The static from that radio. It dug into my brain with each wave of white noise. Patsy Cline's voice sang a melody inside the machine. I gritted my teeth with each lyric, and my fingers tapped over the keyboard without enough pressure to type words.

I couldn't focus. I'd been here in my room appreciating the silence when the loud music shattered the calmness. Worst of all, I was so close to breaking my writers block. I had been so close to creating a plot for a story worth writing out. A story of my mind, not a fanfic. It'd been a while since I'd written anything. Writers Block had been plagueing my mind since school ended.

Grandfather! Could you please turn down the radio? I'm trying to focus! Yes, I realize that its Patsy Cl- What? No, thank you; I would not like to hear 'How much is that doggy in the window'! I'm trying to write a story, and It's kinda hard when that radio is so loud. Yeah, just for a few minutes, that's all I'm asking. Thanks!

Ah. There we are. Silence. Sweet, relaxation. I closed my eyes and felt the small blocks of hard plastic at my fingertips. I clawed at every corner of my mind, searching for that retreated plot. Surely I could remembe-

Granddad! Please! I really need to focus here.I'm begging you, just tu-. I see very well that it's been a few minutes! I didn't mean that literally, though! Can't your music wait an hour? You'll have August to June of that song! I have a few weeks! All I'm asking for is some peace and qui-.

Fine. Never mind. I'll just go watch tv.

Grumbling, I closed the blank word document. Maybe I'd break writers block later.

Yeah, this actually all came together in my mind just now. I actually was trying to scramble for a plot, and my grandfather found his radio and began playing it. Dunno if it was actually Patsy Cline though. The diologue bits never happened though. =A= I just sat here in annoyance til I vented out a monologue.