Lady Death Series

Story 7

The full moon gazed upon me, watching me change. The pain attacked me, like a thousand needles stabbing into me at the same time, changing me. Fireflies floated around me surrounding my transformation with an eerie green glow. My nails stretched and sharpened into steel razors. My ears stretched to a point. My clothes tore, the only part surviving was the loose white shirt. Bandages covered my left eye and wrapped around the palms of my hands. My vision blurred then sharpened beyond normal. I could see every piece of sparkling dust. I hunched over as the last of my transformation revealed itself. Glorious black wings of a fallen angel grew from my back. I lifted myself off the ground for a moment enjoying the wings before they came to give chase. I flew down the hill following the path made by the moon. The wind blew harder than expected whipping my hair against my face, but I didn't care, for tonight I was free. The night air assaulted me with long forgotten smells; even the smell of predators. They were coming in from everywhere around me; everywhere, but up. I shot up in the sky letting my wings take me as far as they could. I felt needles shoot past me and poison darts narrowly miss me but all it did was make me grin. No poison could kill me, but inside I was frightened of the needles, they could take away my freedom. I flew on passing the attackers and following the moon's path to my future.

I came to a large mountain and could feel the pulse of the gate emanating from it. I dug into it rapidly my razor nails biting through the dirt as if it was butter. I easily reached the door and its magnificence. My heart nearly gave out as I gazed upon its beauty. Creatures of all kinds were carved upon the door, for this is where they all must meet in peace. The place all end up at; the Underworld. Looking over all the creatures on the door at the very top was an older version of me. The haunting violet eyes watching, always watching, the ones who pass through. Now I was home.

A sharp pain shot through my back and a piercing cry rang out. My cry held my tears back because finally I had found home, yet they still take me away from it. What did I do to deserve this punishment, this unrighteous sorrow that racks my heart with pain? Yet, they don't care, they will take me away again and again. So long as they may sleep at night my pain cause them no sorrow. My last thoughts as my vision went black were that one day they won't be here and I will go home and then they will pay. My Lady Death shall heal my sorrow and make them pay once we reunite. Mother and child together once again. Then darkness wrapped around me, choking me till only darkness could bring me comfort.

This is actually a revised piece from another story I'm working on. I liked it so I figured I'd put it up here. This is for Miaicegirl! Live Long And Prosper My darlings!