After I composed myself and the flames died down, I journeyed out into the even heavier rain and up the winding path. Finally reaching the castle, I had missed dinner and only a few shadows still lingered in a corner as most had gone to their house before lights out. A more unwelcoming shadow stormed down the corridor and shooed the figures away before coming closer. Shoving me in the opposite direction, Tristan began to mutter curses every time a drop fell off my soaking hoodie. The familiar alluring scent of the kitchens drifted in the air as if it was pulling me to it and my stomach begged for sympathy. Luckily, Aislinn's flaming curls came out into the hall and began running up it, so Tristan quickened his pace. Unfortunately for him, Aislinn caught up with us and thrust an apple into my arms.

Tristan threw me at the door and began mopping up the muddy droplets I had left behind, mumbling all the while. I arrived at Everto as sleep became overwhelming and I stumbled to my calling bed.

Surprisingly, Maura was already asleep and hadn't gone to one of her 'midnight meetings'. I tossed my drenched jacket on the laundry pile at the end of the hall, tripped over something in the dimly lit room and fell asleep as soon as my head touched the pillow.

Not for long though. A couple of hours later, a sharp pain ran up my leg, like I was being stabbed with a red hot poker. This obviously awoke me and I staggered out to the bathroom. Turning the light on, blood gushed out of the bottom of my foot and the pain intensified. I felt a little faint at all the blood and dabbed it gently with tissue. I was unbelievably tired but I still crept downstairs, my mind still asleep, and grabbed a bandage out of the first aid kit. The agony was almost unbearable and I couldn't go out into the bitter rain to fetch a teacher that wouldn't be helpful, so I decided I had to put up with it. I had to turn off all the lights and hike the stairs in the swallowing darkness and started feeling around for the causation of my wound. Wrapping my hand around something, I met the burn of the necklace I was well acquainted with. Why did this thing hurt me so bad? Evidently it wouldn't harm Angelica as she wore it around her neck when she had it back off Maura. She must have taken it again! How could she have been so thoughtless, leaving the proof on the floor like that! Why she wanted it I wasn't sure but maybe I wasn't the only one this thing hated. I'd never seen Maura wear it and maybe, in the haste of stopping the burning, she dropped it. Maura stirred in her bed. I froze, but she turned over and snored loudly.

Carefully, I relieved myself from the fiery torture and lay the chain back on the floor, remembering its exact place so as not to step on it again. I tiptoed towards Maura and as soft as a feather, lifted her hand. Scolded. Slightly, but definitely swollen. This was weird. Why did this necklace have any need to protect itself against everyone except Angelica? Then, I remembered Desdemona's portrait downstairs. Maybe the reason Angelica had the necklace and they looked so alike was because they were family. It might have been passed down from her ancestors, just like the rare gene for the white eyes. Seemed like a plausible conclusion. I was too exhausted to argue with myself so I left the subject and collapsed into bed. I'll tell Brianna and Faolan tomorrow…if he was in any mood to talk to me.

I awoke not to the sound of my alarm clock, but to the shriek of Maura. Sitting up straight, Braedon and Kerri burst in.

"Maura, are you ok?" they seemed overly concerned. Holding the bottom of her foot, she silenced her screams and replied through her obvious pain and gritted teeth "Fine. Go. Now." She winced as she placed her foot into her boots by the door, scooped up the necklace and thrust it at Braedon, who held it tightly. They all stared at me and I looked completely dumbfounded as Kerri closed the door lightly.

I was a little overwhelmed by that affair and I just stared blankly into the distance. It didn't burn Braedon but it hurt me and Maura? Strange.

It was actually quite lucky Maura did scream, otherwise I would have been late…again. Another rush to get ready, grabbing a slice of toast and ran to lesson. Only then, I realised it was Tuesday and first, I had a free period.

Those few precious minutes I could have had in bed were as important to me as any other teenager, but the first few drops of rain started to fall and I didn't need another soaked jacket.

I began wandering down the hall towards the right side of the castle, unknowingly drawing myself to the library. I noticed Douglas and Adrienne in the corner. Adrienne was un-naturally beautiful, her mahogany hair swayed down her back, gently touching her delicate dark skin. Douglas was equally as handsome, and standing next to each other, they seemed to glow in their radiance. I sat next to Douglas in Art and he smiled at me, so I decided to repay the favour and I smiled at him. The next thing I know, I'm smiling at the back of his head and they're snogging each other's face off! Swiftly spinning my head the other way, (as if to give them some privacy) I almost ran from embarrassment. It looks like Douglas was giving me a taunting smirk rather than smile. Oh well…

Continuing towards the library, since Madam Leilan told me not to go there, it seemed to make me want to rebel against her and go there even more! See, I was just like any other kid here; always up to something!

Though, I wouldn't be the only student following the 'dark path' as I was ambushed by Brianna. She grabbed me under the arm and carried on walking with me, chatting away as usual.

"Where you heading?"

"The Library. I see you're joining me…"

"Right. Wait, I've never heard of a library here?"

"I found it yesterday…thought Madam Leilan sort of forbade me going there again."

"Ah, a revolution!" she said dramatically, before going to say, "You seen Faolan lately?"

"Since his disappearance…I mean camping trip? Well I saw him before school yesterday, but he was, sort of, angry for some reason. So I haven't seen him since then. You?"

"I can see him now actually." And there he was, as if he had been waiting for us there.

"Hello ladies." Leaning casually against a wall, his greeting caused Brianna to giggle, but I was less forgiving for his attitude towards me before.

"Feeling better today I see." I approached him, perhaps a little too overconfidently. He put his hands in his pockets and did look a little sheepish really.

"Yeah, about that. I'm sorry for the way I acted yesterday. I've had a fallout with mum and...the situation with me and Madam Leilan…there's just tension."

He seemed sorry, but I was so annoyed at him for leaving and then coming back, out of the blue, taking his anger out on me! Deep breaths…I put on a smile.

"Let's go then, my fellow villains."

Although, I'll admit, I have been a bit distant from everyone since I started here, but I believe I could have found friendship in Brianna and Faolan. I couldn't lose them.