Words of regrets stained
all over the white, clean canvas.
Brushes madly painted, abused the
color white. It just closed one eye
to everything that happened.
I smiled a half-lit smile,
not wondering why people never ask
if I'm okay after everything.
I can say that people don't understand,
or they don't even want to.
When you knew that I loved you,
you didn't say anything.
Everything was as normal,
nothing was out of place except
for my own feelings.
I can stare at the vast,
endless sky painted with dots of white
with a mixture of azure blue-
just the beautiful, beautiful sky I love.
Always to me, everything I do for you
will never be wasted.

All the time I look at,
you'll always be smiling, frowning
or just simple human emotions.
Sometimes, it's a mask
that I've not really known.
You might hide your emotions under it,
but behind these cold words,
I know there's still the warmth.
I hate to doubt you,
and trusting you's the only thing I know.
Because you taught me how to cry,
and most importantly: to smile only
when I want to.
It's best to be authentic, you once smiled.
You said to not change my personality,
and just be myself.
That I should say things I mean and not
mix lies with reality because
in the end, the product won't be well-liked.
Every time I have to lie or give up,
I think of you and all worries go away.
I became honest because of you.

If you want to walk away right now,
then I'd be left with nothing to think of.
No one to teach me how to smile,
but everything can make me cry.
So please remain here in my life, even though-
leaving's something inevitable,
you might not be the one to leave.

Before one of us leaves,
I know nothing has started between us both.
But please remember, for all of these eight months,
you were the motivation and memories to kiss every night.