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I open my eyes and look around me. I see a grassy field, with little lilies growing on them and huge boulders of uneven rectangular shaped rocks forming a circle around several other rocks.

'This must be the Stonehenge' I thought.

I could feel the wind brushing up against my skin, and I could hear it waft around me. I looked in the center of the Stonehenge and saw two figures playing. One is a little girl, and maybe the other is a little boy. I am not sure since his whole face is blurred. Their mouths are moving, but I don't hear anything. I tried to move forward but I couldn't.

They look so happy, that boy and girl. They must be best friends. It is like nothing can separate them. In this silent and peaceful scene, I suddenly hear the sound of running footsteps and people shouting. An invasion. The little boy and the little girl saw what was happening and were terrified. When I looked back, I saw two men coming towards them.

One of them was wearing a maroon silk tunic with a square shaped gold crown on his head and was holding a sword and a shield. He must be a king to be wearing such rare and expensive clothing. The other man was wearing a flesh wrap-over coat decorated like chain mail with sleeves that narrowed at the wrists. He had a belt that was elaborate, wide, and fastened by a narrow strap, which was riveted to the broad belt and passed through a buckle, which was much narrower than the belt itself, leaving the end of the belt to hang down. He was also carrying a sword and shield which shows that he is a high-ranked soldier. They must be their fathers.

Why does this scene look so familiar?

"Claennis!" the king shouted my name. His voice sounds familiar… Is he my father?

"Claennis!" he shouted again. He is my father!

The little girl turned her head towards my father. That must mean that the little girl is me. Responding to something that I didn't hear, Little Claennis looked at the little boy who was telling her something. After listening to him, she started crying. Trying to comfort her, the boy gave her his necklace and placed it around her neck.

"Annie, d… cry…I … will….. you… all…." He said.

I didn't hear all the words, but I knew at once that the little boy cared so much about Little Claennis. Then the chaos that surrounded them grew more intense and their fathers carried them in separate paths. Looking back, I hear Little Claennis shout out,


I woke up with a start. I looked around and realized that I'm in my room. Remembering my dream from last night, I placed my head in my hands. I'm quite used to it already, because it was the same dream all over again. I've been having the same dream ever since I could remember. But this time, it was different. I heard more than I usually did. But it wasn't enough to know if it was real or not. Though I have the same necklace that the little boy gave me in my dream, my father told me that he was the one who gave it to me. This made me ask the same question I ask myself after I get those dreams.

Who is that boy?

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