This Much

It's all the old clichés, the overused turns of phrase –

When I think of you, my heart stops and

If I ever saw you again, it would skip a beat.

Oh and you can't forget the old

'Your voice makes the breath catch in my throat'.

I am shaken by every memory and every letter

You never wrote.


But having said that, I would not care to see

The smirk on your face, the glint in your eyes –

If you could see me now.

The clichés just keep coming –

Acidic tears, churning stomach, every allusion to you a test.

And then where I'm sure my heart once was,

An empty cavern in my chest.


It's ridiculous I know, I was always filled with scorn

When it came to things like this.

Soppy, unoriginal sap, and I curl my fists tighter as I think

Of how you've made me into what I never wanted to be.

But they keep coming – missed chances, if only, and such –

It's maddening how this turned out. I never thought

I'd miss you this much.

Yes, I'm back to writing my usual depressing stuff, but with a stray away from the structures I tend to use most of the time. Hope you liked this, and reviews are very much appreciated!

X =D