In the shadows, I see her grin

The vacant pools glare with hatred now

But as I scream within closed walls

Silence looms empty handed yet malicious

Run deeper into the rabbit hole

Fall through the cavernous ticking

Stumble through the luminous bushes that sting my eyes

It all seems like a vivid nightmare or a distant dream

Confused yet lucid as you spot a checkered flag

You see the finish but lest we forget the tortoise?

A faster pace and a quicker brace

You flit like a hummingbird in flight

Fight or flight, a tricky question let unanswered by all but always solved

Though electric buzzes in the air

The tension of a vicious fight of mouths summons

A beat of a drum

A thrum of a heart beat

I wonder where the escape will lay

The murmuring lunacies bound around my mind in arching circles

I tread carefully

Unsure of where the path leads

Seeing jaggered edges of broken dreams left reflected in empty mirror shards

A different face stares out at me from them

Trapped inside the mirror

Resting soullessly

Then a clatter breaks out into the bleak sky

Its monstrous noise feels me with dread while begging me to go to it

Peering to the east

An odd collection of throw-aways cluster over a rickety table

They laugh at their odd-ball sayings while I am left on the outside looking in

Play the games and win the aces

The swirls of distortion swim heavy in my head

I run deeper into the exotic forest

Hiding my fears

Then through the bushes and noise stops me short

A short man in a top hat peeps out to point at a distant castle

I could turn back

Scramble up the ticking time and out the rabbit hole

The question lurking under my skin

Behind my eyes

Where do I run to then?

A tear traces the edges of my pale skin

I run

Dashing in an out of bushes and up to the castle

Knocking quietly on the door

As my perspective whirls and changes into

What the society would simply call as lunacy

A whisper knocks me side ways

It gathers me up and places me in a room

Standing on a pedestal

People with large egos gaze at me as if I were a prize to be won in a raffle

But as I cast my eyes down

The castle crumples and the monsters fall

A phoenix drags me from the debris

I am placed in a man's arms

Should I go through the rabbit hole?

I turn and laugh

Shrug off the past

I'm lost in wonderland