It was midnight, and the icy chill suffocated the shack as it swayed gently, threatening to collapse with one touch. The single room inside was falling to ruin. Cracks climbing up the walls, weeds pushing themselves through the floorboards and ivy strangled the carcass of the door. Even the spiders and bugs left years before. All happiness was locked outside a long time ago, leaving it broken down in sad decay. A dark, laughter unsettled the dust;

"It was nice for them to put up a bit of a fight for once eh?"

"Yeah," another husky voice came from the shadows, "I knew Keely was a feisty girl. Shame she only lasted two months."

"But her soul was weak, so I can understand why she was so easy for it to dominate"

"Good show though, eh?"

Chuckling smugly, they headed for the door, letting a brilliant light in. A red headed young girl, drowning in her own blood, lay in a mangled heap in the middle of the room. The voices closed the door, shutting all happiness out once again.