Sticks and stones can break my bones
But hands leave bruises too
You don't know, you never see
How much your words can damage me

But it's ok to say those things
As far as you know
It doesn't bother me
I laugh it off because I think I know
What you really mean

But still I can not help but feel
Your words are meant to harm
And they do so well
I just never tell
Because you say that I am strong

So I choke back my tears
And smile along
Each one another lie
I just think that you should know

For every tear
That doesn't fall

I die a bit inside

I've finally gathered the courage and decided to actually post this... It's about some of my friends, well, for them actually. They didn't get it but that's ok. I'm strong, it doesn't bother me... It might even be my fault for never actually telling them instead of hoping they'd read this poem and magically understand.