Never Grow Up

Disclaimer: Although the song "Never Grow Up" doesn't appear in the story, it was written by Taylor Swift. I don't own anything.

Author's Note: This was originally a Harry Potter Fanfiction. It was published on on May 13, 2011. I decided that it could be used as an original work since there is no reference to Harry Potter.

Genre: Family, Hurt/Comfort, and Angst

Date Finished: May 13, 2011

Rating: G

To our beautiful children:

Since you are reading this, we probably are no longer in your lives. Don't worry about us, we are in a better place. Don't grieve for us forever, you need to move on with your lives.

We wish we were still here with you, but life doesn't work that way. We long to be with our angels and long for the days when you were so innocent.

We wish that you could have stayed little. We wish that you never had to face the harsh world. Living in the world is cruel. Living without of us, is probably even crueller.

However, life doesn't work that way.

You say that you longed for the day when you could be free and do as you pleased. Now, we are hearing that you wish you'd never grown up. Now you wish that you could still be little.

Leaving isn't good-bye. Leaving is a new start, a new beginning. Leaving is also a second chance. No matter what you see it as, it is still hard to do. There's really no other way to put it, but growing up sucks.

Try to hold on to those memories of your childhood. Remember what your room looked like. Remember all of those favourite and horrible things. Remember that first heartbreak and crush. Remember all your greats and worst. Remember the good times and the bad ones as well. Hold the one you love, don't push them away.

When your little, you have no regrets. It is when no one can hurt you and the world is funny. Parents wish you would never grow up, just stay that little.

During the teens, you are embarrassed to be seen with your parents. You didn't realize that it would be our arms you ran into when you were burned.

However, when we dropped you off at your new home, we could tell that you wished you'd never grown up. It was scary and cold. There was no one to hold you, everyone wanted to hurt you.

None of this was easy on us. Let's face it, as you did this stuff we were getting older. Every time you aged, we aged. We hurt when you hurt, cried when you cried, and screamed for joy when you did.

You've made mistakes, but nobody is perfect. Let's forget about them and just try to live for the good times.

Don't worry about us, we are in a better place. Don't grieve for us forever, you need to move on with your lives. Don't let your own children grow up too fast and enjoy the time you have with them.


Mum and Dad