The amplitude of this grief beats beyond the compass of your heart
and has resulted in an ironic shalom impasse, causing you for the
first time on this journey to be overwhelmed by inconsolable bedlam

And I've done my best to carve a chasm into your anguish
so that you'll feel my concern for your attitude which consists of a target
nailed on your forehead and screams for the explosion of finish to activate

But you refuse to understand that you're currently like a fish removed from water and
flapping uncontrollably but not yet gutted, and I could liberate you from the net,
thereby proving that love is not a luxury in this war but instead a necessity open for reach

Nevertheless, I know that your previous ephemeral hope has lingered in earth veins since the
beginning of time, therefore you hold the ability to transcend this dilemma and inevitably, only you can
seek to find stars in the bottomless well of your soul, but I stand for you like I always have.