I scream, against this prison,
I tear at these walls,
I beat my fists, I've even crawled!
I used my last wish, I'm ready to fall.
But still, you keep me here…

High up, in space,
No way to ground me now…
Far away, not there,
Too far for eyes to see,
A lost soul, crying out,
My heart is lost for you, not found.
Can you see me now,
So high up in the clouds?
Nowhere near the gourd?
You put me here, without a care,
You put me in this prison cell,
No way out,
No place to go, no way out,

So I'll scream against this prison
I'll tear at these walls
I'll beat my fists, I'll even crawl
I've used my last wish, I'm now ready to fall
But still you keep me here…