Lady Death Series

Story 1

Her scream filled the room showing the terrifying truth of what had just happened. The man across from her who had claimed to be her lover had slain her on the spot. The woman would not still her scream. She did not take a breath, just stared at the man.

"How could you?" Spittle of blood ran down her mouth staining the wooden floors she had put in for the wedding. Her voice was not weak with death; instead it was wracked with a sorrow that could make a newly wed man weep in heartache.

The man stared at the weapon in his hand in wonder; as if he couldn't believe he had actually stabbed the woman. "Because, my love, I cannot live with the hate you have in your heart. I cannot replace your former love. I reject being a shadow to a dead man. One who cannot love anew is dead to the world. I have just accomplished what your heart has been feeling towards me for years. I killed you before you killed me on our wedding night."

The woman's eyes widened as she processed this new information the young man was giving her. Her voice went low, lower than when a man sings base; her voice echoing off around the walls around her, echoing hatred and disbelief. "You think I hated you? Me? A woman who won't even leave her house would step out of her way to hate an insolent boy like you? Well you are sorely mistaken. I can promise you the least I could think of you would be hatred. I loved you more than my former love, which left me on my wedding night." Blood flowed from the wound spoiling the clean white dress prepared by every lady serving in the house. Idle thoughts distracted the young woman such as the horror the young maids would face at seeing the mistress slain on her wedding night. The sorrow they might feel for how she will never be married. Her sorrow quickly turned to the anger she felt towards the young man before her. How dare he steal her youth! How dare he steal her life! How dare he doubt her feelings! "Boy I curse you on this night with all my sorrow and anger." She collapsed to the floor, but her deep voice just kept going, echoing through the room growing louder and louder. "If you think you may walk away from this night without repent you are sorely wrong. Your life will end in horror and be haunted by my very soul. And when you meet me at Lady Deaths door I can promise you a worse fate in death than you had in life. Lady Death will greet me and my sorrow and aid me in my revenge." Her voice got louder following the fleeing man. He was too frightened to stay and hope to get money. "If you think you have ridden yourself of my hatred boy you are sorely mistaken. I will follow you till death makes you see what you have wreaked upon my soul. Run boy, run!" Her witch's cackle echoed through the room following the fleeing man for all eternity; giving him no peace.

Okay so this is my first story thingy! People have told me that their good, but they are my friends so I don't believe them hahaha! Tell me what you think please! These are random Lady Death stories I've come up with! I already have a few planned so I should update soon! I know it's short but these are just random ideas that come to me.