The awkward Tale!

There once was a pretty girl named Polly who had a best friend named Dolly. They were smart and cool, and they ruled the school, but one day something happened and Polly had to tell Dolly something Dolly didn't want to hear.

"Dolly I like someone."

"Oh Polly who is it?"

"Dolly, it's your uncle Steve, you know the one who's your age."

Now Dolly didn't take this news very well, and passed out. Polly took her to a hospital and tried to explain why she liked her uncle.

"Dolly I just stopped liking Raes and Rarel, I just looked at the next person I saw and it happened to be your uncle. Please forgive me."

"Polly I don't care that you like him, but the fact that he's my uncle makes it so ewwwwwwwww. Let's just find you another boy QUICK!"

"I agree, after hearing your Uncle Steve yell with his friends; I decided that I needed a new guy. Let's go back to the way things were where I didn't like Steve and were obsessed with Raes."

"Yeah Polly I like that idea."

The two friends totally forgot about Uncle Steve and Polly went to a new school where she met a new guy named Ponko and the girls never ever, EVER talked about UNCLE STEVE EVER Again.


This is how my life is, for the certain person who's going to read this!