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"Squirrel, Squirrel"

"I'm pleased to meet you all. My name is Sato Kohaku. I just moved here from the city, and I like how refreshing it feels out here in the country. If possible, I'd like to make friends with everyone. Please treat me well." The radiant girl bowed to a polite angle, and flashed them an angelic smile once she straightened herself. She knew that with just that, almost all of the boys in class were already wrapped around her pinky, now she just needed to seize the rest.

"Well then, Kohaku-chan, will you please go sit in the back row? You should see three empty seats in a row, please take any one you'd like." The teacher gestured to the three desks. Indeed, they were in a row. Kohaku thought as to how she could more efficiently conquer the students of those empty desks if they existed, and decided swiftly.

"May I have the middle seat then?" She pretended to ask innocently. She was surprised when the other students began to gasp and murmur. Kohaku turned to the teacher. "Is something wrong?" She asked, this time it really was innocently.

"Nope, nothing wrong at all. Please go take your seat, Sato." The teacher instructed her as shook his head. He began marking up the seating chart with a pencil.

A female student abruptly stood up. "Sensei! What do you think you're doing? You can't... You can't just separate Prince and Knight! It doesn't make any sense! It's just... It's just wrong!"

"Prince" and "Knight"? This piqued her curiosity. This piqued it very much. Were these, perhaps, the famed in shoujo manga and anime, the two most popular boys in school?!

Kohaku shook her head, denying the silly thought as it flitted her way. This wasn't some sort of shoujo manga, this was real life. As if manga-like occurrences like that existed. She laughed it away quietly in her head, and figured they were some sort of manzai* combo. What kind of ridiculous people gave themselves embarrassing names like "Prince" and "Knight" nowadays anyways?

"It's their fault for coming in late every day. Maybe if they learn how to be punctual, I'll give them another chance. Now sit down, Fujioka." The teacher gave Kohaku's shoulder a little nudge and urged her kindly. "Go on and take your seat."

"Yes, Sensei." Kohaku didn't like that he was using her as punishment for that manzai couple, but if it worked out in her favor, then all the better for her. She began to initiate Plan B to get everyone to like her. Well, at least the boys.

"But Sensei!" The girl named Fujioka insisted.

"Fujioka, sit down." The teacher's firm command sliced through the girl with authority as its edge, and she quietly resigned herself to her seat. "Go on."

As Kohaku took her first step, her foot caught on the floor and she tumbled down onto the wooden floor, face first. She yelped for dramatic effect. "O-ow..."

"A-are you ok Sato-san?" A boy in the front row got up to help her, and immediately turned away flushing with embarrassment. "S-S-Sato-s-san, y-your s-skirt-"

"M-my skirt?" Kohaku got into a crawling position and looked behind where her blue and white striped panties were now awing the class' population with their glory. "Kya!" She shrieked and quickly flipped it down. She stole a quick glance towards the class: she was the center of attention. In her stone black, prune of a heart she smiled as the word "victory" tickled her lips, threatening to burst through. Did you see that Hime? Slowly, one by one your servants and fans are converging their gazes on me, and leaving you alone. How does it feel?

"S-Sato-san, are you ok?!" The same boy made another outburst.

She grinned childishly, with a hint of shyness. "S-sorry. I've always been told I've been clumsy, eheheheh..."

"N-no, there's blood-"

Kohaku looked down at her forearm. A long line of blood was beginning to form and spill over onto the floor. She realized it was probably from the pencils she kept in her skirt pocket. She had been meaning to get a pencil case, but was too caught up in the affair with Hime that she had forgotten, and now it was costing her. The pain began to throb as soon as she noticed it, and cursed. She decided to try to use it to her benefit. "T-this is nothing, I'm used to it already, see?" She hid her cringe and pretended to be fine as she waved her arm in the air.

"No, not your arm!" This boy was still going on?! What now? "Your nose! There's a lot!"

"Huh? My nose?" She gingerly felt the area above her upper lip, and felt mortified as she pulled her hand away. "T-t-this is n-nothing, a-ahaha h-ha haaaa..."

The teacher was massaging the temples of his forehead with one hand as he groaned. He finally spoke out. "Who's duty is it today?"

A timid hand rose near the front door of the class. It was a small girl with short, milk chestnut colored hair that came down in almost curls. She was like a small animal. Kohaku instantly felt a fire burn in her eyes. A new challenger had appeared, and so suddenly! She was sure to be popular with the boys. No matter how much Kohaku loved cute, furry, soft lovable small animals, no way was she letting her get in the way of Hime and her competition. She sent her a death glare, and the girl jolted upright, hiding behind her notebook.

"Koizumi? Hurry up and take Sato to the infirmary." The teacher waved a hand at them as if he were shooing them away, still massaging his temples in small and firm circular movements.

"Y-yes, Sensei!" Koizumi quickly stood up and rushed over, her foot catching on a desk leg, almost sending her toppling over like Kohaku did.

She stole my clumsy act! Kohaku thought vehemently. Her glare intensified and the girl trembled more.

"Oi, oi, don't you get hurt too Koizumi! Just go, quickly. Take as long as you need." He dismissed them again.

"Y-yes Sensei!" Her voice slightly cracked as she replied. Kohaku narrowed her eyes at the new rival, her "I'd die before I lose" attitude meter rising. Even she couldn't resist screaming how cute she thought this girl was in the chamber of her mind. Not that she'd ever admit it. Koizumi rushed towards her and gingerly took Kohaku's hand. "A-are you ok Sato-san? Can you walk?"

Kohaku faked her distress. "Y-yes, I think I ca-" She cut the power to her knees and they buckled underneath her, her arms catching herself on the desk in front of her before she fell. At that instant she regretted it, the powerful shock sending uncomfortable vibrations to the cut in her arm.

"S-S-S-S-Sato-san!" The small animal's large, round honey colored eyes began glistening with liquid, increasing the shine in her worried eyes. Kohaku decided to retreat just this once and let the girl take her to the infirmary without any more trouble, although note, just this once.

Koizumi quietly looped her arm around Kohaku's body and she leaned into the small girl a bit, her small frame being overtaken by at least one and a half heads. She cursed the gods for giving this girl a small, slim and petite body she probably didn't even have to work for, and Kohaku turning out to be nearly the same height as boys, standing at 167 centimeters* tall.

Kohaku sighed heavily in defeat. "Well that went swell."

"W-what did you say?" The girl fidgeted nervously.

"Nothing, nothing."

Halfway to the infirmary Kohaku gently pushed the girl away. "I can walk now, thank you for supporting me... I'm sorry, what was your name again?"

"N-no, it was nothing!" The small girl feverishly shook her head. "My name is Koizumi R-R-Risu..."

"R-Risu?" Even her name was cute, curses! "Risu, like those little guys who scurry through the trees and eat acorns and stuff?"

"Y-yes." She looked down awkwardly as she fidgeted with the doorknob to the infirmary. "B-but I don't like my name m-much." She trailed off.

"Why? I think it's cute. It fits you."

She turned to Kohaku. "E-eh? W-why? My name... Isn't cu-cute at all..."

Kohaku began getting irritated again. She had such a cute name and wasn't even grateful for it. If she hated it so much then she should hand it over. "It's cute. And I love squirrels. If I could change my name then I'd probably have your name in the list of possibilities. A-ahh-"

Her nose began to bleed again. "L-look what you've done, it's bleeding again!" Risu peeped her head in the door and called out in a loud voice (which wasn't really that loud) for the nurse. After a moment of silence she opened the door wide and invited Kohaku in. "The nurse doesn't seem to be inside. I-I might not be much help but I'll try. Can you sit on the chair over there?"

Kohaku grunted in agreement and headed over, tilting her head up as Risu rushed over to the cabinets and pulled out some bandages, tissues, cotton balls, a basin and other things. Kohaku watched from the corner of her eyes as Risu washed her arms with soap and water, filled the basin with warm water that she could see slight steam smoldering from it and bring it over. She swiftly walked over and put the things she collected on a nearby stand. "Should we take care of your nose first?"

"Yes please." Kohaku replied in a nasally voice. The blood she had swallowed was now irritating her throat.

"Ok then, can you move your hand, Sato-san?"

Kohaku complied. Risu smiled. "That's a good girl." She dipped a pristine towel in the basin of water and began to gently wipe away the dried and crusted blood on Kohaku's face. She dipped it in the water again, the once clear water now clouding with red, and wrung it out, dabbing it back on her face. She repeated this until all the blood was gone, the water now murky. She put down the towel and ripped off a piece of toilet paper, rolling it up and stuffing it in Kohaku's nose. When she was done, she went back to the sink to change the water. Pulling out a new pristine towel after she sat down, she began working on Kohaku's arm. Kohaku cringed a bit. "Does it hurt?" Risu asked worriedly.

"N-not that much." Kohaku finally got the courage to look down when Risu finally finished. The gash wasn't as bad as she initially thought, now that it was clean. Risu began dabbing some ointment onto the raw skin, careful as she went. "You're... Different."

"E-excuse me?!" Risu jumped, her fingers dabbing a bit too hard making Kohaku hiss in pain. "I-I-I'm sorry!"

"I-it's ok, I'm fine." Kohaku tried laughing off her pain.

"I-I'm really sorry." Risu apologized with a downcasted look. This girl probably didn't even know what she was doing, did she? Kohaku began to feel sorry for anyone the girl might date in the future. Being as irresistably cute as she was, they'd probably scare her away if they got too aggressive. This girl was probably going to be pure torture for her partner. But no, this girl would never surpass Hime's level. Hime was the boss of bosses, the undefeated demon king. And only she, Kohaku Sato, would be the one to slay him. She wouldn't allow anyone else to beat him. He was her rival, and anyone else in her way, she would crush. She decided to give this girl some slack though. She was still a fierce rival, but she would be a good comrade to have as well. Seemingly easy to manipulate. And it was always better to look at a pair of pretty girls rather than just one.

"So, you want to become a doctor in the future, Risu-chan?" Kohaku smiled.

Risu blushed and smiled softly. "Y-yes. I always wanted to work at the school's infirmary and take care of students."

Kohaku hummed. "That's an honorable dream, Risu-chan."

"I-I-Is it?" Risu stuttered. She had begun wrapping the arm in bandages, and Kohaku could feel them get tighter as she probed her more for answers that made her happy or embarrassed. Maybe she should just stop asking her questions... "What about S-Sato-san? What's your dream?"

"There's someone I've sworn to beat. And I won't die before doing so." Kohaku replied very seriously.

"H-heeee? Is t-that so?" Risu quietly snipped off the end of the bandage. Kohaku hoped she hadn't weirded Risu out or anything. "I-it's done now, Sato-san-"

"Kohaku. It's Kohaku."

Risu lifted her face and stared Kohaku in the eyes, hopeful. "I-I-is it ok? To call you that?"

Kohaku nodded. "I've been calling you Risu-chan without asking after all."



Risu's face looked as if fireworks had just gone off in the sky, and Kohaku found it amusing. "T-th-thank you!"

Kohaku was puzzled. "For what?"

"F-for say-saying my name was c-c-cute." Risu blushed.

Kohaku could not help but feel the infectiousness of her embarrassment and began blushing as well. "I-it was nothing. Thank you for treating my wounds, Risu-chan."

"I-it was nothing!" She chirped, and began gazing at Kohaku with sparkling eyes. After a long, awkward moment of silence (at least for Kohaku) passed, the bell began to ring, signaling the end of homeroom, and that they should get their butts back to the classroom.

"Oh, that's right, we have gym class today for first period." Risu turned toward Kohaku. "Did you bring your gym clothes? F-from your previous school?"

Kohaku shook her head. She hadn't expected to participate in class that much today, since she was a new student. She didn't feel up to exercise either. She didn't want to ruin the image she had so long worked for, and was now creating on a blank slate. Well, it wasn't like someone would suddenly throw an extra gym outfit in her face or anything-

"I-I have a spare you can borrow!" Risu clasped onto Kohaku's uninjured hand, and began dragging her away. "Let's go to the locker room!"

Oh great. Maybe befriending her might not have been such a good idea?


Manzai - Manzai (漫才?) is a traditional style of stand-up comedy in Japanese culture, which usually involves two performers (manzaishi) —a straight man (tsukkomi) and a funny man (boke)—tradingjokes at great speed. Most of the jokes revolve around mutual misunderstandings, double-talk,puns and other verbal gags. (taken from Wikipedia)

167 centimeters - Japanese people use different units to measure many things, such as centimeters instead of inches and whatnot. In inches and feet, Kohaku is around 5'6"