Maybe it was Shelly's luck that caused her to hit that deer. Since Brad had broken up with her she had had nothing but problems. She knew the car was bust as billows of smoke pouring out of the engine blocked her view. Slamming her hands down on the steering wheel, she let out a string of curses before pulling out her cell. Shelly quickly dialed the number of her best friend Sheila, the only other person who would be up this late.

"Come on, Sheila, pick up" she growled into the phone.

"Hi, this is Sheila, leave me a message and I'll get right back to you" Sheila's chipper voice chimed over the phone.

"Damn it!" she roared throwing the phone in the floor board. She rested her head on the steering wheel and let out a long breath. Shelly must have dozed off because she woke up to the sound of her car horn going off. Jerking awake she gave a nervous laugh and checked her dashboard clock; 2:47. She groaned and hit her head back against the head rest. Then she heard the snarling. Jolting forward she listened to the growling and the sickening sound of wet tearing. Grasping the handle, she slowly inched open the door. Her black pumps scratched the pavement as she stepped around the wheel and peered around the front.

Directly in the glare of the headlights, a large beast was tearing the deer apart. Its eyes were dilated to the point of pinpricks surrounded in a molten reddish color that seemed to burn. The hair that coated its body was more thin in the legs and heavy in the front and almost resembled scales. Racing its head, it lifted its spear like ears and snarled, showing off a mouth of bloody, yellow fangs arranged like shards of broken glass. She wanted to scream as the thing rose up on its hind legs and towered over her at seven feet. It reared back one of its large muscled arms and brought the dagger like claws across her face. She felt the sting of it rake across her skin before the white-hot flaming as it sunk its teeth into her calf. Screaming, she brought the heel of her other shoe up and jammed it into the beast's eye. Releasing her leg, the creature threw back its head and let out a piercing scream. The scream was half human-half beast.

Shelly stumbled to her feet as the thing clawed at the pump still protruding from its eye. Half limping, she took off from the road and dived into the woods surrounding it. Struggling to her feet she ran screaming through the brush. Suddenly a loud thumping began behind her and she knew…it was coming.

Kicking of the useless heel; she stumbled, blind with pain, through the underbrush. The creature was right behind her. When the woods suddenly broke she almost cried at the sight of a house. Bright light shone through the windows and called to her. She clawed her way through the tall grass and cried out to the cabin with no response.

Suddenly, a roar ripped through the clearing and shook right to her bones. Turning back she caught one last glimpse of the beast before it lunged. As the creature ripped Shelly's body to shreds a figure watched from the window. Wallowing in the blood and carnage happening right outside her window, Sheila smiled. Shelly had been a bitch, plain and simple. She had treated Sheila like crap since they met in middle school. Shelia had stood it until Shelly crossed the line. Not a week after homecoming, Shelly had started dating Brad, Sheila's half-brother. Her Werewolf stood up from what remained of Shelly's mangled body before trotting over to the cabin and scratching on the door.

Sheila grasped the ornate nob and opened the door, inviting the wolf inside. Its large paws padded on the hardwood floors as it crept along. Shelia reached out and lovingly stroked its ear.

"Good boy, Brad" she whispered into its ear "now she'll never mess with us again".

The wolf whimpered in reply before gently licking her hand and smearing blood all over it. Smiling she smeared the blood on the scrapbook page next to the picture of shelly.

"Now, my pet" she smiled at the werewolf "only twelve more to go".

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