Hi there! This is Arashi with a new story, Lover Giant. It does currently have its own manga (though it's incomplete) hosted on RMD. That's why I won't go much into detail for character appearances. I suck at those anyways. If interested, you can go read here: ratemydrawings .com/collection/Lover_Giant-5432

However, this is a rewrite of what I have already written, so some parts in the written version will be different than the manga that's posted up now. I hope to make this more of a "final" story version before I go and redraw everything. I do kind of use some Japanese terminology so I'll explain them down at the end. I hope you have fun reading, and it is much appreciated if you give out some suggestions or a review here or there. Thank you very much for clicking on Lover Giant!

"The Tomboy, the Prince and the Princess"

Once upon a time, there lived a tomboy girl named Kohaku. She lived very happily as a tomboy, and she hated it when her parents would try to change her into a "proper lady."

She had two best friends: The very popular Prince Kametarou*, and the sheltered girl she called Hime*.

Hime bore a dark secret and Kohaku knew of it. Kohaku also had a secret of her own. She had fallen in love with Prince Kametarou. She wanted to introduce her love interest to Hime, so she organized a meeting with both of them.

What a naive little Tomboy she was.

The Prince had fallen in love with Hime at first sight. Kohaku could tell instantly.

"No!" She cried desperately. "You cannot be in love with Hime!"

The Kametarou grew irritated instantly. "Why can't I? Give me a reason not to!" The Kametarou demanded angrily.

"Because I-"Kohaku halted in mid-sentence. She started over. "Because Hime...isn't who you think she is. She's not like other girls."

"Kohaku?" Hime timidly reached a worried hand towards Kohaku, but withdrew it as she saw Kohaku's face, full of anger and verging on tears.

"What do you mean?"

"You can't fall in love with Hime because...Hime is really...A BOY!" Kohaku yelled out at the top of her lungs, huffing after she was done.

"You shouldn't lie Kohaku. Didn't your parents ever teach you that lying is bad?" Kametarou scolded her. Tears stung at Kohaku's eyes, but she messily wiped them away.

"FINE! I hate you both! I hope you both die happily together, you HOMOS!" She screamed and ran off, leaving Hime and Kametarou alone.

"What's her problem?" Kametarou clicked his tongue.

"...It's true you know. I'm a boy. Want to see it?" Hime lifted his skirt up a bit.


That was the last she ever saw of the two in her childhood life. Soon after the fight, she moved away from town. It's been eight years. And now, she's finally coming back. But not as the old her...

"Excuse me miss, you've been sitting here for over twenty minutes already. Are you going to order anything?" A random waiter asked a girl facing out the window. Her hair was long, straight and jet black, and she had on a frilly pink spring dress. Her face was not visible.

She's been working on her image for the last eight years, never forgetting the humiliation and shame Hime caused her. Eight years...and IT has finally been completed!

"Ah, I'm sorry." The girl said in a voice that seemed to smile.

-Activating the BISHOUJO* LENS!-

She turned to face the waiter. Lacey flowers, bubbles and sparkles seemed to radiate from her. Her amber colored eyes glittered like diamonds and her slight smile beamed brightly at any male in a five meter radius, plucking at their heart strings. "The scenery of this town was just too beautiful and nostalgic; I couldn't help but get lost in it."

The waiter was stuck speechless. "Y-yes..." was all he could manage to say, blushing furiously.

The girl only seemed to beam brighter. "Well then, I'll get the strawberry parfait."

"What?" The waiter asked confusedly.

"Hm? I had thought you came over to get my order?" The girl smiled teasingly.

"O-oh yes! One s-strawberry parfait, coming up." The waiter stumbled and left. A crash could be heard from the kitchen, and the waiter's voice apologizing frantically. The girl giggled and returned to staring out the window.

Fu fu fu. Did you see that, Hime? My bishoujo lens has become a powerful weapon. I'll crush you. First, I'll steal this town from you...Then...THE WORLD! "MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!"

"Mommy, that person is weird. Did she eat something funny?" A passing by mother and son commented at the girl who was laughing manically and speaking to herself.

"Don't look honey." She shielded his eyes as they left the restaurant.



Kametarou = Turtle Boy

Hime = Princess

Bishoujo = pretty girl

Wash your neck and wait for me = Japanese term. It's related to beheading in old days. The person saying it takes on the role of the "executioner". Kohaku's literally saying for Hime to wait for her because she will definitely get her revenge on him.