Hello! I was lying in bed half asleep and had a sudden spark of inspiration :)

It's currently 3:04 AM but you can't control inspiration haha! So I grabbed my handy little notebook and pen under my mattress and began writing this short... poem. And then I realized that I left my laptop on at the corner of my bed so here I am!

Microsoft Word currently isn't working, which is why I haven't updated anything in a while because most are in my notebook. But a little poem isn't too hard to type up.

I'm sorry, I'm actually really tired right now, I tend to ramble on about stuff that you probably don't care about when I am. Almost like a happy drunk.

Sorry again, anyways... if my ramblings haven't scared you away yet, please read, enjoy, and review!

More than Words?

I like it when you say "I love you."
I like the after-effect of those words.
The bright crimson of your cheeks,
Almost like paprika sprinkled on rice.
Actions speak louder than words?
Maybe, but right now, I don't care for actions.
I want those words to echo in my ears.
I want you to say it again and again,
But you shrink that the very suggestion.

I like your embarrassed face, reactions.
I like how the words comes out as a mumble.
The look on your face when I ask for a repeat.
The face you make knowing I understood,
Yet eyes widen in panic, doubting intuition.
I really want hear you to announce it,
I really want you to tell it to me louder.
I want you to erase all of my doubts,
Please do it with the words "I love you."


I probably should have waited until morning to type. I backspaced more than necessary, especially when the words are already written and the changes being quite minor. Sorry again, I'll shut up about other stuff now.

Anyways, it's a kinda mushy idea but I like it ^^

Please review! I'm gonna go and pass out :D Currently 3:20 AM. Publish and sleep? I think so.