Chapter 2

First Class


Exactly how dirty Jin was hadn't sunk in until he'd stepped out the bus, maybe it was because the air was different, the sun's light reflecting in another way.


It was the gawking.

Even strangers.

Was she ridiculous for not stopping him… how was she supposed to stop the meaner version of Jin? Was she even allowed to say that?

Was she being mean?

They walked together, though it didn't feel like it, at least he wasn't rushing.

The gate could be seen, despite how far it was, it loomed.

There was a reason for it.

They were at the head of a huge procession.

What the fuck is happening?

She slowed.

Jin slowed.

They slowed.

She sped up.

They all did!

She was the captain of a sinking ship, the gate a trench at the bottom. Were they trying to kill her? Because her wobbly knees, paper ankles on a wooden frame, said they'd succeed!

Everything stopped.

He stood in front of a boulder of a man, dark in complexion with eyes that could peel granite.

Right then they peeled into Jin.

Oh snap! There it was. The big event. The vigilant eye on corporal punishment's illegality going blind in a blink.

Their eyes met, Jin's neither cold or bold, just dreary. A thought pulled on her mind, had he really been walking slow or… limping?

The bastard!

Page had to look around, it was impossible to just… not.

Yup, it was worse than she could've imagined, one would have thought they were watching a big game, one that ended with a big win.

Some kids had their phones out, but one hard glare shut it down so quick she'd have thought an EMP had gone off.

It was enough to dampen the mood, the crowd parting like the waves.

The buzz was over… hopefully…