Mordrath the Dragon's Bane

A Short Story

Mordrath the Dragon's Bane

The legacy of Mordrath the Dragon's Bane began in the land of Monakar in a small village called Coitan when Mordrath was but a boy of seventeen years. Mordrath lived in an orphanage because his parents were killed by the mighty dragon Mordraithus. Mordrath woke up and leaped out of bed and hit his head on someone else's bunk. "That hurt a lot, I must get my bearings from now on before I leap out of my bed hoping that my miserable excuse of a life at the orphanage was just a bad dream that I could escape from by waking up", muttered Mordrath to himself. Mordrath hoped that someday he would be able to escape life at the orphanage that he hated with a passion. Mordrath was tired of fighting the other orphans for the few scraps of food they were given. Mordrath knew that even a beggar received more food than he. On top of all his other problems Mordrath had no friends at the orphanage because he came from a richer family than the other orphans. As a result of having no friends Mordrath was always depressed.

Mordrath went outside to go to the outhouse, but he halted when a silhouette of a dragon blocked out the moonlight. The Earth shook violently as the Dragon roared louder then ten billion lions. Mordrath watched in horror as the whole village was set aflame by the dragon's breath. Screams of women and children echoed through the air. Men yelled as they took up arms against the mighty dragon Mordraithus. The mighty dragon Mordraithus roared at those men defiantly and set them aflame. Their struggle was in vain for it caused them extreme pain.

Mordrath could barely see through the smoke, let alone breath. Mordrath heard that demonic roar again. Mordrath thought that the roar was closer than before. Mordrath looked towards the sky and saw the dragon with its red spikes coming towards him. The dragon Mordraithus landed in front of Mordrath and the ground shook violently. Mordraithus looked directly at Mordrath with its molten gold eyes and began to speak in the ancient tongue of the dragons. For some reason Mordrath understood exactly what the dragon was saying. "Markassa craviska Madracas cranu mena draconas menicas", hissed the dragon. Mordrath knew that the dragon was saying "Boy my hatred and fiery rage is not directed at you but at those who have stolen my treasure". Mordrath had heard that voice before. Then he realized that voice belonged to the killer of his parents.

Mordrath ran away from the dragon as fast as he could. He ran for five hours though to him it felt like a million years. Mordrath ran through the hills tripping every ten minuets. Mordrath was so exhausted that when he reached a forest he fell to the ground and drifted into a deep sleep. Mordrath was so tired that he did not notice a space ship land near by.

When Mordrath finally awoke he was blinded by a bright light. After a while his eyes adjusted to the light. Mordrath realized that he was in a flying machine. Mordrath felt a hand on his shoulder so he slowly turned. He was dumbfounded by the beauty of the woman that his eyes beheld. He stared at the woman for a long time before he realized that she was not human because she had four arms and a tail. Mordrath asked her what kind of creature she was, and she told him that she was a woman of the planet Helios. When he discovered that her name was Sara, he asked her what she was doing on Earth.

Sara went on to explain that she was sent to Earth by the King of Helios to recruit men who could be trained as dragon slayers so that the dragons who were taking over the universe could be killed. After Mordrath had learned of her mission he told her that he wanted to become a dragon slayer. When Sara heard this she told Mordrath that he was too young to become a dragon slayer. Mordrath's eyes became like molten gold and he spoke in the tongue of the dragons. He said "Ishkar marshar drackar hisla cracsra Dracos", which meant "I will hunt down every last dragon even if I am not a dragon slayer". Sara trembled in fear because Mordrath sounded exactly like a dragon. When Mordrath realized that Sara could not speak dragon tongue he told her not to be afraid because he was born to slay dragons and that was why he could speak their language.

Sara took Mordrath to the planet Helios in her space ship. On the planet Helios, Mordrath was taught how to use plasma guns, laser spears, and other dragon slaying tools. Five years after Mordrath had completed his dragon slayer training he killed his first dragon. This signaled that he was ready to go out into the universe to slay dragons. The King of Helios renamed Mordrath as Mordrath the Dragon's Bane.

Mordrath returned to Earth looking for the Great dragon Mordraithus. Mordrath searched Earth for five years until he discovered the whereabouts of the lair of the dragon Mordraithus. The lair of the Mordraithus was on mount Dracos. Mordrath marched towards the lair of the dragon that killed his parents. When Mordrath had reached the lair he yelled, "Dracos un ramas Maras das sedsa drasa", which meant, "Dragon, slayer of my parents I demand that you come out to face my wrath". Mordraithus the dragon flew out of its lair and shot a jet of flame at Mordrath. Mordrath dodged the flame and threw a laser spear at the dragon. Mordraithus the dragon roared and raised his blood red wings to deflect the spear that would have killed him. Sparks flew as the laser spear bounced of the dragon's scaly wings. Those sparks landed in the near by foliage which immediately caught fire. The dragon Mordraithus rose into the air. His scales reflected the petrifying beauty of dancing flames that were doom to an ordinary man, but Mordrath was not an ordinary man for he had dragon's blood running through his veins.

Mordrath raised a plasma pistol ready to kill the dragon. Suddenly Mordrath became dazed as memories ran rampant throughout his mind. When Mordrath was still seven years old he was known as Lazoron. Lazoron's parents were the king and queen of the Land of Monakar. When Lazoron had impaled himself on a wooden sword, his parents took him to the mighty dragon Mordraithus because Mordraithus was the only living creature on the planet who could save his life. Mordraithus was reluctant to heal Lazoron because Lazoron's parents had killed his mate Sarakillarna, who was ironically from the planet Helios. Mordraithus healed Lazoron because the boy did not deserve to die for his parents evil deeds. Mordraithus made Lazoron drink his blood. Lazoron was Mordrath from that moment forward. Mordraithus was forced to kill the boy's parents who would have killed their own son for the dragon's blood within him.

When Mordrath had realized that the dragon he was trying to kill had saved him twice in one day of his childhood he threw down his weapons and dropped to his knees. Mordrath looked at the dragon and began to speak. "Mornipst Dracons Faither", said Mordrath, which meant "I Remember Dragon father". Mordrath realized after he spoke that Sara (who had become his wife on the planet Helios, and bore him twelve sons), was flying towards the dragon Mordraithus in a space ship. Mordrath yelled for her to stop, but it was too late for she had already shot the dragon Mordraithus with a plasma cannon. The dragon's spiny corpse landed on Mordrath impaling him with one of its many spikes. Both the Dragon Mordraithus and Mordrath died that day.

After the death of her husband Sara returned to the planet Helios where she told her twelve sons and the people of Helios about how Mordrath the Dragon's Bane killed the evil dragon Mordraithus. She neglected to tell them the parts of the story that proved that Mordraithus was not an evil dragon. To us Dragons the dragon Mordraithus was known as Mordraithus the just, and the Brave One.