The rustling of the gravel underneath a pair of footsteps became louder as the figures reached the graveyard. It was located a few blocks away from the Hallowed Park. Upon closer inspection, the figures were able to be identified. One of them was Kawasaki Gin, holding three bouquets. The person beside him was Lily Hasegawa, Gin's newfound love. Since he had no luck with Kaname or Cassandra, he became more resilient and he didn't allow the two of them to hamper him on his journey to find true love. In fact, just one week after the tragedies, she came to her because she thought he was a suitable Soul Mate, which proved to be true. Lily and Gin related on so many things that it was virtually impossible to tear them apart. It's been a whole year now.

Aside from that, Lily was a striking beauty, sporting long, luscious auburn hair with captivating jasmine eyes and a smile that would never be swayed. However, at this particular moment, the smile was gone and was replaced with a fearful frown.

"Gin-chan, i-is it okay if you go on ahead? I don't like being around graveyards… They give me the creeps." It was spoken in frightfully cute voice.

"Sure thing, Lily. I'll be back in a couple of minutes. You have nothing to fear."

"Um, just who are you visiting?"

Gin's voice became passionately somber. "A couple of friends. If you want, you can come with me."

Gin lightly grasped Lily's hand and smiled at her, making the beauty stare at him.

"It's okay. There's nothing to fear, sweetheart."

Upon hearing the remark, Lily, now founding somewhat newfound bravery, replied with, "I trust you, Gin-chan."

The couple now walked the gravel pathway to the three graves of corruption. The tombstones were placed right next to one another, as if the gravedigger thought it was appropriate of the three to be placed like this. Gin and Lily were now staring at the graves, both of them having somber expressions.

"These people were your friends?" Lily asked.

"Yeah. Except for one."

Gin placed a bouquet on Rachel Liore's grave.

"I never met Rachel before, but I was told that she was in love with Kaname. I guess it's true; Rachel really was beautiful, and that's why she went for Kaname.

"Really? How beautiful was she?"

"Look at her picture."

Above the grave, there was a stunning picture of Rachel smiling an eternal smile. The topaz eyes struck Lily in the heart, almost as if she felt Rachel's stare penetrating it.

"She's so beautiful…"

"Yeah. A shame that a girl like her had to pass away…"

Gin then placed a bouquet on Mirayuki Kaname's grave.

"To think that she had the most trouble…"

"How so, dear?"

"Kaname never thought of herself as beautiful because of her heterochromia. However, I thought she was stunning. Why else did Rachel love her and only her? Kaname was truly helpful. She told me to never give up and that I would find someone someday. Her courageous pep talk led me to you, Lily."

"Really? It was all because of her?"

"Yeah. Had it not been for her, I would be all alone right now…"

Lily was stunned as she saw Kaname's photo. Gin finally placed a bouquet on Cassandra Aetalis' grave.

"Why did you do that, Cassandra? I thought we were made for each other. Did you really think becoming a Vestrial was your fate?"

Observing Cassandra's picture, Lily asked, "What are you talking about?"

"See, Cassandra was my first true love."

"Gin-chan, you never mentioned anything about her!"

"I know, I'm sorry. But she's gone now, and you're beside me. In reality, you're a better Soul Mate than she was."

Lily's eyes shuddered. "Wait a second. Vestrial? As in, these three girls were all Vestrials?"


"Back then, they were considered outcasts, right? And they all died from the Regulation Army?"


"How long did they live before they were caught?"

"For Kaname and Rachel, seven days. For Cassandra, it was four."

"And now they're gone. I'm proud of Myrias. She really fulfilled her wish. But, it's such a shame. Why did those three girls become Vestrials?"

"…It was their way to find true happiness."

Lily gasped. Gin then went on to pray for the three to live in tranquility. Without thinking, Lily did the same; however, she showed compassion for them, for they had to live through the hardships of the law and they still found a way to live in harmony.

When it was done, the couple got up and walked away. Lily embraced her lover's arm and frowned. In her mind, it would have been nice to have met the girls, just once. Gin pulled Lily closer and smiled, signaling her to not worry.

"I'm so proud of you, Gin…"

"Kana-chan, did they leave yet?"

"Yes, they have, dear."

The shrouded area of the past appeared, and the specters of Kaname and Rachel observed the couple below. They then turned their attention to the flowers. Kaname and Rachel were dressed in pure white clothing from head to toe.

"It was so heartwarming. I never thought he would come to visit us, even though he knew how we really acted, "Kaname remarked.

"Kaname, who was that girl next to him?"

"His new love. I still wish Cassandra was here to observe this, even if he did talk negatively about her."

"She really misses you, Kana-chan. Why don't we go meet her? You can tell her all about it!"

"Great idea."

The spirits ran to another area, where Cassandra supposedly was. The area was the afterlife, where all of the spirits come, Vestrials or Norms. Everyone here lived in harmony, nothing to fear and among friends.

As Rachel and Kaname neared Cassandra, the mirror to the view of the earth was fading, but there was no need to go back to the cold place that shunned them. This was their haven.