Nervous, is this what I feel?
Happiness, is it even real?
Hope, can I ever love again?
Or is it just a never ending game,
A sad dream?
A reality that will never be real?

Nervous, is this who I am,
A wreck, a mess,
Not living in reality but only in a dream?
Do they see,
Does he know,
Can she tell,
Will they ever live in my world or will I always be alone?
Have you ever felt nothing,
So cold and alone,
Do you ever get lost,
Just so you can be found?
To know that they care,
And do not fear your emotionless face?

Nervous, this is how I feel,
All my cards on the table,
No trick up my sleeve,
No more to tell, no more to me.
This is what I am and as you can see,
Telling you this,
Is making me…