AN: Hello, everybody. This story is based off of Disney's The Lion King, but it's filled with magical creatures and a magical kingdom.

Centuries ago, when Thaddeus Ashburn was king, the vampires went on a killing spree, murdering half the kingdom. Being a warlock, he banished the vampires and sealed this banishment with a magical gate. This gate prevents them from getting into the kingdom and harming anyone in the process. The curse of King Thaddeus states that you can only let a vampire into the kingdom, if someone from the royal family invites them in or uplifts the curse himself or herself. This kind of magic is extremely life threatening and may kill anyone who isn't a powerful witch or warlock.

Since this is going to be a SOMEWHAT AU version of TLK, using human characters of course, I will stick to the basic storyline, but the 'Simba' of my story may become a little more snarky and amoral after everything he's gone through.


Fair is foul and foul is fair. Everyone must live with what they develop into… Everyone must recognize the changes that are spewing out of each individual. Not every person benefits from it, unless the alteration is superior. Though, the key to transform is to let go of the fear, and understand that life, itself, opens and closes doors each day. Existence can either be accepted or altered, if it is not accepted then it must be changed, if it cannot be changed… then it must be accepted.


(October 31, 1699)

Charlotte Ashburn, the king's wife, paced the castle floor with worry. Her pale blonde hair tightly knotted in the back, her light green dress trailing along the floor, swaying with every swift movement. Behind every tick of the old grandfather clock, King Thaddeus became more and more restless, shifting in his seat every which way.

"I know they told me to stay put." He began to speak, causing her light blue eyes to shift over to her husband; scanning his face, as if hoping that by a glance that she could reason with him. "But I cannot stay here while men from my side go out to battle the immortal. I am the king. I shall not be stuck in my own fortress!"

"You are here with reason." Charlotte's velvety voice soothed him for a matter of minutes, but nothing of her gestures reminded the king of comfort. "You are the king, Thaddeus. You cannot go out there while this idiocy is going on. Your men are protecting you... protecting us." Charlotte's eyes cascaded towards the marble staircase; they both know exactly what she meant by 'us'': Their son Garrett.

The boy was only eight years old and didn't understand how the world works yet. The royal court poke fun at the Prince saying that there isn't much happening in the young boy's mind and that he is, indeed, slower than usual. The royal family grew infuriated when they heard such tales, but as of right now, they had larger tribulations. "Those vampires… I knew that something terrible would happen with them around. I knew they couldn't possibly control their thirst for so long! It's in their nature to be demons on earth!"

Everything about a vampire is sinister and very much not welcomed in the Kingdom of Ashburn. The way they have to pierce their teeth into a humans flesh and drain them dry just so they can survive is repulsive and barbaric. However, they made a promise that they would consume off of animal blood, and in return, the king promised to keep them in the kingdom, as long as they kept their word.

"Oh surly all vampires aren't that bad." A male stepped out from the shadows with dark auburn hair, electric blue eyes, and a crooked, sinister, smile that wouldn't fade from anyone's memory. The male's skin was as colorless as snow, his pure white teeth bared with a dark crimson dripping from the fangs and onto his chin.

The male's eyes widened, stunned for a moment; having to find his voice once more. "William?" The king choked, his dark hues fixated upon him. " You're a vampire?"

"Clearly." he grinned, taking a few steps into the light, his striking eyes fixated on the frightened queen, humming a familiar tune in which their mother used to sing to them before going to bed, or in times of trouble and worry.

"P-Please." Charlotte stumbled over her words and shook her head, the female's feet began to move backwards; her perfect hair had strands falling from the sides. "I have a child to take care of. He needs a mother! You couldn't do that to your own nephew could you?"

"Oh… Charlotte, Charlotte, Charlotte…" William smirked as he continued to walk over to her slowly, appearing menacing. "Why do you think that I'm going to kill you, hmm?" His voice sounded sweet, but the King and Queen both knew better, "You are being quite judgmental."

"You never liked me." she bravely replied and Thaddeus took a cautious step forward to protect his wife, but William's head snapped towards his older brother, which caused the king to freeze.

"Don't move, brother." he demanded in a bone chilling tone, and a hint of sarcasm. "You wouldn't want me to rip your beloveds head off now would you?"

"Please…" Thaddeus began, holding his hands in front of him, letting him know that peace is welcomed here. "What do you want?"

The foul grin only grew and he leaned on a piece of furniture that stood around his height. "What I want… you won't give to me." he paused and tilted his head playfully, "That I'm sure of."

He wants Charlotte? Thaddeus thought, and his dark eyes glanced over to his wife, observing how frightened she looked, giving her a sympathetic look, the king turned back to his brother, watching as the vampire walked towards her with such desire in his eyes. "You want my wife?" the king exasperatedly asked and the vampire stood still, a small smile tugging at his lips as he turned to face him.

"Well... yes." William's voice was filled with lighthearted tones, "But not in the way you are thinking." A gentle laugh surpassed his reddened lips and be started towards the King, "I believe you are in charge of something I want." Thaddeus' breath came short and his eyes widened with fury, but his younger brother continued to give off a wicked smirk. "Something I crave-"

"You can't have my kingdom!" the king angrily interrupted, letting him know that William being king was not an option. He even gained enough bravery to take a step forward, but the vampire took matters into his own hands and stepped forward as well, leaving Thaddeus to return to his original place, cowering away, trapped in fear.

"I can't?" William dryly asked, "I believe your life is in my hands, your majesty."

"Brother, why would you do this?" Thaddeus hadn't observed such vile acts of his brother before, he never even expected his little brother to be a murderer, but that he was and there was no changing it. "I cannot allow you to become king! You're a monster!"

"There isn't any choice, Thaddeus." The vampire rolled his eyes, growing bored with his constant arguing. "Its either I forcefully take it from you, or you hand it over adequately. Do we understand each other?"

"I can't just hand my kingdom off to a murderous raging lunatic! You'd destroy everything-"

"Or enhance it." the vampire grinned, rushing towards Thaddeus and grabbing hold of his throat, "Immortality will be mine. I don't need children to carry on a royal bloodline. I'll just always be here, enslaving all your little witches and warlocks." the king struggled against his brother's impossibly strong grip, "And I'll start with your bloody wife and kid, how does that one sound?"

From behind, Charlotte, still frozen in her spot, looked over to a glass vase with beautiful roses in it, freshly picked from the garden. As the vampire continued threatening his older brother, the Queen moved without hesitation and swiftly walked over to the table. Her petite hands grasped the antique vase and as the vampire held her husband higher into the air, she whipped it at his head, hoping that the impact would shatter the vase and knock him out.

William froze for a moment and threw Thaddeus to the side roughly. Turning around he walked towards her at a normal pace, keeping a crooked smile on his repulsive lips, "You really are as dumb as you look." The vampire's blue eyes were gazed at the Queen's blonde hair, and within seconds, his fangs protruded as he held her tightly in his grasp. No matter how much she attempted to move, it was impossible. The vampire's fangs extended from his gums, grazing his teeth over her skin in a taunting manner. With ease, his impossibly sharp teeth tore into her flesh, the wine-like blood running smoothly down his throat. His tongue ran along her skin, making sure the sweet, warm liquid didn't trickle.

NO!" The king's voice blared, cracking as the sadness washed over his every fiber as he watched his other half being ripped from under him. William roughly dropped her dying body to the ground, brushing blood away from his mouth. "HOW COULD YOU?"

"How could I?" he asked with a growl, walking towards the dark haired warlock, "Oh, don't tell me you didn't see this coming, brother. I didn't expect you do be so dimwitted as well."

Thaddeus' dark eyes fixated on his dying love, observing that her breath went into short gasps, her once beautiful eyes becoming more and more lifeless and dark with every short breath that was taken. Charlotte's vision blurred and the queen began seeing spots, but all she could imagine is her son growing up in this world filled with demons, and she wouldn't be there to protect him or even watch him grow. A single tear dripped from her light blue eyes and slid down her cheek just as her body grew still and eyes remained unblinking.

"YOU HAD NO REASON TO KILL HER!" Thaddeus cried, rushing to his wife and kneeling beside her. William kept his cool, although his older brother went into hysteria, "YOU WILL NOT BECOME KING, I WON'T HAVE IT."

"Who's going to stop me?" the vampire paused, menacingly tilting his head and staring down at him. "You? Quite frankly… you have no way out and I'm much, much stronger. Choose wisely. The kingdom…" he held up a pale hand, "Or your life." Slowly, Thaddeus stood, glaring at his brother and William glanced at the old grandfather clock and smiling another crooked grin, "Tick tock."

The king found himself under great stress, but being a great warlock, he found another way out, which hopefully didn't involve death for anybody. Sticking out his olive tone hand out, the king kept his focus and beliefs strong. Abruptly, the vampire tensed, as if frozen and put into a trance – his eyes remained wide and unblinking as Thaddeus slowly walked to him.

"I place my life to the fates, as I seal a curse upon the gates. Time may seem endless to the immortal, only allow darkness as a portal. And wood shall kill you and you will never wake. The sun will burn you, like fire at the stake. You only exist, you do not live, forever an enemy and never a friend." A gust of wind exploded through the open window and William looked down at his quickly fading body, and angrily back into his brother's dark hues. A growl of fury escaped his lips and he tried swiping at the king's body, but failed each time as he passed through it like a ghost.

"THADDEUS." he angrily bellowed, but soon the gust of wind stopped blowing and William Ashburn was no longer there. Even the terrified screams of the kingdom turned to victory, as every single vampire evaporated from it.

Giving off a victorious smile, the king stumbled forward, clutching onto the couch. Such magic can harm a warlock if they weren't strong enough, and gaining strength meant you needed to be alive for several years, or practicing magic day and night. Only the lucky ones are able to create spells and live to see another day. He coughed and began spitting up blood, his own vision blurred and his head felt as if it were being weighed down.

Finding some strength, Thaddeus sluggishly walked to the writing room, grabbing a piece of paper and a feather with ink. Quickly, he began to write the curse down, and sealed it with a kiss so it stayed true forever.

"Father?" Prince Garrett stood at the door with his dark eyes wide. He ran to his father's side immediately as the king fell to the floor. A nudge of pain swam throughout Thaddeus' body, but the man shut his eyes, trying to ignore the pain. "What's wrong?" he asked with worry stitched in his face, but the boy's dark eyes moved to the king's hand and he tilted his head to the side. "What is that?" Slowly, Thaddeus eyes opened and he handed the paper to his son, closing his hands to make a fist. The paper made a crumpling sound and Garrett's eyes widened even more.

"The only one to uplift the curse must be an Ashburn… The only one to invite a vampire into this kingdom is an Ashburn. Y-You're uncle cannot come back unless invited, even though he's apart of this family, he's still a vicious creature and the gates under-" a jolt of pain ripped through his body and the dying king winced and wheezed, "u-understand that." His son looked into his hand and examined the words, "This is your kingdom now, my son… hide that, make sure no one can find it."

"I will father…" Garrett frowned and soon, the king's body shut down, breathing his last dying breath. The light haired prince stood to his full height, examining the words over and over again until he had them memorized. I must hide this… he thought and looked around the room he had been in. Surly the note couldn't have been out in the open, it would have to be hidden somewhere safe, where no one can find it.

Quickly, the boy flew up the stairs; the spell still clutched in hand, and rushed into the attic, pulling out an antique wooden box that his grandmother had given his mother. She never used it, but it seemed like it was the perfect place to hide something so small. Gently, the prince, and now - the new king- placed the note into the box, inserting it in a drawer and shoving it closed.

Unable to leave the drawer out in the open, he decided to find an enchantment to seal it shut, so that nobody down the line was able to open it. Vampires, even to the young boy, were cruel and sinister and no one should be allowed to invite them in. His father didn't want anyone to find it either, but being a warlock, you have to write a curse or spell down that you created, because no one can make up another just like it, and it will stay true forever when sealed with a kiss – but if this spell fell into the wrong hands, they can counteract it.

Finding the old spell book up on the top shelf, he swept a pale hand over it, removing any dust. This should do the trick, he thought, and the young king flipped through the pages, reading a sealing spell, at first in his head, then he stuck his hand out, repeating the words with much more meaning. The wind blew slightly and thoughts of his dead parents came into view. A tear rolled from his eye and down his cheek, dripping onto the dusty dresser with a slight splash.

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