When You Think of Me

When you think of me, don't be sad.

I will be your happy days,

Be there for you through good and bad,

Give you directions through life's maze.

When you hear my name, don't wonder why.

Remember how you saved me?

You gave me a second chance, another try.

Be a fighter like me, let go, cross over the bridge of grief.

When you dream of me, don't be heartbroken.

I couldn't heal, but you can.

Stoke your hurting heart, be on the mend,

Don't perch on grief, recover and stand.

When you see my picture, don't cry.

Think of our great times, together.

I know it hurts, but just try.

Remember, I'll be with you, always, and forever.

A/N: Hope you enjoyed the first poem :) and sorry for the stupid line breaks where it wouldn't let me put a space between the stanzas v.v This one is actually published in a Creative Communtications book, woop! Don't ask me how that happened. ^^

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