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Work it out Genius

Chapter 05

Not such a bad Thing

Life was strange.

Kristian dug his hand out from his pocket, grasping his keys. Twisting them in the deadlock, he slipped past the threshold allowing the door to snap shut behind his back.

"Galen, I'm home!"

The raven-haired youth dropped his briefcase beside the door, fingers digging at the noose at neck.

Six months had passed since the cobalt-eyed young man had mounted his little intervention.


The offending tie was cast to the seat of a couch.

The rough patch, so to speak, was over. The change in his lover over the months had been nothing short of remarkable. Although tense for a time, and requiring a certain level of oversight from himself, Galen had finished off his year of research. The end had heralded a change in his boyfriend.

Kristian stepped forward toward their bedroom, hearing the aural permutations of a television within the dwelling.

He smiled as his eyes feasted upon the familiar form of his lover, feet kicked back, body rocking on two chair legs, video game controls in hand, an intent expression upon the screen. Kristian leant against the doorframe, heart warming as he spent a quiet moment watching his oblivious better half.

"Hey," he greeted softly after a time. The boy looked up. Emerald eyes met sapphire.



Kristian shifted towards the boy, his hands taking up a grip on the boy's neck, bending his head to press softly at petal soft lips. Ministrations gentle, the response tender, unhurried.

The raven-haired boy drew back an inch, hands still holding the boy.

"You enjoy your day off?" Kristian murmured, brushing the corner of velvet lips with his thumb.

"I am now," the smaller boy breathed, smiling faintly.

The taller grinned lightly, pressing a chaste kiss to his lover's lips once more, the boy sighing into the touch, before Kristian drew away. The green-eyed boy seemed disappointed at the break in contact, hands tightening across the Wii controls.

"Go back to your game for a bit sweetie."

Galen frowned a moment, but soon enough had his attention ensnared once more. Kristian smirked.

Some things never changed.

He sat down on the edge of his bed pulling at his shoes.

To use a cliche, it was like a weight had been lifted from Galen's shoulders since the end of his postgraduate research. You could see it visibly. The way he smiled. 'That' he smiled. That is was like the world no longer mattered, and nothing could bring him down. He had mellowed.

Video games though, that was sacrosanct. The boy's work was only three days a week anyway, getting paid an obscene amount as a mineral laboratory technician making more in a day than most people did in a week, so he had plenty of time to indulge his fetish.

"Perfect. Aww. Miss. Good. Good. Perfect. Aww."

Though apparently not that adept yet with the brand 'new' console that he bought the other day to amuse himself. Kristian saw the boy frown in frustration, lips tight.

He'd loosen them up with his cock later.

The cobalt-eyed youth stood, moving into the space between Galen and the TV. The boy hit pause, wearing a slightly bemused expression.

"That was fast," the green eyed boy observed, referencing the taller male's previous words to go back to his game. He tilted his head in a watchful yet curious look as Kristian smirked, moving to stand in the space between Galen's legs, hands reaching down.

"And you're slow," Kristian countered, pulling the game controls out of the boy's grip. The taller boy held the controls aloft, emerald eyes focussing on them. Kristian made a show of swapping them around in his hands.

He thrust them back into the seated boy's grasp, Galen staring at them in a bewildered expression.

"Oh," he said eventually in a stunned tone.

Kristian smirked and ruffled the boy's hair.

"It's okay. I still like you even if you are an idiot."

Galen levelled a glare at him, and hit the pause button again, starting up the game. Kristian just gave a grin before moving off, the boy muttering under his breath. All good he was sure.

"Good. Miss. Aww. Good. Good. Perfect. Good. Perfect. Perfect. Perfect."

"Thanks," Galen bit out, glancing at him out of the corner of his eye.

"No problem dumb-arse," Kristian said with a grin, a smile that widened as the boy huffed, and made a show of ignoring him, though not without a hint of a smile. The taller male chuckled as he sat on the edge of their bed, watching the boy play a moment.

Sighing he undid the top couple of buttons of his shirt.

"Claustrophobic damn thing," Kristian muttered, airing his chest, by ruffling his shirt a couple times, sighing.

He totally wanted a job like Galen's. Sure his own was a secure one since he was working as a vice exec/partner something-or-other for his old man's company. But he had to spend his day dealing with either a bunch of arseholes who thought daddy was just doing a favour to his kid, ignoring that he'd graduated top of his business school, (thank you very fucking much). Or a bunch of brown-nosers who were out to lick his arse to curry some favour.

It was annoying.

Plus Galen made more money.

Kristian's hands went to his pants, unclasping and drawing out his belt. He sighed pleasantly at the loss of the restriction. Folding it unconsciously in his palm, his mind flashed to an event of a few days previous.

Galen with his pants hiked around his legs, hands bound by the same leather belt, bent over the couch, moaning as he thrust to the hilt.

The raven-haired boy smiled fondly at the memory, tossing the belt aside before his body became a little too eager for a repeat performance. After all 'that' part of his anatomy got enough already. The amount of times he had pounded that tight lissom body, it was a wonder he didn't chafe.

Kristian let himself fall backwards on the bed with a loud sigh, staring at the roof bonelessly, one arm cradled beneath his head.

Maybe he should put some mirrors up in the ceiling.

"Hey Galen, your mum called my mum, and wants to do another double-triple dinner date thing again for next Saturday," Kristian called out, remembering the earlier phone call, gaze not wavering from position. The raven-haired youth didn't have look to know the green-eyed boy had given a silent shrug.

"I'll let her know yes, then." Kristian said, frowning thoughtfully.

Definitely get the mirrors.

He snatched up a couple pillows to prop himself up lazily, cerulean eyes watching the smaller male play his game.

"Is your sister going to that one again?" Galen asked, fixed on the screen.

"No clue. Probably. Why?" Kristian asked uncaringly.

"She said I was cute when you were away getting drinks last time."

Kristian quirked a brow.

"That bitch," he echoed dryly.

Galen gave a slight smirk.

"She also said her waste-of-space brother didn't deserve me."

"Hmm. Well that's true," Kristian snorted, catching his boyfriend's teasing grin.

"Did she say anything else?" he asked with a wry expression.

"Yeah, but I can't possibly repeat it. It was quite foul."

"I'm sure it was," Kristian returned with a grin. "Lord forbid such obscenities ever pass your lips." Galen gave a smirk, before refocussing on his game.

The raven haired boy smiled faintly.

"Manipulative bastard," he muttered under his breath, recognising that the boy had successfully distracted him away from a frustrating day at work.

Shaking his head in amusement, he grabbed a nearby book, recognised it as one of Galen's, and set about seeing how much of the mumbo-jumbo he could decipher without a thesaurus and a high speed internet connection. It actually wasn't too mind-numbing for once and was just a history book. Probably best not to wonder for too long though, why Galen had an interest in Medieval prostitution.

Clucking his tongue in amusement, Kristian set about flipping through the book.

About twenty minutes later, he was just musing on what Galen would look like in a stock, when the boy sighed loudly. Kristian looked up to see Galen setting the controls down and switching off the machine.

"What's the reading material for?" Kristian asked, watching his boyfriend stand and crack his neck both ways.

Galen shrugged.

"Research for my other life," the green-eyed boy murmured carelessly, stepping towards the taller boy on the edge of the bed.

"Don't ask," he continued, plopping himself down and kneeling between the seated boy's legs. Kristian's brow shot up to his forehead as nimble hands began attacking his pants' buttons.

"Umm..." Kristian began uncertainly, as the kneeling boy undid the top button of his trousers.

"What are you doing?"

Galen gave Kristian an 'are you stupid look' as he moved onto the final two buttons on the fly.

"What does it look like I'm doing," Galen countered, an irritated expression on his face as the last button resisted his fingers.

"I want your cock."

The boy's fingers attacked the belligerent stitching, viciously pulling at the object until it snapped free, and the green-eyed boy was able to begin yanking down the trousers.

"Not that I don't err... appreciate ...your enthusiasm," Kristian said, wetting his suddenly dry lips, his body beginning to respond.

Galen yanked one leg free and moved onto the next.

"It's just that you won't initiate so much as a kiss with me..."

The kneeling boy flung Kristian's pants away as if they were of personal offence to him.

"And the only time you get my cock so to speak, is when I shove it down your throat..."

Galen placed his hands on Kristian's thighs, yanking him forward so he sat closer on the edge of the bed, leaning up to the growing bulge in the boy's boxers.

"Or another..."

The kneeling boy seized ahold of Kristian's still swelling hardness through the material, mouth settling over the covered head.


The raven-haired youth flinched as teeth and hot breath nibbled and sucked at his most sensitive area, creating a large wet patch of saliva and probably what was also his pre-cum.

Galen leant his head back, green-eyes shining mischievously.

"You had half an hour," he said, fingers going to the elastic band of the taller male's boxers.

"I got sick of waiting."

Galen pulled down the boxers in a fluid move, tossing them over shoulder without a care, and before Kristian had time to contemplate the move, had stretched a hand around the middle of his shaft and was swallowing him down.

"Uh! Mother of... Fuck!"

The warm wet heat was incredible. Teeth grazing his sensitive skin as a tongue teased him ruthlessly.


The boy sucked at his still widening cock, hands rubbing his thigh and the free portion of his erection. He tried to thrust further into the maddening heat, but the boy just backed off of him completely with a sly grin.

"Shit, Galen, Don't stop."

The kneeling boy rolled his eyes, amused, but betrayed by a visibly appreciative look of lust as Kristian reached his full size.

"Yeah, Like you haven't done the same and worse to me with your fucking teasing," the boy muttered as he gripped the organ and took it back into his mouth.

"Ahh. Fuck."

Kristian swore as the tight heat wrapped around him, tongue swirling, lips tight. He had shoved his dick in the boy's mouth plenty of times, and had been attentively suckled each and every time. He had said it before; Galen gave good head. Better than any past one night stand. But never had the boy been this pleasurable.

Kristian's white-knuckled hands went to grasp the back of the boy's head, and he slid himself deeper into the amazing heat.


He could feel the familiar sensation of his cock pushing against the tight, spongy tissue of the boy's throat. His size reworking the borders. It was amazing.

"Ow! Shit!"

Kristian withdrew rapidly from the mouth, a string of saliva connecting them. His fingers pressed against the faint red marks on his shaft.

"You bit my cock!" Kristian accused with a betrayed look. Galen gave an unapologetic grin, knocking Kristian's hand off, and replacing it possessively with his own.

"It's 'my' cock," Galen corrected, giving a lick to the red teeth marks. He hadn't bitten hard enough to do any damage, just to warn the boy off. Green eyes met cobalt.

"If you are lucky, I might even let you come."

Galen took the organ back into his mouth, and despite his threat, was working hard at the head.

"Ah. God. Fuck!" Kristian swore.

An invisible tongue pressing against his sensitive underside, teeth grazing, mouth sucking.

It was intense.

"Ugn. Uh. Ah! Shit. Galen. Galen I'm gonna..." Kristian began, warning the boy.

Instead of backing off though, the boy pushed himself further onto the flesh, swallowing it to the hilt.

"Fuck!" the male cursed as he was taken down the boy's throat, past the gag reflex, right to the base.

The tightness and muscular contractions of the boy's throat was all it took, and he was screaming his release, mind hazing over.

Kristian fell backwards, barely conscious of the lips and mouth sucking down all he had to give, mind disconnected from reality and the tapering ministrations. He eventually felt as his spent sex was abandoned to cool air, and wrapped his arms around the warm body that crawled up atop of him.

For long minutes Kristian just lay there, breathing heavily waiting for his heart to still its pounding, oblivious to the soft kisses and bites to his neck.

Swallowing, he looked down at the fully clothed boy atop of him and the mop of attractively messy brown hair. Kristian flinched at a teething bite to his collar bone.


He placed his hand in the space between the boy's shoulder blades, shaking him. Galen looked up from his task, letting the collar of the male's t-shirt that he had pulled down with a hooked finger, snap back into place.

Kristian tilted his head as he looked at the boy, frown in place.

"What's gotten into you?"

Galen bit his lip for a moment uncertain, before visibly steeling himself with a smirk.

"Nothing's gotten into me," the smaller boy said leaning forward, bringing his mouth to the corner of the jaw of the larger pant-less youth under him. He gave a lick to the skin.


Kristian's eyes widened a margin at the boy's words as lips went to work on his neck.

"Ah," the bigger male murmured at the pleasurable contact, taken aback a moment by the action, before he blinked and was able to clear his mind.

"Galen... What the fuck!" Kristian said, grabbing the boy by his biceps and pushing him off his neck.

"What the hell is wrong with you!"

Galen scowled down at Kristian, frustrated at being pushed away.

"Nothing is wrong," the emerald-eyed boy defended, leaning down to nibble at the expanse of the male's jaw.

"Err, yeah, like hell!" Kristian returned pushing the boy back up again. Galen gave a rebellious glare at the move but Kristian ignored it.

"You're never like this" the cobalt-eyed boy breathed, giving his lover a concerned look, a thumb brushing the soft skin of the boy's arm.

"What's going on?"

The boy scowled.

"It's not important. Now would you shut up." He tried to bend back down but Kristian held him where he was.

"Not until you tell me what's going on."

Galen rolled his eyes, and again tried to move back to his previous actions, but Kristian was resolute, and after a few failed attempts, swore loudly.

"Fine! If it'll make you stop being such a girl about this, then I'm happy."

Kristian blinked a few times, stupefied as his brain tried to process that declaration.

"Happy?" Kristian was eventually able to bite out.

Galen flushed slightly, embarrassed.

"Yes, you wanker. Happy. Happy with you, happy with being me, happy with work, happy with life in fucking general. Happy!"

The raven-haired male's mouth dropped open and shut, closing a few times as he mouthed non-sensibly whilst his brain processed the boy's declaration.

"And being happy makes you...horny?" Kristian began slowly with a puzzled frown.

Galen snorted and rolled his eyes.

"No, 'you' make me horny," the boy corrected.

"Being happy makes me confident."

"I see," Kristian said, clearly not seeing the correlation. Galen rolled his eyes, pushing himself down against Kristian's restraining grip on his arms.

"Just shut up and let me kiss you, you wanker," the boy said more gently, leaning down. Kristian let his arms slide up to the boy's shoulders, and moments later, soft lips were pressing against his, nibbling and biting softly.

The change of pace and having Galen instigating threw the taller boy off for a few moments, but it didn't take long for him to adapt, and for the kiss to become more heated.

Kristian could taste a slight lingering hint of himself as the boy slid his tongue into his mouth, kiss deepening, spent cock twitching to life as Galen stretched his arms over his head. It was different to be on the other end of a tongue-fucking with the boy, but it certainly wasn't unpleasant.



Kristian eyes snapped open and could see the humour shining in emerald eyes as the boy pulled his tongue back, a grin in place as he gave a nibble to the corner of his mouth.


Kristian quirked a brow suspiciously as Galen drew away from him, cobalt-eyes fixed on the boy's all too pleased expression. He experimented by flexing his hands and found them, suspicions confirmed, to be bound together, the feel of cold steel handcuffs around his wrists.

"Clever boy," Kristian muttered stone-faced, looking up past his head to see where his hands had been threaded through the steel bars of the bed-frame at the top of the bed.

Galen grinned at him, arms coming to either side of the taller boy's head.

"Yeah well, you made it easy for me," the green-eyed boy said, bending his head to seize Kristian's lips in a bruising kiss.

Kristian automatically tried to shift his arms to hug the body against him, only to be reminded of their secure state. He swore into the mouth, and Galen chuckled, breaking the kiss, and moving off to stand beside the bed, the prone male glaring after him.

"Am I going to regret buying these by the time you're done?" Kristian asked, rattling the cuffs as the boy moved around to the base of the bed.

Galen shrugged as he knelt by the corner, reaching under the mattress. Kristian frowned as the boy struggled to pull something out from under.

"What are you-"


The raven-haired boy could only stare at the new piece of steel cuffing his leg to the end of the bed. He looked up the boy in disbelief only to get a cheeky grin.

"What makes you think I'll be done?" Galen said with a smirk, as he moved around to the other corner of the bed, fluidly attaching another chain around his free ankle, pulling it tight.

Kristian stared at his lover.

"Um... W. T. F."

The smaller boy grinned, moving back to check the tightness on the first ankle.

"You know, I tracked down that shop in the CBD," Galen said as he fussed with the chains, tightening them methodically.

"They had some nice stuff."

Kristian kicked out with his legs, but they held fast, and it only caused him to bounce about an inch off the bed, and for the cuffs to dig into his skin painfully. He winced, flexing his hands a couple times.

"Apparently so," Kristian said dryly before frowning at the boy watching him contemplatively.

"What?" He asked after being stared at for several seconds. Galen blinked, shaking his head with a grin.


"I'm sure," Kristian said sarcastically giving Galen a vicious stare.

"Bet you're enjoying this."

Galen grinned.

"Well not much yet, but I'm certainly going to enjoy this."

Kristian opened his mouth to give the boy more of a piece of his mind, but his words were lost as he watched his lover pull his shirt off over his head and toss it away, exposing his trim build and washboard stomach.

The raven-haired youth cursed the boy inwardly as he felt his sex begin to slowly harden. No wonder he was constantly boning the boy. He was just too fucking hot for his own good.

Kristian watched the boy's hands track downwards.

"I got some other stuff too," Galen confessed as he undid his pants and pushed them to the floor.

"Holy fuck!" Kristian swore, eyes bulging.

The boy was wearing trunks, which generally speaking, always looked like it should be illegal on the boy given how sinfully tempting he would look. But his typical sexy short shorts had nothing on what he was wearing now, which was something new altogether.

The trunks were half-mesh, clinging to Galen like a second skin. He couldn't see the boy's cock, the crotch being hidden away the usual black fabric, but the sides and bikini line were exposed to Kristian's sight, the steady pump of that artery beside the hidden sex visible to his transfixed eyes.

Kristian felt his cock begin to ache as he stared wide-eyed, and wondered dully in the back of his brain, if he had just set a speed record for the time it took to get to full size.

"They are actually surprisingly comfortably," Galen said, continuing on like he hadn't heard Kristian's startled curse.

"I had thought they would scratch or something, or be super uncomfortable. I don't know why, must be TV or a movie or something."

Galen ran his hands down the mesh sides, feeling the texture curiously, forgetting about his captive boyfriend for the moment.

"But they are actually 'extremely' comfortable..."

"Shit," Kristian swore, biting down on his lip as the boy rotated slightly, and he saw that the back was also mesh, Galen's small tight, put-porn-stars-to-shame butt on display.

Galen gripped his cheeks experimentally through the mesh, with a thoughtful expression.

"...I'm going to have to buy more pairs, cause these are just awesome."

The cobalt-eyed male flinched, cock dribbling pre-cum, as the boy squeezed his cheeks. Fuck, what he would give to take that. No prep, just slam himself in and fuck him til he passed out.

Galen let go of himself, and looked away from his explorations, back to his bound lover. Kristian saw the boy's gaze flick across him and settle on his leaking cock. Kristian grinned slightly as he saw the boy flush and bite his lip. He still had 'that' on the boy at least.

"You alright there Galen?" He said in a teasing voice, taking note of the growing bulge in the boy's 'underwear.'

Galen blinked, shaking his head distractedly, and reaffixing his wry expression.

"I will be," the boy promised, stepping towards his chained lover.

"I also bought a thong."

Kristian's mouth went dry, cock twitching.

"A-a thong?" the male choked.

Galen gave a cheshire cat grin as he climbed astride the bound youth's thighs, settling down so Kristian's erection was in front of him.

"Mmmhmm," the boy murmured matter-of-factly as he bent forward to capture Kristian's lips.

The kiss wasn't as forceful as the previous, and the raven-haired male decided to take full advantage and re-establish some control over the boy. He slid his tongue into the boy's mouth as the youth kissed him, smirking slightly in victory as the boy couldn't help himself but submit to his ministrations.

Kristian's thrust his hips up sharply, his naked cock rubbing against Galen's clad one, making the boy squirm and moan into the kiss. The cobalt-eyed male quickly built up a rhythm rutting against the smaller hardness. Fuck it felt good.

He could feel Galen shaking above him, and grinned. He must be getting close. He rubbed his wet length more rapidly against the boy.

"Wanna come Galen?" Kristian teased, feeling the body twitching above him.

"Ah! Fuck." Galen looked down at him, an annoyed glint in his eyes.

"Do you?" he breathed.

Galen shifted forward suddenly off of Kristian's sex to rest on the toned stomach, breathing sharply, leaving Kristian's cock with nothing to rub against but air.

"Gah! Galen!" Kristian said, looking up at the boy in frustration. He had been getting close himself. Though obviously not as close to the edge as Galen had been, if the familiar rate of breathing, and clenching fingers was anything to go by.

"Nice try," the boy eventually said, gulping air as he fought down the urge to touch himself to completion.

"You made it easy for me," Kristian said with a grin, parroting back Galen's earlier words with relish.

Emerald eyes scowled down at him, before eyeing him speculatively.

"What?" Kristian asked, grin dimming.

The boy shifted off of him.

"Hey what are you..."

Galen was on his feet and Kristian was treated to the more than agreeable sight of the boy's fuck-me-hard backside, before he walked out of the room.

Kristian blinked in surprise.



"Hey Galen!"

No response.


Kristian lifted his head up and banged it back down on the mattress in frustration, erection wilting. If he doesn't come back, this is going to make for one hell of an interesting obituary.

The blue-eyed youth craned his neck to an awkward angle to try and see the door, and could just hear the faint sounds of the boy pottering around in the bathroom. After about half a minute, he saw the boy re-enter the room with a brown paper bag. Galen moved back into position on top of him.

Kristian tilted his head curiously.

"What's in the bag?"

Galen grinned, giving the bound male a predatory look.

"Something we'll both enjoy."

Kristian swallowed. This didn't bode well.

Galen leaned forward and gave him a quick peck on the lips, before reaching down with a hand behind him to take a hold of his lover's half-hard sex, running his fingers up and down the shaft.

"Mmm," Kristian groaned. Bloody hell that felt nice. It didn't take long for Galen's soft touch to bring him back to fullness, the boy giving him a satisfied look upon reaching his complete length.

"Uh! Stop teasing me Galen" Kristian chided, making the boy give him a familiar look that said quite clearly 'as if'.

Dang, he owned on that look.

Galen shuffled backwards, so that the bound male's sex was nestled between his mesh-clad cheeks. Kristian couldn't help himself, and thrust up between them.


That felt way too good.

"Wanna come Kristian?" Galen teased, rubbing himself against his lover.

"Shit Galen," the sapphire-eyed male swore as he thrust up, the mesh making his nerve-endings go haywire. It was quite obviously doing something for the boy as well, as Galen bit his lip to stifle his own groan.

"When I get out of this, I'm going to fuck you until you can't walk. Ever!" Kristian swore. His lover just grinned.

"You promise?"

Galen shifted off of him, leaving the male's cock bobbing in the air.

"Fucking A Galen!" Kristian cursed as his lover sat up, grinning at his discomfort.

"Quite the mouth on you Kristian," Galen voiced, standing up, somewhat wobbly, on the bed, hands going to his mesh trunks. The raven-haired boy didn't reply, being too transfixed as his lover slid his underwear off, the boy's erect length, slapping back up against his belly.

The cobalt-eyed male swallowed deeply, licking his lips. He wanted that perfect cock. To lick and taste every inch and every drop it had to give.

"Fuck Galen," Kristian said, grimacing in near pain as his penis throbbed, fluid flowing from his slit.

The boy gave a half-smile, moving back down to his knees, and laying down in the space between his legs. Kristian had an unconcealed view of the boy's tight arse as his legs kicked in the air lazily, rather than hang over the edge of the bed.

"I guess I need to remind you what a mouth is for," Galen murmured, taking hold of the heavy cock, emerald eyes dilating. Kristian groaned as soft lips once again slid around his length. He tried thrusting up into the heat, but the chains around his hands and ankles only permitted him an inch or two, and could not choke the boy with his length like he would like.


Green eyes bored holes into sapphire as Galen sucked off the built-up pre-cum from the head and shaft. The boy lifted his head up, licking his lower lip, eyes focussed on the solid cock.

"Damn you're big," Galen muttered, more to himself than to his lover, tightening his grip around the middle of the organ, fingers only just able to reach around. The boy's tongue darted out and he licked the full length from the base and heavy balls, all the way back to the head, sucking softly at the tip.

"Gods, Galen," Kristian breathed, biting his lip, eyes drifting shut at the sensations, as the smaller boy lathed attention on him.


Shit it felt nice.


Kristian's toes curled as the boy sucked at the head, tongue swirling around.

"Ah Galen."

The lips moved off his head, making a path down his shaft to the base. Teeth lightly biting at the rough skin of his sack. That felt...


Kristian's eyes shot open, and he looked down to see a finger sliding into his body.

"Wow, you're tighter than me," Galen marvelled, setting aside the bottle of lube he had pulled from the paper bag.

"Galen! What are you...eugh!"

The green-eyed boy tilted his head curiously, gauging the bound boy's reaction to two fingers.

"Ah...fuck," the sapphire-eyed boy swore, biting down hard on his lip.

"Way tighter," Galen murmured, bending his head for a moment to lick up a drop of fluid flowing from the head.

"I guess you don't do this to yourself much, huh?" the boy said, fingers probing.

"Shit Galen. Ah-I'm not a-a bottom. Don't bloody do-ah fuck!"

Green eyes took on a victorious light, and the boy rapidly began plunging his two fingers at that one spot.

"Ah-ah-a," Kristian groaned, stomach clenching with each press of the boy's fingers.

"Fucking stop-ah that! Ah!"

Galen gave a final press against the sensitive tissue, forcing a gob of fluid out of his boyfriend's cock, before his fingers retreated.

"Ugh, thank god," Kristian said, breathing heavily, head dropping forward. That was too intense. Galen quirked a curious brow at the male.

"You say 'thank god' when I stop? What is wrong with you?"

Kristian chuckled breathlessly at the puzzled look on his lover's face.

"I've just always preferred it the other way around sweetie," the male murmured, staring at the ceiling. His body jerked as he felt lips on his tip, cleaning off the fresh pre-cum.

Those mirrors would be pretty useful right about now.

Galen leant back from his task, and Kristian looked down. The boy gave him a half-apologetic, half-evil smile.

"Well this might come as a bit of a shock to you then," Galen said quietly.

"What a-hh!"

Kristian shook as he felt something much wider than a couple fingers stretching him open.

"Ah-ah-uh-fuck-ah! What the hell is that-ah!"

Galen smirked, and moved up his boyfriend's body to claim his lips, swallowing the male's protests as his body adjusted to the intrusion.

"Mmm. Uh."

Kristian jerked his head away.

"What the ah-hell is that? It's eugh, obviously not your dick. Too smooth-eugh fuck. And I can feel you against me, so what the fuck is that!" the sapphire-eyed male demanded hotly.

The brown-haired boy grinned cheekily, laying a kiss his jaw.

"Just a butt plug."

Kristian's eyes widened.

"You put a fucking plug in me!"

Green-eyes twinkled mirthfully as he gave a casual shrug, ignoring the blue-eyed boy's look of complete indignation.

"Not just any one either. Check this out."

The boy held up what looked like a garage door opener. A boxy little contraption with a couple buttons on it. With a grin Galen pressed a button.

"Ahhhhh fuck!" the male swore, body clenching, cock jerking as the toy within his body buzzed, vibrating directly against his prostate.

"Eugh, ah! Shit. What the bloody hell was that?" the chained male demanded once the vibrating stopped.

The brown-haired boy shrugged faintly, a pleased glint in his eye.

"Remote control vibrating butt plug," the boy said in explanation, quirking a brow. "Pretty cool, huh?"

Kristian's eyes twitched.

"Cool? Galen if you don't take that thing out of me right now, I'm going to shove it so far up your butt that you could count the-eugh unh nah-ahhhhh!"

Kristian's body bucked, trying to get away from the torturous mind-numbing pleasure, but held in place by the chains, was forced to do nothing but lie there and take it. It was several long seconds before the debilitating stimulation on his prostate stopped.

"Ah," the taller boy breathed, exhaling heavily, as he flopped back to the bed. Galen bit his lip observing the boneless body, before setting the small remote between the bigger boy's pects. He moved forward, elbows on either side of Kristian's head, supporting his weight as he hovered over him.

"I'd feel sorry for you..." Galen said quietly kissing the corner of his lover's mouth, forehead coming to rest atop of the other male's, eyes drifting shut.

"But then I think about all the times you've ...fucked me with your amazing cock, all the times you've driven cumshot after cumshot out of me, and how...good ...I felt when I couldn't take any more, and you would force more out of me until I thought I would just fucking die."

Kristian felt something wet fall to his cheeks as the boy inhaled sharply.

"Galen?" he ventured softly. The boy's eyes were bunched up tightly.

"Fuck you always give me what I need. Always looking out for me first, fucking arsehole."


Were those tears.

Kristian flexed his arms. God damn cuffs.

"Making me scream for you, making me want you more, fucking bastard."


The boy lifted his head. Kristian's heart leapt to his throat as he saw his lover's beautiful emerald eye cloudy with partially shed tears. He knew he should say something to the boy, but for long seconds he could only just stare.

"You're allowed to be happy, Galen," Kristian said finally after a long pause, blue eyes searching green, a silent message being passed between them.

Galen exhaled suddenly, giving a weak smile, and quickly tilted his head to claim his lover's lips, initiating a bruising kiss.


The taller boy wasn't sure which one of them moaned, but suspected it might even have been both of them. The mouthing continued on for long seconds, until Galen pulled back, catching his breath.

"I still want to thank you though," the boy breathed rising to a kneel without preamble. He wiped his eyes with the back of his hand. Kristian's expression softened.

"You don't owe me anything Galen," he assured, watching his lover with a frown.

The lithe boy said nothing right away, instead snatching up the bottle of lubricant, and squeezing a liberal amount onto his hand. Wet fingers reached around to rub at his entrance, the boy suppressing a groan as he slid two slender digits into his body.

Head bent forward, the boy pumped his fingers, rapidly stretching himself for what came next.

"God, Galen," Kristian breathed, dick throbbing, as he watched the sexy-as-fuck sight of his lover touching himself in the most intimate fashion. If his cock got any harder he might just explode.

"Nnngh-ugh," the boy groaned as his fingers brushed his most sensitive spot. The boy exhaled, scissoring his fingers for a couple more moments, before withdrawing, looking at his lover through half-open eyes.

"Maybe I owe you my sanity, maybe I owe you shit." Galen breathed shifting forward on his knees so his was positioned over the male's lap. He bit his lip.

"But just maybe I might want to thank you either way, and show you how happy you make me."

With one hand on Kristian's firm stomach, supporting his weight, the other hand lubing up and seizing the thick shaft mid-way, the boy began to slowly lower himself down on the mighty cock, keening loudly.


His hastily-prepared tightness being stretched wider and wider the deeper he slid.


"Gods, Galen," Kristian breathed, body clenching as the amazing heat gripped him.

"Ugh, you're so tight baby."

The male wanted so desperately to have the use of his arms. Whether to hold the boy too him, or to hold him down, he didn't care. Just so long as this never ended.

"A-ha. Ugn."

Galen's guiding hand left the shaft as he reached the half-way point, legs trembling. He placed his guiding hand with the other, bracing himself with Kristian's abs, breathing deeply as he adjusted.

Green eyes flicked open.

"Thanks for making me happy," the boy murmured, green eyes meeting blue.

"And for making me scream."

The boy shifted his weight on his hands, and in one move, thrust himself down the half-remaining shaft to the base, head thrown back with a loud cry that must have surely disturbed the neighbours.


"Oh my god, fuck!" Kristian swore at the same time as the boy's tight body swallowed him up, clenching around him.

"God, you feel so good," the male murmured, fighting the immediate urge to move to give his boyfriend some time to adjust. The feeling was incredible.


Galen looked up and gave a weak grin, arms shaking at the effort at holding himself up.

"Thank you, Kristian," he said softly, raising his body, causing both boys groan, as inch after inch of his lover slid out of his body until just the very head nestled within. Galen inhaled deeply, looking at his lover.

"Now fuck me."

The boy let go, dropping himself on the shaft all the way to the base.


It was hard to tell who screamed louder, but smaller boy wasted no time, already climbing up the mountain of a cock once more, and slamming himself down.


"Fuck, Galen!" the raven-haired male swore as his lover rode him savagely, and quickly reciprocated, ramming himself up in time with the boy.

"Ah-ah-ugn. Ah!"

"Fuck, so good!"

Kristian could feel his body clenching in preparation, rapidly approaching the edge. Usually he would last a lot longer, but the boy was just too intense, his cock too sensitive.

Fuck, if he came before Galen did, he could never look the boy in the eye again.

The cobalt-eyed male thrust himself even harder into the tight body, impacting audibly as he slammed himself in repeatedly.

"Ahhhh! fuck! Kristian!"

The male grinned, and pushed up even harder. He might have been close, but his boyfriend was even closer.

"Shit! Kristian!" Galen all but screamed.

Kristian groaned as Galen's body began to clench even tighter around him. The boy was gonna come.

"Kristian!" Galen groaned, gaze fixed on the other boy. He was so close. His hand arced up from the male's stomach and snatched up the item off his lover's chest. He cried loudly, almost dropping the remote, as the cock hit him right where he wanted it most.

"Fuck Kristian, Eugh!"

He pressed the button, and passed the edge.

"Ahhhh, fuuuck!"

Kristian shouted as the hard plastic toy still nestled against his prostrate sprang to life at the same time the body above tightened around his length. Any semblance of control was lost as his body jerked, the clenching of the mewling boy riding him as he climaxed, and the vibrations directly on his prostrate bringing him violently to orgasm.

"Ah god!"

Pulse after pulse of cum shot into the moaning boy, assisting along by the vibrations.

"Fuck, fuck, fuck!" he swore as the toy kept stimulating him, driving more out of him.

"Ahhhhh, god, fuck!"

Was he coming again?

This was relentless.


The male rolled and twitched in the chains, trying desperately to get away from the torture.

"Galen!" he shouted, eyes clenched shut.

"Galen! Fucking help!"

"Eugh, god. Fuck!"

Kristian's body sagged like a ragdoll as the torturous pain cut off, and it was all he could do to keep breathing. He might have even passed out for a bit, all he was aware of was the feeling of a warm body lying on top of him, and hands on his sides.

After what felt like an eternity, he slid his eyes open, recognising the form of his lover. The boy's cheek was resting on his breast, and hand toying with the adjacent nipple lazily. He could feel the boy's flaccid length lying between their stomachs, along with a sizeable amount of wet stickiness. He could also sense his own sex still within the boy, soft, but still almost completely nestled within.

Kristian cleared his throat, and he felt a shift on his nipple as the boy tilted his head to look at him.

"So..." he began, staring up at the ceiling.

"So?" Galen echoed. Kristian looked down to see a meek expression.

"That was interesting," the raven-haired boy said.

"Interesting bad?" the green-eyed boy asked with an uncertain tone, biting his lip.

Kristian grimaced.

"Bad...no. Although..." Kristian lifted his shoulder disturbing the boy off his breast. He tilted his head up and rattled the cuffs on his hands in explanation.

"If you let me out of these chains, I might just kill you," he said with a wry smirk.

Galen blinked, before giving his own coy smile. Lifting his body up with his arms, Kristian felt as his soft shaft began to slip out as the boy moved, the smaller male reaching for something past his head, with only the head of his cock remaining in the tight wet heat.

Ka-click. Ka-click.

There was a rattle of metal falling to the floor, and Kristian found his hands suddenly free.

Galen sat up, hands resting on his lover's hips. He gave Kristian a shit-eating grin.

"You better kill me now, because there's no telling when I might do that again."

Kristian growled, and his hands lashed out, grabbing the smaller boy by the cusp of his neck and yanking him forcefully down on top of him.

"Don't tempt me," he said darkly, claiming his lover's mouth with his lips in a forceful kiss, as his hands roved over the boy's back and sides pressing him tight.

For long minutes he just kissed and touched the boy, just enjoying him.

Just enjoying them.


After what felt an eternity they separated, and the smaller boy rested his head back on the bigger male's chest, Kristians hands gently massaging. One at his neck and between his shoulder blades, the other rubbing at the boy's lower back and cheeks.

This could last forever, and he wouldn't care.

They lay together, eyes shut, just enjoying it, whilst it lasted. For all good things came to an end sooner or later.

It was Galen however, who broke the embrace, pushing himself up.

"I gotta show you something," the boy murmured, moving off of the male, the head of the cock slipping out of his body as got up.

Kristian felt a pang of loss as the boy separated from him. He was hit by an urge to drag the boy back down and get back in him, on him, around him, and never let him go.

"Show me later," he mumbled in annoyance, watching the boy fumble around the bed, searching for something.

"NmmMmm," Galen hummed negatively. "Should do it now whilst it's err... fresh."

Kristian stared at the boy's flush.

"Galen, what the hell are you plan-"

"Found it!" the boy interrupted triumphantly, holding up the brown paper bag that Kristian had seen him with earlier. The one from the sex shop.

He blinked.

"Dare I even ask?" Kristian said with a lifted brow.

Galen just grinned and passed him the bag.

Kristian took the offering in suspicion, glancing in the opening. He blanched. A medium sized, brown dildo nestled innocently within. The raven-haired boy looked up.

"Galen I say this with every ounce of understatement I possess. You. Are. A. Freak."

The green-eyed boy snickered, moving to start picking up the various clothes that had ended up strung all over the room.

Kristian looked back to the item.

"Should I be taking this as a hint to fuck you more often?"

Galen gave a grin, retrieving Kristian's boxers from off the top of a lampshade.

"You could definitely take that line of thought, although... I'd take a closer look at that if I was you."

Kristian frowned suspiciously, rolling it out of the bag. Griping the synthetic material in hand, barely a moment passed before he yelped aloud, and dropped it to the bedspread, a lock of shock on his face.

"Holy shit!" He shouted, turning on the boy to see him laughing almost in stitches.

"Galen, what the fuck?"

The boy forced down his amusement.

"Heh heh. I was bored, so I made that," The boy grinned.

"They sold these kits in the sex shop. Clone-A-Cock. The name amused me."

Kristian just stared at him, back to the toy and the familiar size and shape that he had recognised instantly once in hand, and looked back to the boy.

"You made a mould of your own dick?" He echoed dumbly.

"Mmmhmm. Turned out pretty well actually. I'll have to make one of your's later."

Kristian quirked a brow.

"Is that so?" he exclaimed, feeling faint.

"U-huh," the smaller boy said with a smirk, dumping all the clothes he collected in one pile.

"Though I did have another reason for making it?" Galen said, standing by the bed, hand drifting down his body provocatively. Kristian felt his cock begin to swell, and swallowed.

"And what's that?" he asked feeling lust beginning to pool in his stomach. The boy was just too damn tempting.

"If you want to find out, follow me to the shower."

The lithe boy turned and headed towards the door, giving the youth on the bed a clear view of his tight butt. The shorter boy paused, just before he disappeared, and glanced back, smirk in place.

"Didn't you say you were going to fuck me until I couldn't walk ever again?"

The boy walked off.

Kristian felt his cock throb, the organ again standing at full mast.

"Happy, huh," He murmured, giving a slight smile, ploping down on his back. Sighting the moulded aspect of his favourite boy on the covers, he took it in his hand, wincing slightly at how weird it felt to have it in hand, knowing intimately every inch and curve of the true twin it belonged to.

"Me too."

Kristian shoved himself up and tried to move off the bed, only to stumble as he was caught by the chains still on his ankles. He swore as he searched for the key, cursing his distracted mind. Eventually he found it and freed himself.

After rubbing his ankles he did a quick assessment of his body, and noticed he still had the plug in him. He pulled it out of him wincing.

"Ugh, fuck."

It fell to the ground.


His fingers rubbed at his tender entrance. He totally wasn't made for this bottoming thing.

Looking around he saw the dildo had dropped to the floor, he bent to pick it up, wincing as he stood, before moving off find where his soon to be bow-legged partner had got to.

Life was strange.

"Galen I'm so going to fuck you with your own dick!" Kristian called out.

But that was often not such a bad thing.


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