Chapter 1

The announcement had been an hour prior yet Blaire Wilmer still didn't stir from her position on her bed, face nuzzled into her pillow. Blaire had left the conference hall in an agitated rush, bursting through the doors of her families' apartment and flying straight into her bedroom, avoiding the started gaze of her families' zombielike butler. She didn't hear the sound of heavy footstep and violent door slamming until later.

Hours prior, her mother, High Priestess Beatrice, had arranged the formal event of the millennium, an entire ballroom filled with vampire, werewolves and witches alike, all unprepared for the events that soon followed. Heiress Blaire, as she was addressed for the entire evening was dressed in a violet corset with long black laces at the back, which appeared as if they didn't quite fit the dress and a ruffled black skirt that reached the floor. Every party her mother had hosted always catered to the most unappreciative guests, but no one dared miss one of the 'ruler of the vampire world's' parties, it was unheard of. Blaire moved along the crowd in an elegant and graceful manor, greeting fellow vampires and others. One of the rare occasions when they didn't fight amongst themselves, the High priestess wouldn't allow it; she needed her parties to be the height of social gatherings, even among the secret races. The party was held in upper Manhattan, mere seconds from her families apartment. She caught the eye of her older brother Cody, who was also addressing guests; he seemed to be talking to a slightly pale, blonde vampire with striking blue eyes. Blaire knew right away who she was, the popularly known, Claire Tanner. She was known for scheming behind the royal families back and for soliciting money from her mother. Blaire knew right away her brother needed to be rescued; she strode confidently and arrogantly over to where they were standing and spoke as if she were addressing a human.

'Dear brother' she gestured towards them as she spoke.


Her gaze dropped so she wouldn't meet her eyes. Claire crossed her arms and gave a slight role of her eyes as Blaire did this. 'Eva is looking for you; shall I take you to her?' her brothers gaze drifted to hers then he nodded slowly, moving his gaze to Claire once again 'of course, thank you for your time, Claire' Claire pursed her lips but didn't say anything. Blaire wrapped her arm around her brothers and began to walk.

Her brother had muscular arms and clear cut features, along with bright brown eyes and auburn hair, which was cropped into a buzz cut. He was dressed slightly less formal than Blaire, wearing a soft black leather jacket and gray dress pants.

'So, I'm guessing Eva didn't actually need to see me?' Cody gave a slight laugh,

Letting out a sigh and she looked around cautiously 'I thought you might need some rescuing' He gave a silent laugh at Blaire's remark and kept walking alongside her. Blaire had slightly round cheeks along with pale brown hair with blonde highlights. Her brown eyes darted casually around the room.

'So have you actually seen Eva? Or mother for that matter?' Cody said, shifting his gaze around the room, in an attempt to search for them.

'There both big girls, they can take care of themselves'

'Mom, sure, but what about Eva, she's still young' Blaire gave a slight giggle at this and replied 'she's 100 years old, she not exactly a newbie' Cody gave a light shrug of this shoulders and continued walking.

Eva Wilmer was hiding behind a velvet curtain shielding the ballroom off from the messy storage room. The storage room contained dusty chairs and tables. She sat at a table, deciding what her next move was, she had never been to any of her mother's parties and wasn't quite the socialite Blaire and Cody were, of course no one was afraid of them. Afraid of there power, sure, but not afraid that they would do something unimaginable and unprofessional like they thought Eva would do.

Even the secret races had something they feared, people like her. She wore a long purple dress with pale white gloves to make her seem more mature, but she knew that wouldn't work, her features were that of a child's, and her hair a dim white, much like a gray. But that wasn't what frightened them, it was her eyes, her eyes were a dull white, but what scared them was the deep red that outlined them, she was branded, branded before birth as a vampire killer. The mark comes from drinking the blood of another vampire, in all the years Eva was alive she had never done this, she was born with it, but that didn't stop vampires from fearing her, most of the time, she was locked away in the comfort of her own home, until tonight when the High Priestess decided the entire family should be present for the party. Eva seemed perfectly content with hiding in the storage room until the party was over, when she heard the light tap of footsteps coming up in front of the curtain. She slid back further into the room, ready to pounce on whoever came in.

The curtain slid open slowly to reveal a blonde vampire with a frightened look on her face, she tried to muster a smile, but all that showed up was a scared grin plastered mockingly on her face.

'Oh! You must be Eva' She said dropping her gaze 'I'm Claire, your mother may have mentioned me, anyway, your mother's about to begin her speech and would like you, Blaire and Cody to be there when she does' She took in a shaky breath as she continued 'I can show you where if you want?'

Eva squinted her eyes at her in disbelief, was it so hard for her own cousin to not see danger inside her. She brushed past her into the main ballroom, 'That's fine; I can make it there on my own'

As she crept out from the room, trying to be inconspicuous, the room fell silent, and not because her mother was about to begin her speech. She saw all four of them perched on the slightly elevated floor at the front of the room. Her mother had her beautiful medium blond hair tied perfectly into an up do. She wore a beige corset with a tight white skirt that reached the floor, she looked stunning. Then she noticed her father, standing in between Blaire and her mother. He had deep black hair and was wearing a black suite to match. Eva hurried to stand beside her siblings and welcome the admiring gazes that she could pretend were directed at her. When she got there, she stood confidently beside Cody. Their mother gave them a slight nod and began.

'Welcome to all the species of the hidden race, I want to thank you for attending our party, but before I let you all return to your revelry, I would like to make an announcement.'

A brief pause and then.

'In only 3 months time we will be holding, mine and my dearest partners departing ceremony' Gasps crept around the room distinctively before dying out, waiting for The High Priestess to continue, hanging on every word.

Blaire's eyes widened in disbelief. Her mother was going to die? In only 3 months? Not possible, so much needed to be done, Eva, Cody's and her own marriages needed to be arranged, choosing the next heir, it was too much to do in only 3 months, but then again, her mother was good at getting things done under pressure. She saw sweat beads trickle down Cody's forehead. She wanted to tell him it would be all right, and then she realized that, Cody wasn't upset, he was smiling. As her mother continued, she bit down on her tongue.

'…and I am also prepared to choose the next heir.' Blaire struggled to keep herself composed, everything was happening to fast, Cody was going to be made the heir of the entire estate and then her mother would die. She was too important to die, she ran the entire vampire world, that someone who took her place needed to be someone wise, someone careful, and Blaire wasn't sure that Cody could do all that.

'I would like to say Congratulation to my Eldest Daughter, Blaire Wilmer; she is now the future High Priestess of the Vampire World.' Clapping spread around the room like a virus, Blaire couldn't breathe, she couldn't even think, or think about breathing for that matter. If she wasn't sure Cody could handle the job she definitely sure she couldn't handle it, panic erupted inside her. She looked to both her siblings for help, Eva was looking bored as she stared down at her nails, and Cody had his fist clenched as his side, ready to throw a tantrum, go on a killing spree (It's how vampires cope with losing.)

Blaire couldn't take it; she needed to leave, needed to escape. She mumbled an 'excuse me' and hurried off, out the front doors and into the night.

The High Priestess put an impatient finger to her temple and massaged it lightly; Eva saw her opportunity and grabbed it, 'Shall I go see if the future High Priestess is alright?' Cody shot her an unappreciative glance while her mother let out and exasperated sigh, 'no I think she's done enough for one evening."

"Mother I really don't think…" Cody trailed off as his mother shot him a death glare that meant we'll discuss it later.