once, a few weeks ago.

But he was trying hard not to think about it. He didn't want to find a reason to stay. He was tired of this world. Besides, Devin sure wasn't going to miss him, right?

Devin opened the door to Keegan's room, eyes widening at the sight. "Fuck, Keegan!"

He dropped the book and ran to the bed, throwing the pillow to the floor and trying desperately to unwrap the plastic from around Keegan's neck. He was panicking, and it was obvious, but he was still being careful enough to get the bag off without further hurting Keegan.

Keegan gasped for air when the material had been moved from his head. He looked at Devin, trying to catch his breath.

So he had to still be here for a reason, right? He might as well make good of the time he had.

"D-Devin…" he panted, when he had enough air in his lungs. He hadn't heard any of the lecture Devin had just given him, and he didn't particularly care, either.

Devin sighed and looked at him. Keegan sat up slowly, with Devin's help.

"I'm…sorry. I won't…do it again…ever. I…think…I'm falling…in love with you," he managed to get out.

Devin went silent, a light blush covering his face and a hopeful look in his eyes.

Keegan hadn't known a person could produce that much hope.

He smiled, pulling Devin close to him before kissing the younger boy gently. A feeling of euphoria rushed through him when he felt Devin kissing back.

"I think I'm falling in love with you, too, Keegan," Devin whispered, looking up at him and smiling. His eyes shined in the light that was shining in from Keegan's window.

Keegan took Devin's hand and laced their fingers together. "I won't ever try to leave you again. I'm so sorry, Devin. I promise I won't."

Devin nodded, leaning against Keegan lightly.

"I think I love you, bee." Keegan said after a moment, then he kissed Devin's forehead.

Devin answered quietly, a feeling of contentedness in his heart, "I know I love you."

(A/N: Aw, I hope you guys liked the ending as much as I did. XD

Quick note: The original title for this story was going to be 'Keegan's 9 Biggest Failures (Devin's 10 Greatest Achievement)' but FP basically told me the name was too long.

Devin's tenth achievement was getting Keegan to kiss him.

Tell me what you thought, yeah?)