That moonlit road…

Kana-chan, can I please walk ahead?

Yes, of course. Don't go too far off.

Those celestial topaz eyes…

I really adore spending time with you, Kana-chan. You complete me.

No, don't say that.

That wondrous starry sky…

We should go back. It's too dangerous here…

No! I wanna spend more time with you… Just five more minutes, okay?

Okay, okay.

And that indulgent voice…

All of those wondrous things seemed to be so heavenly that I didn't want them to end.




I abruptly woke up from that pleasant dream. But why am I having this dream again? I've been having this dream for two weeks…

My name is Mirayuki Kaname, a 12th grader of 18 years. My blood type is AB. My bra size is C. I was born under the sign of Sagittarius, I have heterochromia with one eye being blue and the other being red, and my hair reaches to my waist and is the color of autumn. Now why am I telling you all this? I feel as though you need to know…

Rachel… Just who was she? The name forever beats in my head.

As I walked saturninely to my school, with my hair adorned like a lion's mane, I still remembered that vivid dream.

You complete me.

In what world could I ever do a thing like that? I would never be anyone's lover. I think I've seen that face before… The sun tried its hardest to alleviate my sadness, but it was losing the battle.

The bell tolled as the students, including myself, entered Murasaki High. It was such a beautiful day, and everyone, sans myself, was excited. The boys' uniform was a green sweater vest with brown corduroy pants and black shoes. The girls' uniform was a white sailor shirt with a blue ribbon bow and a green skirt pleated skirt that was able to be swayed by the wind. Black shoes with knee length white socks were also part of the ensemble. I actually felt comfortable wearing this, but it was a bit breezy, making me shiver slightly.

"Kaname-san, good morning!"

"Oh, hello, Cassandra."

My closest friend Cassandra Aetalis approached me. She was the same age as me, but she had shorter hair than mine, and it was the color of the night sky, yet it still looked ravishing. Both of her eyes were as pure as snow and her smile was just as radiant.

"So, have you found someone yet?"

"No, not necessarily."

"What? What are you waiting for? You realize you need to have a choice by next week, right?"

"Yes… It's only… I haven't got much confidence in myself."

"Oh, that's it… Well, lucky for you, I'm here! We'll find you a boy that will love you!"

"But, Cassandra, my eyes are the problem…"

"So you're the only girl in the school that has heterochromia, who cares! I'm sure there's a boy that will go nuts for them! Let's go!"

There was a law on this school, and on the entire country of Rutola. It's mandatory that any love must be resolute. That is, a man must love a woman, and vice-versa. If there is ever a disturbance, then the lovers will die by the Regulation Army, a committee that ensures the balance of true love. There are soldiers placed on every corner, making sure nothing goes unseen. They can and will use ruthless tactics against the citizens. I'm not the only one who's undecided. There are many people like myself that haven't found a Soul Mate. You would imagine that living alone is an option.

It is, but it results in death.

"Ooh, what about that boy?"

"No, not Kinnosuke. He has someone. Natalia, remember?"
"Oh, you're right."

"Cassandra, I appreciate your help, but I'll be fine on my own. I'll—"

My words were interrupted by the sight of a melancholy girl standing in front of a window. She was a few feet away from us, and her face was hidden. She sported long, luscious, blonde hair. It seemed to shine from the sunlight, giving off a radiant glow. Her left arm was wrapped around her waist in despair.

"Who is she, Cassandra?" I asked.

"Her? I don't know. I've never seen her before. She looks so depressed, though."

"Should I go talk to her?"

"You can do that if you want. I gotta go. I have to meet Gin. I'm sure he's worried about me."

Cassandra dashed off, leaving me alone with the girl. Kawasaki Gin is Cassandra's Soul Mate, and they fell in love the second they laid eyes on each other, or so she says. Gin is a kind boy. I never met him, but I'd like to one day.

The students dispersed and in seconds, the hallway was empty. Only the girl and I remained. She continued to stare at the window, sighing forlornly as she did.

"Um, excuse me? We need to head to our classes. We're going to get scolded if we don't hurry."

The girl slowly turned to me, allowing me to see her face. She had vibrant topaz eyes, now jaded by her unknown sadness. Her bust seemed to be larger than mine, but not that much. The frown that was placed on her lips nerved me a little. Did I feel sympathy for her?

"…You have beautiful eyes."

That was all she said and like Cassandra, she dashed off. No one was there to see my expression, which would undoubtedly get me in trouble.

Those words made me blush.

Those eyes… Could they be of…

"She said what?"

"My eyes were beautiful."

"Was anyone there to hear you two?"

"No. It was just me and the girl."

"Kaname-san, don't associate yourself with her. She sounds like a Vestrial. You know what they are, right?"

"Yes, Cassandra. I thought you didn't know about that girl."

"I don't, but I know how those types of people act. Those people want you to break the law. If that girl truly meant what she said, then she's a definite Vestrial."

"What if that girl is troubled because she doesn't have a Soul Mate?"

"That's what Vestrials do! I thought you knew about them!"

"I do. Honest."

"If you don't want to get in trouble, then stay away from her at all costs. I care for you, Kaname-san."

For those of you who don't know, Vestrials are what we call the people who have not found a Soul Mate and intend to break the balance. There are two types of Vestrials: the Intrusives and the Ill-judgmental. The Intrusives are Vestrials that attempt to break up a couple and steal their lover, doing whatever they want to them, usually killing them on sight and heading for their desired person. The Ill-judgmentals are Vestrials who want to break the mandatory law and attempt to elope with the same gender, such as two men and two women loving each other. That girl didn't seem to be an Intrusive or an Ill-judgmental. Maybe she was just giving me confidence about my beauty. I never considered myself beautiful at all. And that was the honest truth.

Once the regular classes began, I noticed that the girl was sitting by the window. Now that I've seen her face, it looked even more refulgent than ever. She was so beautiful, and she appeared to be 17 years old, at least. Some boy would surely fall for her beauty.

"Mirayuki Kaname?" the teacher announced the roll call.

"Here, sir," I replied.

"Cassandra Aetalis?"

"Rachel Liore?"

"Present," the topaz-eyed girl spoke.

Rachel? As in, the Rachel in my dreams? No, it must be a coincidence. There's more than one Rachel in the school. But this one has the topaz eyes, similar to the dreamworld one. Does this mean that I've been a Vestrial in my dreams? No, don't let it be so!