if only

If only there was a way to tell you,

a way to tell you what I knew.

If only I had said that I love you,

love only you.

If only there were no chains to bind me,

chains of my own making.

Just as the raven cries "If only I had held her close,

so close to my heart. If only."

Far across the sea the raven sighs "If only she knew what I felt,

feelings that would have lasted a lifetime."

Now the years have come,

and the years they gone.

The mockingbird and the raven live their own lives,

lives that could have had a different outcome.

they live so close, yet so far,

but not far from where they first began.

they will never admit it,

not to nobody who asks.

But every night, they look up at the stars,

stars they once believed lucky.

They both sigh so soft,

sigh that echoes across the vast sky:

"If only I had said it,"

"If only I had said it."