Stepping out into the frozen night, even the stars seemed to shiver. I regretted leaving my jacket, but I wasn't getting warmer standing here.

I had a lot to think about on the walk back to Everto. Desdemona. Devil. But she didn't look evil. Just lonely really. Her piercing blue eyes always seemed sad everywhere I saw her, staring as if pleading for an escape. I don't think she died but she ran, finally breaking out of her prison. The faint outline of the castle was coming into view.

Maybe it would be a good idea to see what was really behind the tapestry? It was too late for anyone to be around, so I began to pick up speed, swerving down the swirling path. I carefully slipped through the door, praying it wouldn't creak as usual. Gently shutting it behind me, I turned and slammed into an unpleasant figure. Tristan. Great.

"Why are you not at your house?" He stood, a giant over me.

"I got lost." I murmured, staring at the floor.

"Do you know the time? Follow." He turned in the opposite direction of the tapestry. My head hung and I shuffled after him.

Maura was lying on her bed, reading in the dim light, when Tristan shoved me through the door.

"If I catch you wandering around again, you'll be out of this school, fast." And he hobbled out of the room, slamming the door behind him. Sighing that I didn't have to listen to his constant groaning at me, I wondered how he felt he could kick me out of here, a school I was selected for.

"Surprised you didn't bump into Faolan on your midnight walk." Maura sniggered. I'm sure she exists to make my life hell! I brushed that comment off and climbed into bed, realising finding information was going to be a lot harder than I thought.

School. Again. I dreaded it. I don't think I could last another week of being alone with Brianna's regular questioning. I clambered out of bed and Maura was already ready. As usual, she smiled at me and slammed the door. What was wrong with her this time? I grabbed my toothbrush, checked she hadn't done anything to it that could seriously harm me, and went along to the end of the corridor to the bathroom.

Brushing my teeth, I looked up into the steamed mirror, only to notice a dark figure was standing behind me. I span round, my tooth brush hanging out my mouth. Nothing. Just then, Kerri walked in and her eyes followed my toothbrush as it fell out my mouth as she made me jump. Her eyebrow raised and she slowly moved into a shower cubical, as if she worried I was insane or something! I blinked. Now, my shadow took its rightful place on the floor. My eyes were fixed on the opposite wall. A faint outline came out of darkness, coming to grab me with its long fingers. I wasn't getting nearly enough sleep these days, these hallucinations didn't mean I had to visit the school nurse. Snapping out of my trance, I quickly picked up my toothbrush, finished my morning routine and hurried out the bathroom, running from the thing inside.

As I was leaving Everto, I suddenly noticed the back of Faolan's silvered hair. He was here again! Calling after him, he didn't slow but I caught up, "And where were you last week!" I demanded, half joking but I really was worried,

"Mum and I went away camping, I thought I told you that?" he seemed truthful,

"No, no you didn't…"I mumbled

He shrugged, "Sorry. I'm back now so let's go." I sensed he was angry for the first time, so I left the subject.

We walked in silence to Creatura Noctis and walked down the hallway. Just as we were crossing the main hall, I saw the back of a woman talking to Tristan at the top of the stairs. He realized I was there and pointed a crooked finger at me as I tried to quicken my pace to avoid his aim. The woman turned to reveal her beauty.

"Who's that?" I whispered, whilst she waved her hand dismissively at Tristan's protest. He sulked off out of sight and her eyes settled on me.

"Our Headmistress." He replied, a hint of spite in his voice.

She was mature yet as radiant as a young teenager, with endless cascades of black hair with thin wisps of silver catching the light and shining. She was tall and her trailing, envious green dress effortlessly showed off her slim body. Gracefully, she seemed like she was floating down the stairs, as if her feet never touched floor. Soft, rose lips were defined by her snow white skin, although wrinkles had begun to embed themselves in her face. She looked as though she'd just stepped out of a fairy tale. Whilst I was staring in awe, Faolan's face was stern; even angrier now.

"Good morning Faolan," a shimmery voice fell out of her mouth. However, her deep amber eyes seemed empty, revealing the truth that her words meant nothing. I had a feeling her and Faolan did not get on at all.

"And you are," I felt like I should curtsey in her majestic.

"Ena, Miss,"

"Oh I'm no common teacher," She spoke in such disgust at the word, "I am headmistress here, Madam Leilan." She floated down the stairs and stood in front of us,

"I trust you are enjoying yourself here at Creatura Noctis."

"Yes Madam." I lied,

"Good. My beloved gifted school has been here for centuries-"

"I know," I interrupted, attempting to show off my knowledge, "I read about it in the library yesterday."

Madam Leilan's face froze. No longer did it show her superior and authority, but she seemed, anxious. She looked deep into my eyes and then a startled look spread across her face. Only for a second; but nonetheless it was there.

Madam Leilan stood up straight and was getting ready to ascend the steps again in her fairy-like manner, though the way she'd just acted felt like she would shout at me for some reason before leaving. She stopped and faced us again,

"Ena, please do not enter the library. I heard you were out of bed there after the final bell. You don't know what dangerous things could be out in the night." Her eyes flickered towards Faolan and he flared his nostrils, restraining from exploding.

"What's wrong with the library?" I could see Madam was frantically searching her brain for an answer. A lie.

"I'd just prefer you didn't go in there until we've…tidied it up a bit. It is awfully messy in there…and the danger comes from the old foundations. It has been here for centuries." And she turned her back on us before I could protest.

"It was nice to meet you Ena and good day to you both." She called over her shoulder.

Maura was standing at the top of the staircase, watching our conversation the whole time, noting every detail. Her arms crossed over her chest, she seemed to pout like a child, as if irritated at the fact our headmistress was talking to us 'lowly folk'. Madam Leilan reached the top, whispered something in Maura's ear and motioned her to follow. Maura ran after her, not giving us a second look. Madam Leilan; another person to add to my 'suspicious list'. I was beginning to wonder if everyone in this school was in on something with me being an outsider; an intruder into their own secret world.

"What do you think they're on about?" I whispered to Faolan. He was still staring at the spot Madam Leilan had just left; I was surprised smoke wasn't flying out his ears in rage!

"Are you OK Faolan?"

"Nothing. It doesn't matter. We'll be late to class." And he grabbed me in an unusually strong grip and pulled me along the hall. It was definitely not his day.